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The Art of Language and How It Can Destroy Your BCNM =)Follow

#1 Nov 18 2004 at 3:36 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, hello everyone. This is my first time starting a subject and hopefully no one will flame me uncontrollably. It IS more of a funny learning experience that I wanted to convey to everyone. We all do dumb things but this was probably the Fruit Roll-up of a bunch of dumb things. Once again, sad but funny.

I was trying to finish off my Explorer's Footsteps quest from Selbina when i get a /tell from a BLM asking me if I want to join a BCNM. I asked where they were goin to do one and which one he was doing? I should have been a bit skeptical at this point because he didn't know what ones were offered. To me, it didn't matter, whether he was new at BCNM's or not, I always have fun trying them.

After we decide to meet in Jeuno, I decided to get there as quick as possible and used my Trick Staff II (yes I still have charges left). I get invited and say hello to everyone. Everyone says hello back. We decided to teleport mea and ride chocos to Giddeus. Everyone had food on them. I explain how the BCNM Steamed Sprouts (sp?) works and how the Brd is the most important job in the BCNM and MUST not die. Yay Bard. Everyone seems to be giving me /nod's and yes's and I understand. I explain what the bard is supposed to do and get a /nod and I understand from her. So our first pt member decides to drop his orb and start the battle. We all enter the arena.

We buff up and then wait for MP to heal to begin the assault. Once again I go over the plan of attack and how its won. I get nods and people say they understand. Ok, we move up and wait for the Bard to go and use Foe Lullaby.....and wait.....and wait....then I ask, "Does the Bard speak English?" Guess what the answer was...duh. So somebody tells the bard to Foe Lullaby one of the white mandies and before I can say anything the bard moves out and does just that....and doesn't move. The WHM tried desperately to heal the brd but the BRD went down too quick. Meanwhile I tried to compensate as the BRD was engaging and voked the blk mandy and held aggo (pld) and the DD's started hitting it like crazy. Unfortunately when the wht mandies were done turning the BRD into fresh fertilizer, they decided we could be next. First they ate the whm, then they came after me....I haven't lost HP so quick sence I unknowlingly stepped into Crawlers Nest after someone decided to zone 2 soldier crawlers and a horde of worker crawlers. They eventually took down the whole party in record time (lol, wouldn't it be great if the mobs had a "best time," lol.

Then to make matters funny, because in all reality I wasn't mad...instead I was laughing hysterically at how fouled the battle was, the whm decided that he wanted to raise himself since he had casted reraise prior to battle (don't know why). I said I didn't think that was a good idea and we should all warp out isntead, but if he wanted to try it I would be willing to watch. I said don't get mad when you get aggro and I laugh. Well, lemme say this. If you were there you would have ****** your pants. All the mandies had gotten back into their circular formation and as soon as the Whm started with the light show, ALL of the mandies looked at him like "No you ******* didn't" and ran at him like lunatics. THe whm didn't EVEN get his feet on the ground before he died. He was killed, again, but this time in mid air, lmao. It was classic. Ok, digressing, but it was worth it.

Lesson 1: Make sure you figure out who speaks what languages. I believe we all took it for granted that the people using the auto translator understood. I know people who like to autotranslate EVERYTHING, even though me and everyone they talk to speaks ONLY english. I should have verified them understandingt somehow.

Lesson 2: If you have someone who can't speak your chosen language, make sure you can explain to them everything with the translator. I have found that describing how to win a BCNM with auto translator is very difficult and very very time consuming. ::sigh:: And even then some people just hit the I understand and /nod anyway.

Lesson 3: If you are a whm and your entire party has been slaughtered by mandies, unless you are trying to make me **** my pants with laughter, DON'T use reraise...

Sorry if this seems meaningless to some but I had to get it out.

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#2 Nov 19 2004 at 2:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Great story!! Hahaha... I'm 0/6 on BCNM40 (the "easiest" one with a good bard right?)

6 out of 6 times we've explained the battle plan, and 6 out of 6 times when Flood starts getting cast the tank just stands there and watches it happen, doesn't run out of range. Goodbye tank, goodbye party...

I think the first 3 times we actually raised the tank who ended up dying again, after that I think I just gave up.

If anyone on Siren ACTUALLY knows 5 people that can reliably pull this off, I'd be interested if you need a good RDM.
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#3 Nov 27 2004 at 4:49 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't see how flood can be a prblem for anyone, there are so many ways to stop stop it that people can use they basically all have to fail at their jobs for it to get off. Tanks can run out of range, darks can stun, there are stun ws, there are stun ja, the whm can silence, and mage can sleep the nm. In order for flood to go off everyone must be totally clueless to what is going on, as most anyone in the pt is able to stop it. Flood isn't even a problem, the mandies are easy almost any melee job can tank them. I've had fights where the tank died, another melee took over, whm raised the tank and we can out fine. I've had fights where a dark is the tank and he does jsut fine. The only key member here is the bard, everyone else can die, but as long as the brd lives there is still a chance to win.

If you need a reliable brd you can /tell me and bring your own group. Or if you don't want to get your own group you can /tell jebroubien and he will set you up with one of our regular pt's.
#4 Nov 27 2004 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
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Just did the Royal Jellies BCNM 40 with 2 RNG and a WHM. Let me say this is just ask much cake for a RNG as the BCNM 30 - Creeping Doom is. We were 3/3 and got Erase and Utusemi: Ni to drop in the second one and a bunch of nice stuff...approx. 600k for the 3 BCNMs on the "big" stuff.
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