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My personal war against the gil-farmers.Follow

#1 Oct 27 2004 at 9:01 AM Rating: Good
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We've all had it up to here with these guys, thought i'd share this with my siren family....

So I'm farming tree cuttings, little did i know it was the gil-farmers pick of the week ( or month ) for camping 24/7. Try as i might i could not make headway against their constant tricks. For those who don't know their tricks ill explain. They usually have a good many vokers and sleepers in the pt. What they do is memorize the areas a mob will spawn in and either time the mob for its next respawn so they can move to it or set a "line" of pt members up and down the areas so they always have someone near it when it spawns. If you learn their pattern of mob spawns and try to jump ahead of the chain they will sleep it and hold it until the DD's or tanks can kill it. This can get extremely frustrating for a lone player whose just trying to farm an honost gil for his job. So what to do?

Well i noticed other frustrated players having the same problem in the area, so we start talking and decide to team up against the gil farmers...and beat them at their own game. It worked wonders. We were getting at least 50% if not more of the mobs they were trying to farm. After a time they noticed this and started sending /angry and /slap emotes because they were getting imagine that, THEY were frustrated. It felt so good to pay them back for all the crap they've dished out on us. If i could i would've called every person in jeuno to come destroy their farming scheme. But actually just two pal's wreaked havoc with their plans. At one point they even changed jobs and came back to try again with flee so they could run to the mobs faster than us. Didn't help tho, lol, we still got just as many mobs.

Hope this brightens your day and remember, there is something that can be done against these people...FIGHT THEM!!! Don't let them have the camp, fight back and take what is supposed to be for everyone's enjoyment back.

Ellestil 61 Paladin / 32 Warrior
#2 Oct 27 2004 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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While i don't do near what u said, I do farm for gil. I go after Dhalmels in the Tahrongi Canyons, and Crawlers in Sarutabaruta areas. I have found that you make me plenty of gil, even from 1 farming session. I argree that what u have said is "unjust," and mainly that is just selfish and rude. They are not the only ones on the server.. I hope that you can continue the success and stop them in their tracks! I'll be rootin for yah!
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