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#1 Oct 27 2004 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
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I need to make some money...ok alot, but I'm 34 RedMage and really need Dispel and a few other spells (Bar- spells...never in stock when I try and get 'em :( Anyway, whats a good way to make good gil?
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#2 Oct 28 2004 at 10:15 AM Rating: Good
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Well I don’t have a recipe to turn straw into gold but I did what most players have done in game to acquire gil and farm to save up for expensive items you will want and need later in game. I hope you have a mule because the extra storage space is necessary for farming and crafting. I have several. As for what to farm, start in Windy. Farm yagudos in Giddeus. Turn yagudo necklaces into copper ignots with a lightning crystal farmed off gob tinker or gob butcher in dunes and the ingots sell 4K a stack at AH. Or yagudo necklace plus wind crystal yield glass thread. The point is craft what you farm in the early levels. No easy fix to gil until you a high enough level to try to camp the NM and then the “bots” will beat you out every time. So my two cents worth of gil advice is when you log in get straight to “work”. Yes this game requires work. You farm, you craft, you farm, you craft, and in between you squeeze in some leveling and you farm and you craft some more. The way to keep the game enjoyable is join a good Linkshell so you have company while you farm and you craft and you level. And someone to go on the BCNM battles with later in game. You almost hi-enough level to start those if you haven't already.

I don't think many will post GIL hints here. Most people if they find a way to make gil in game they keep it secret so as not to flood the AH with excess surplus of items and drive down their own profit. So don't waste time rating my post I'm not here for ratings I dropped by site like I do often to get craft recipes and I drop by server forums to see who is trying what rank mission or quest that I may be able to assist in game. But I need scoot and farm now myself, got to go farm crawlers in Buburimu Peninsula for silk thread sells 9K a stack at AH. And I'm packing my hatchets and wind crystals to log for lumber while I'm there. Good luck on getting the scrolls you want and leveling your RDM. Find a craft you want to level or enjoy doing. If farming not your style try the repeatable quest that net gil. Hunt HILL LIZARDS in Meriphataud Mtns. Lizard drop Twinstone earrings ( save the skins to sell at AH drop the useless tails to make room for the earrings ) trade earrings to NPC Gioh Ajihri ( K-5) W. Woods first time quest gets you a wrapped bow but it is repeatable so you up your windy fame and each time you get 900 gil for the earrings. Can only trade her one then zone out back in and repeat.Also in Windy head to the Aurastery and speak to NPC moreno toeno in W.Waters return with the 2 leaf mandy bud and a bird feather ( off crows ) nets you 250 gil and is repeatable. Take up cooking since you are a mage. I love crafting my own juice and pies. Join cooking guild in windy. SKillup fast and easy to insect balls can be crafted for 7.4 gil a piece and resold in your bazaar for 20-30 gil each

In Sandy do numerous repeatable quests. Fear of Dark Quest (E-6) NPC Secodiand will ask you to bring him 2 bat wings which are dropped by any type of bat. Reward 200Gil So you a higher level and can kill tougher mobs try Tiger Teeth quest and talk to Taumila in S.Sandy Sundries shop E - 9 wants three black tiger fangs gives you 2,100 gil ( remember to sell your hides you get at ah FOR AROUND 800 ea.) One day farming black tigers can net you 30K tiger spawn every 5 min at H- 12 in Jugner. While in Jugner check out E - 7 boggarts drop scroll of regen sells for around 8K at AH and at J - 6 and J - 7 walking tree drops mistletoe sells for around 3K at AH and fiends blood farmed off leeches or bought at AH sells to NPC stores at a profit and beetle jaws are going for 13K at auction house. There is a NM PANZER at J - 5 drops neckchopper sells for 35K

PLAY the MARKET: buy low sell high by browsing player bazaars and AH see whether item in stacks broken down and sold as singles nets you a profit. Buy WHM and BARD spells from the goblin junk shop in Jeuno and sell them on the auction right next to it. Make like 2,000 on those every time they sell.Go sandy AH buy remishell ( 1 k stack ) send to mule in windy to sell at AH ( 5 k stack )Bastok sell flower pots at the auction. Buy them in S. Bastok at the junk store, and sell them on the auction for like 400 more. Also in Bastok, buy stack pickaxes at Outfitters store in Mines then sell at AH for profit or take up mining. In Sandy head to grotto near ghelsba with a stack of pickaxes and mine for gil ( invest in field gear for better results in the future ) gold 10K dark steel 6K colored rocks 3K Since mining ore doesn’t stack you will need more mog space. You could do the Give Moogle a Break Quest and buy a bronze bed to place in your moghouse. Or you could head to Rabao where NPC Goblin sells waterjugs for around 184 gil each depending on your fame put in your mule layout you get 2 extra storage slots for 1 moggle house slot used for waterjug thats 50 more slots for 9,200 gil

When you get a little surplus gil invest in gardening. I made most my gil from gardening and I enjoyed growing what I needed to skillup cooking and then using what I cooked as food to experience level. Visit the best gardening site there is for FFXI at Start small and work your way up in gardening or farming or crafting. If you don't have the patience to farm and craft then this game really isn't suited for you.
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#3 Oct 28 2004 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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I used to do the Bubbly Bernie quest. If you can stand the repeat rinse repeat quest easy way of making Gil without flooding AH market. Also raises your Bastok Fame.

Buy : Quus = 100gil x 12 = 1200gil

Profit : Steam Clock = 500gil x 12 = 6000gil

Profit = 4800gil

Quest Here: (Copy and Paste)

Hope this Helps.



#4 Oct 29 2004 at 1:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Bar- spells...never in stock when I try and get 'em :(

Try Waag-Deeg's magic shop in lower Jeuno. I believe they sell all the Bar* and Bar*ra spells.

As far as making money goes, I usually play the AH (with varying results). If I don't feel like doing that, I'll just see what random low-level drops (i.e. bat wings, beehive chips, silk thread, lizard skins, etc) are selling well in the city I'm in and then go whack things with my thief.

Then again, I really don't have much money. ;)

Good luck!

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