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#1 Nov 17 2004 at 11:25 PM Rating: Decent
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Heya all, just wanted to share my experience today in getting my Casting Wand (BLM AF1) and the Warp II scroll. Sufficed to say, this has a been a long day, but it's been well worth it.

Casting Wand (BLM AF1)

After getting the cutscene in Heaven's Tower (which, if you haven't seen it yet, do so... it's hilarious.) The good Dr. Shantotto sends you off to get a glowstone from Xarcabad. To get it, you need to toss a faded crystal into the crevase outside of Castle Zvahl. Getting the crystal turned out to be the easy part, just trading a normal crystal to a telepoint... bingo, one faded crystal ready to go. But... wait a second, didn't it just say I had to go to Xarcabad?

Death, Can I put you on my friend list?

I made the terrible mistake of trying to run through Rangenmount Pass by myself. Let's just say, sneak went down and a small train of bats and demons insued. Result = Taru cleanup in aisle 5. Warp back to San D'oria...

Lesson learned = Get help for these sorts of missions. Fortunatly I managed to enlist two of my linkshell companions: Akadai (Nin64/War32), and Baldur (Whm70/Smn35). A few sneaks and invisibles later, we were through the pass and into the glacier. I must say, Beucadine Glacier is one of the most impressive areas of the game from a visual standout. Sadly, we weren't there to sightsee. We had a mission to do.

Passing through the glacier, we made our way to Xarcabad. This place truely reeks of evil, with undead, demons, and devils afoot en-mass. The path you take will take you dangerously close to Castle Zvahl itself. Amongst the crevases was the ??? I needed. After clearing the area of demon pops, I tossed my faded crystal in... pop = 1 chaos elemental.

Lesson #2 = Black magic owns chaos elementals... example.

Baldur casts Holy
Chaos Elemental takes 8 points of damage
Kimiko casts Fire II
Chaos Elemental takes 224 points of damage

After a quick fight, Chaos Elemental goes down, drop 1 glowstone. Win... well, not quite. 2 more stops to make, first... telepoint crystal for Xarcabad (definate must for future missions, a lot of the BLM AF's are done here... you'll need it). 2nd stop, back to the glacier to get my warp II scroll.

Lesson #3 - Get used to long treks... from the Xar entrance to the first tower where the researchers are, about 20 minutes, then another 30 minutes to Fey'in. Thankfully, getting there with high level help was no sweat. And Fey'in... well, hope you have at least a good memory, or a good map of the place because you will need it to find the researcher down in the basement. Keep sneak/invis up at all times, and watch where you cast cause most everything in Fey'in agros to magic. Found the researcher after a bit of wandering about... one teleport to mea and a quick choco home = score one blm artifact weapon and a scroll of warp II. =)

Many many thanks to Akadai and Baldur for their help in this all important mission. ^^v

CoP: Complete (Tamas Ring), ZM: 17, Windy: Complete
#2 Nov 21 2004 at 3:46 PM Rating: Good
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Congratulations ^^

I just did the quest for Warp II yesterday myself. Going with a high level RNG makes this quest rather uncomplicated...the researcher showed up on widescan as soon as we entered the basement ^^
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