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Newcomer to the Server- Looking 4 LSFollow

#1 Sep 13 2008 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
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Hello everyone, My name is Laera. I have been away from FFXI for about 8 mo., Finally got a ps2 hooked up and running. And a friend of mine invited me to change servers from Quetzalcoatl to Siren. So now I'm in need of a new LS. Here are my specs...^^

Race: Elvaan Female
All jobs available.
All expansions available:
Rank 10 Bastok
Rise of Zilart: On mission 14 Ark Angeles
Chains of Promathia: On mission 5-3 Three Paths (need to double check what parts are completed)
Treasure of Aht Urhgan: On mission 13 Lost Kingdom
Wings of the Goddess: On mission 3 Cait Sith

Main jobs/Soon to be main jobs::

75 Red Mage: Maat fight complete, AFII Feet & Legs aquired, Assault Jerkin for fun^^, All magic capped except for divine(see whm below), Phalanx II, Paralyze II, Dia III
56 Summoner: All avatars except Diabolos ><, AF1 hands and legs
44 Blue Mage: heh.. u want the spell list let me know... u get the idea
23 Dancer: Working on it. fun as ****!

Sub-jobs/Use for up to BCNM/KSNM 40/Soon to be...

40 Ninja: Most armor available in mules I believe, oh yeah and tools. Know, I believe, all the spells.
40 Black Mage: Know required spells. Not sure about armor available.
37 Dark Knight: yes, I have Stun. And this ******* was leveled up just for my RDM, just so u know... ^^
33 White Mage: I really dont like this job, but im almost there to make it a sub and possibly get to 40 and be done with it.
20 Theif: possibly for my DNC.

Also: 20 WAR, 5 PLD, 5 MNK, 2 BRD, 6 DRG, 2 PUP... nothing special with these really.


94 Cooking (Veteran)

also: 9 Goldsmithing, 3 Fishing

Hmmmm.... oh yeah I have a cluster I'd love to get the Optical Hat someday.
Interested in the really nice RDM swords, rest of the RDM AF II gear, and gear for future main jobs.

I'm a really chill player, dont like to get into arguments, like people that are understanding that FFXI and real life ARE NOT the same, don't mind helping as long as i get it in return every once in a while. Oh and I had been playing before for about 4 years... so I've been at this awhile. This is my 3rd server, and god knows how many ls's I've been in. But with every new server its like starting fresh. ^^

My in-game nickname is also Laerabella.

Hope to hear from some new ls's... ^^

#2 Sep 18 2008 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
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Not really sure if your looking for a good social or not.
It's a very big shell and I don't see it going anywhere anytime, in fact I see it staying around until the members in it leave the game.

LS: Lumeria
I noticed your on 3 paths, theres at least 4 others in the LS on this as well, of which they must spend at least 100k on meds a mission, they don't play around when it comes to PM lol. Anyway its a very pleasent and laidback atmosphere, no ones forced to do a thing nor encouraged, yet almost everyone ends up doing things together in the ls "every" single day despite that. There has never been a major fight within the 9 leaders and its been around for I'd say 5 months now.
If for anything it would be a nice intro to Siren shell, many of the members have an excellent idea on which endgame shells would be good/not good to join and base it on strategy and ethics within the other shells, not reasons such as "O i just dont like them".

Send a tell to Suprememogwai if your interested.
P.S. This is an Extremely mage/tank/support heavy linkshell lol, there might be 7 8 melee with 75, (Yea kinda of lacking, but hey almost all nm's can be burned anyway!!)

Only thing I can say is some of the people are a little cautious of new coming people with 75's into the shell, so just warm up to the members and get ready to be busy if you want lol. Mostly I would have to say they're cautious because they want to observe how new people act before they trust them or start being friends and help etc, usually goes away after a weekend with the person constantly being in the shell though lol.

No need to worry about people being as*ho**s in here, all 80+ members are (somehow) extremely nice.

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