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Static Party Chart for all Sylph players :DFollow

#1 Jul 06 2004 at 12:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Hi all...was just checking up on some Static Parties and noticed how hard it was to figure out who I could party with, so I decided to make this nifty little guide. It includes everyone who has posted about looking for a Static, and hopefully this will help you all to find each other much easier and get some stuff happening. Starting from lowest level to highest level, here's what we have:

Level 5-10
Gawan-LVL 5 RDM
Gawan-LVL 5 RNG
Kalie-LVL 9 BST
Hatfield-LVL 10 RNG
Hatfield-LVL 10 NIN

Level 11-20
LadyAerin-LVL 12 MNK
Taerra-LVL 12 RDM
Kelvinblade-LVL 13 WHM
Tannor-LVL 13 MNK
MistressKat-LVL 15 THF
Gawan-LVL 17 WAR
Kalie-LVL 19 SMN
Hatfield-LVL 20 MNK
Kelvinblade-LVL 20 WAR

Level 21-30
MistressKat-LVL 21 BST
Gawan-LVL 22 NIN
Kalie-LVL 25 WHM
MistressKat-LVL 25 BLM
MistressKat-LVL 29 RDM
Hatfield-LVL 30 THF

Level 31-40
Coralanth-LVL 25 THF
Kelvinblade-LVL 35 NIN
Coralanth-LVL 38 RNG

Level 41-50
Gawan-LVL 41 THF
MistressKat-LVL 42 WHM
Kelvinblade-LVL 44 DRK
Kelvinblade-LVL 48 THF
Kelvinblade-LVL 48 RNG

Level 51+
Kalie-LVL 55 BLM

So there you have it, hopefully this chart will help you all out so starting a Static is less of a headache. The way I recommend you all to use it is to find the people who you see close to your levels in the most in seeing your character's name close to another player's name more than 2 times ^^ I think that would really help to start a static with people that have more than one job close in level. Also, you can see who you might be able to catch up to, or who might be able to catch up to you...any questions about starting a Static with me, either send Gawan a /tell or e-mail me at I think it would be a great idea to post your e-mails, as sometimes its hard to catch up with each other on FF...happy hunting everybody!
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#2 Jul 06 2004 at 5:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Kat is 45 now for WHM, And I am a 46BLM, Kelvin's DRK is 47 as of last night :)
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#3 Jul 06 2004 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
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