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#1 Nov 12 2004 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Last night (Thursday night) I saw the same gilsellers farming the same goobbues in Zitah, while listening to reports of gilsellers camping NMs all over the place. After hearing that a gilseller was holding ownership of the morion worm to drive the AH price up on the tathlum, I lost my temper a bit. I called a GM immediately, even though everyone said they would just tell me there was nothing they can do about it and I would be banned if I called them more than once. I was contacted by a GM, who, after I told him how fed up I was, informed me that he plays FFXI on a different server and was also really irritated about the gilseller situation. His suggestion to me, which makes a whole lot of sense, was to bypass the GMs. They don't hold the power in the game. He suggested we use the POL support system and get EVERYONE we know to send emails complaining about how the gilsellers ruin the game. Think of it as a petition. He said the POL support emails actually go to SE, whereas the GM calls end at the GMs. If we get enough people to send these emails, maybe they will take notice. PLEASE send an email, preferably one every day (even if it's just a copy of the same email each day) to let them know how much we hate these gilsellers. Things you can include in the email:

*Driving AH prices up so noone can afford the gear they need
*MPKing people with their pulls to ensure they can claim the NMs
*Holding ownership of NMs to keep others from getting the item
*Preventing other people from farming items to afford gear they will ACTUALLY USE
*Include any personal stories you can think of (****, make one up, if you wish) on how these gilsellers ruin the game for you and your friends

You might even want to remind them that World of Warcraft is about to go gold, as well as mentioning the recent release of Everquest 2. If SE believes the gilsellers will cause them to lose more accounts than they are paying for, SE will be forced to do something. Afterall, MONEY is the problem for us, so let's show them that it could turn into THEIR problem, too!

The email support can be found after logging in to POL and selecting Final Fantasy XI. Go into "Service and Support", select Support, then "E-mail support". It will ask you what category you want the email classified as. I suggest putting it in as a "Problem report" to get it some much needed attention. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
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#2 Nov 13 2004 at 3:02 PM Rating: Decent
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Good idea, I'll send a few emails its worth a try, I'm not that lazy heh.

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#3 Nov 13 2004 at 5:10 PM Rating: Decent
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while you may think your cause is noble, you ignore that the other half of the problem is people buying gil online. If people stop buying gil, the gil sellers go away immediately.

Oh, and a HUGE rate down for crossposting this to every server forum. Don't abuse the forums, please. You want a message sent to the general population, put it in the general discussion forum. That's what it's for.
#4 Nov 14 2004 at 6:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Perhaps another option that could be taken and i will gladly be the one to see it through with everyones support.

If you want this to stop maybe the only option will be to hit Square Enix where it hurts, there wallet, we all know that part of the reason square enix does nothing is because with all the accounts that gil farmers possess they are making a fortune off of them

They feel that cancelling X amount of gil farmers accounts out weighs the amount of accounts that the average players will cancel. well maybe we have to put it a little more clearly for them,

My suggestion is send your Character names, server, and whether or not you will end up leaving vana diel because of this, at the bottom of this will be an email address, i will put all this information into a spread sheet and send it to them once a day, eventually they will have to do something

Also in your emails if you have any other suggestions please include them, i will gladly take any feedback i can get
#5 Nov 14 2004 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
Wow u know what i think this is the first time someone has came up with an idea to try and get rid of these gilfarmers and i like it i am getting sick and tired of them i cant farm/camp nms i want for equipment or even make gils to buy em. So.. as soon as i finished writing this its time to log on FFXI and send them infanite letters. Until i see they are taking some actions against these no life gilfarmers making a game there job thats just sick.
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