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#1 Aug 12 2004 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
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What would you change in our economy, and how?

I have noticed a trend in Siren, where every single crafted Item's price has been steadily going down (Except +1 HQ synths). Meanwhile, every single dropped item's price is going up. Quested items are an exception, and you can't really notice their price change over the course of a month. (Quested items tend to be somewhat cheaper than the other 2 categories above).

Crystals, and Clusters are in another category, because they always fluctuate in price, low prices on the first weekdays, going to bottom-rock prices on Tursdays. Then, suddenly shooting skywards on weekends, I know this is normal, because of supply and demand.

If you could change any of this about our economy, what would you change? And, how would you go into changing it?

Also, are you satisfied with the way things are, economically?

Thank you in advance,
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#2 Aug 12 2004 at 1:54 PM Rating: Decent
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I really wish kabobs would balence themselves out. The HQ sythers have ruined the market. They sell regular mithkabobs for lower then wat it costs to make them, just to move there product, until they get Chiefkabobs, which is htere real moneymaker.
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#3 Aug 12 2004 at 4:46 PM Rating: Decent
i would say that, for all economies in general, there should be the AH feature at every outpost you controll... how cool would that be? Another thing is that i would like to see is more +1 synths of low lv. items, like leather armors, and stuff like that.
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#4 Aug 12 2004 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
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i wish necessies would be cheaper <arrows, shrukens, ninja power, quivers>
maybe just my excuse for being poor <i still make it from blink stack to blink stack> but really it should be a bit cheaper.
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#5 Aug 13 2004 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Absolutely true that standard synths continue to drop while the HQ's stay steady.

I think my biggest complaint are the folks who undercut on "farmables." I won't fault anyone for buying a few hundred under the standard price at AH (I do the same thing.) But for goodness sake I was xp'ing my THF sub in Saruta and Taronghi last night and came home with a stack each of Silks, Beehive Chips, and Cotton.

Here's what "in my mind" these sell for, and what I would expect to pay if I was buying them:

Silk - 10k
Chips - 3.5k to 5k
Cotton - 4k

I get to the AH, *all of the above* prices were in the last ten history, near the top.

Here's what they are selling for in reality, per the last 5 or so sales:

Silk - 8.9k
Chips - 3k even
Cotton - 2.9k

All I can say is GRRRRRRR and why the heck aren't I crafting at these prices? lol
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#6 Aug 13 2004 at 9:52 AM Rating: Good
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If you think about it, the Economy isn't connected to the Auction House whatsoever. WE connected OUR economy to it, but needless to say it's not.

Why, you ask?

The Auction House Auction House. People are allowed to set any prices they want and sell to the highest bidder. Like e-bay in real life, auctions aren't bound to the economy as a whole, but bound to the vender in question.

The "economy" changes for better or for worst depending on NPC pricing and the amount of inflation presented to the value of a single gil which is tattered when people buy gil off of the internet. It's the same concept as printing money. Major nono.

I'm satisfied with how the economy is. It's not bound to any specific rules, and we have the liberty to charge what we want when we want. If people are dropping meatkabob prices to make a shot for chiefkabobs, they are allowed. You don't have to buy from them, you can easily go somewhere else (Bazaars for instance) or make them yourself.

That's just my opinion. :-P
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#7 Aug 13 2004 at 4:44 PM Rating: Decent
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I remember the days when fire crystals were 1.8k a stack...

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#8 Aug 16 2004 at 10:51 AM Rating: Decent
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I agree with Sir XvExodusvX. We really can do pretty much what we want with the economic market. If we continue to use the price of kabobs in the AH, maybe I can make a point. I farm all my materials for making the kabobs. Thus, my standard cost of materials is limited to fire crystals unless I am lucky enough to run into a couple of fire elementals.

Once I am done crafting, I end up with about 30% HQ synth stacks and the rest normal synth stacks. The meatkabobs I can sell in any AH for 3k a stack, when the max they will sell for on bazaar is 230 each, or 2760 a stack. They are close enough that I won't balk at selling either way.

The chiefkabobs I usually sell for 500 each. This is more than double the price of a regular kabob at bazaar prices. However, the AH price is ungodly on these and I refuse to sell them that makes them inaccessible to the people who just want to go have fun and not farm 70% of the time.

This is my choice and I have yet to run out of customers. In this way, I feel that I put in my two gil into the economy. In the end, I can pretty much guarantee that I make more money in the long run then those who sell for so much. I apply the same rules to anything else I synth and sell regularly. I don't feel that I am undercutting the market, and I am making a decent chunk of change.
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#9 Aug 18 2004 at 9:27 PM Rating: Default
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The economy is rather healthy right now, I have taken course in statistics and economics and I can say we are doing pretty well. I would like to see increased drop rates on mobs, to make all items go down in price, I'm not afraid to work for my cash, but I would like to spend less time farming and more time playing.

It's funny though how some of the slightest stat improving items cost so little. stuff like garrison glove and boots sell for 50-60k although they only give +1 to 2 stats.
#10 Aug 18 2004 at 11:07 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah but you have to also take into account the difficulty in obtaining those items...
#11 Aug 20 2004 at 3:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Hmm, I'd have to say that I'd change the way that people do their business.

When there is (i'm going to use rarab tails as an example here) no rarab tails on the AH, and someone puts one on, i geuss they think it gives them the right to jack up the price.
Now, rarab tails only cost 20g, and that's extremely cheap, and this guy jacked up the price to 100g.

100g isn't a lot of money, but when it comes to other things....I'll use my time attempting to buy the Royal Squire's Mufflers....The regular price of these things in jeuno was 6.5k at the time.

Long story short, I ended up having to pay 9k, instead of 6.5k, because some jackass thought since he had the only item up for auction, it gave him the right to jack up the price on someone.

I had just made 300k farming NM's so I didn't have a real big problem with it, but, when I'm low on cash, I have problems with crap like this.

That's what I would change.

*Edit* Fixed some spelling errors.

Edited, Fri Aug 20 16:56:27 2004 by Dranoface
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#12 Aug 21 2004 at 5:57 AM Rating: Decent
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I wish people would use the wholesale concept. For almost every item it's cheaper to buy single than by the dozen.

Edit: Well Dranoface if you thought the price was too high you could have waited 1 day (A whole day!) and someone would have eventually set the "regular" price. You dislike people that do that, yet you condone it by buying from them. Hilarious.

Edited, Sat Aug 21 07:00:04 2004 by Fakeaccount
#13 Aug 23 2004 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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It's not really condoning their actions, Fakeaccount...

There can easily be a "rush" situation. Me for example, I would rather NOT party at all than go in there with no food. If the price is jacked up, I'm screwed. :-\
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#14 Aug 24 2004 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
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Anyone been in the market for light crystals lately? Good lord...

I remember paying 3k/stack for light crystals when I was using them for gardening...when I last checked AH, they were going for 9k/stack. ouch...

But in reality, the price of a given item will always level out based on what the market will bear. If someone puts something on the AH at an inflated price and has it returned to them 3 days later unsold, they're likely to drop the price. If I find that a price is unreasonable to my way of thinking, I just don't buy it (unless it's a job necessity for leveling).
#15 Aug 24 2004 at 1:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Which, of course, brings us to the price of items necessary for partying. This includes stuff like ninja tools, ranger arrows or bolts, food for anyone, and so on. It would be unwise, and unfair, to say that these items should remain low cost, but they do sometimes get rediculous in price.

They do tend to stabilize eventually, and if it gets too bad, then the people who need them instead learn to make the stuff themselves (I have with meat mithkabobs, Shihei, and most standard arrows and bolts).
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