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#1 Jul 27 2008 at 9:42 AM Rating: Default
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Well guys my time with FFxi has come to a end due to some Rl issues that I need to work on. I've been around since NA release and have known/know alot of people that mean alot to me, and I'm sad that is had to end so abruptly. My Character goldenkid aka Gk to those that know me, will be passed on to a friend. He will still be playing ffxi on my guy, so if you see me and wave that is why i'm not waving back.

Alendro and Siloette - Sorry i have to leave you guys hanging like this but you mostly know the story. I wish the best of luck to your Linkshell and the friends and family you have in it, take care you two.

To the LS gaiden - we had alot fun in the time I was there, and I will miss that adventuring the most. The crazy CoP run with my many deaths will always be remembered. You guys take care and I wish the best to the upcoming CoP runs, and all the other things you guys have planned.

And to a most special woman - Rasty - I'm sorry that I won't be there on the step in jeuno as 2 old tarus laughing at all the youngins running around and thinking back to the good old days of crawlers nest. You most of all will be missed, I'm sry for leaving you.

To the others - Regg, you never let me down or anyone else I wish you the best of luck, Opium, as always good for a laugh and and few hundred fist and death take care buddy. Davel, chewy, arieanna, kneeru, cedwyn, felix, cebion and some I forgot, which I'm sry for, take care I wish you all the best take care all.

It always sucks leaving friends and family which most to all of you are considered by me. If I can fix my life 1st and have time for FFXI then you will see my return, until then Siren take care and thanks for the many years of fun exicitment and death ^^ I wish everyone the best.


Edited, Dec 4th 2008 10:09am by goldenkid
#2 Jul 28 2008 at 5:27 AM Rating: Decent
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L8rs dude .. it was always fun. But RL always comes first. Take care =)
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#3 Jul 29 2008 at 5:17 AM Rating: Default
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Farewell GK remeber to keep in touch man you know we are always here.On a funny side note they do have a spray for your hair and STOP PUTING MY GF ON YOUR DESKTOP! :). Later.
#4 Aug 01 2008 at 12:02 PM Rating: Decent
Awwwwwwwwwwww And I just came back from a year break! Sad to see an old friend go ><
#5 Aug 01 2008 at 7:05 PM Rating: Default
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Kneeru you are just jealous I'm on his desktop and you aren't!
#6 Aug 03 2008 at 9:57 AM Rating: Decent
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well like I said I'm not sure if I'm gone for good or just taking a break to get somethings in order. Good to see ya back tristelune, and sorry I can't be there to do what I do best ***** around. Kneeru lets just say seeing you once was good enough for me... I like her better :p

Edited, Aug 3rd 2008 1:57pm by goldenkid
#7 Dec 04 2008 at 7:08 AM Rating: Default
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Hello all
I am glad to finally be able to say that I will be returning in january.
I am not sure of the actual date, due to lease signing and getting cable installed, but I will be coming back. Hopefully I haven't missed alot, been keeping up via allakhazam.

take care and see you all soon

#8 Dec 10 2008 at 10:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Very nice. It will be good to see you ingame again alot has changed agles is now a guy...Lol chewy has gone insane and joined a hnmls reggy is still reggy.Kneeru now has TH4 and the gf has started playing again.
#9 Dec 15 2008 at 3:04 AM Rating: Good
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Dunno you but any friend of Kneeru's is a friend of mine. Welcome back! ^^b
#10 Dec 15 2008 at 3:29 PM Rating: Decent
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well thanks kneeru and new person i don't know either...but on a side note knerru i need a new pic of your GF.. so yeah
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