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#1 Nov 22 2004 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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I just hit lv30 and I want to decide wich job to choose to go all the way with. I want to know wich advanced job/starting job you choose to go all the way with and why. I don't want to here it depends what I like or a matter of perference. I want to know your opion on wich advanced job/starting job you choose and why you choose it.
#2 Nov 22 2004 at 10:38 AM Rating: Decent
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I chose war/mnk as my starting jobs because I knew I would eventually go down the tank/melee line of jobs as I prefer to get in and mix it up with the mobs more than cast but wound up as a 42/21 drk/war as that jobs affords me the luxury of doing both. But on the same subject I had tried most of the advanced jobs just in case one suited me more than the others of which im still aquiring new adv. jobs and trying them out this process is time consuming because of having to re-level several jobs but it can give you a much better feel for what you prefer. I love my drk but also enjoy paladin. As for you its a matter of personal preference good luck with your job hunt hope it goes well what ever one you choose.
#3 Nov 22 2004 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
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You want personal opinion? Bwahaha

I started the game off as a monk/thf, it wasnt so good. I had to solo experience from 28-30 ;_;

I became a rng/thf, that was alot of fun, but by lvl 38 I disliked it due to farming and how my whole game became centered around gil.

So the journey continued...

I became a sam/thf, the proper use of skillchains and all thier dynamics was alot of fun. By this time I had decent gear (Ochiudo's Kote). But I am a mithra, and one thing I love about being a mithra is my accuracy. By level 42 two things had angered me: 1)Samurai accuracy is garbage at best (I had no Sniper's Rings ect.) 2)People always found new ways of ruining the joy I got out of building skillchains that would do optimum damage (not distortion in general). So I sold ALL of my Sam gear...

Frustration had set in.

I dabbled with blm and whm, both fun, but I knew niether was what Telly wanted to be.

So back to melee I turned, drg, drk, bst, even thf as main. I found no enjoyment in any but bst.

Then a memory returned...

In a half crazed moment I bought a pair of nuckles and a purple belt. I returned as I once was, a monk, with a new determination, to prove to everyone that a job that is looked down by most is one of the most versatile and damaging classes in the game. This time I was a mnk/war, and the mandragoras bowed to me.

Now I am level 62, and am still determined to prove to disbelievers the glory of monk. Some say monk is the easiest melee, niether taking nor casting we merely swing our fists. In reality a monk effortlessly floats into any situation that may appear. This takes both skill and preperation. I carry over 25 pieces of equipment into battle and constatly switch between them to keep performance at max, no matter what may be happening. My macro sets alone completely confuse my husband, who is a level 61 drk.

I can tank if need be. A quick provoke from me will insantly grab any mobs attention. I dont have great defence, but I will stand tall under attack.

As far as damage, I easily outdamage other melees my level, with the exception to a well equiped rng. Just becuase I dont hit for a single huge number doesnt mean I'm not killing something. I hit for 40-60 on Toramas and my it rate is far superior to even drgs.

I dont concider myself a great monk,I feel that all monks should be this way.

Well theres my opinion, hope everyone enoyed it as much as I enjoyed telling it ^^
"Thats the problem with being a hero, you always end up saving the day, like it was written that way."
Mnk75, Brd47 Sam42, Rng38, War37, Whm37, Thf34 Everything else between 5 and 20 ^^
#4 Nov 23 2004 at 9:54 AM Rating: Decent
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Don't even get me started about ninjas... hehe, takes money, lots of money, but being a ninja is really fun. I mean... no other class allows you to fight 1 mob, with 2 links, and survive. Solo NM's, fast exp, quick invites, ahh... I love my job :D
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