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Never done endgame before? Dynamis is a great way to dip in your toes. Need a few key pieces of relic to knock out a desired set? NoSeph's unique priority system allows you to fast-track your way to your most desired pieces of relic.

The run times are Tuesday night 8PM-12PM EST and Saturday afternoon 4PM-8PM EST. This schedule allows most people to make it home in time during the week, and most people to finish in time for Saturday night HNM activities.

Our only major requirement is that you be able to commit to two runs a week. If this schedule conflicts with other in-game events, work, or school, it's probably best to find another Dynamis shell where you can attend more runs. Take a look at the schedule stickied at the top of the forum for some ideas.

That's not to say you have to come to every single run - we understand that real life is more important than FFXI. But since we run on a point system, if you can only make half the runs, you'll only get half the points. Our attendance policy asks that you come to a run at least once every two weeks to be eligible to lot. If you can't make it for a longer period of time, you're asked to hold off lotting for one run until you are "reactivated" in the DKP system. Easy enough, right?

We're looking for the following jobs right now:


Yes, we want everything! We want tanks and melee and white mages and scholars and corsairs and bards and as always lots and lots of black mages (get a buffer.)

What we really want are some one trick ponies. No, really. We have a lot of wonderful, flexible people that can change from job to job as needed, and like changing up on a weekly basis. What we need are some DDs who have only one job leveled and will be a reliable, steady source of damage week in, week out. That's not to say that mult-jobbed people are unwelcome - far from it.

So if DRK or MNK or WHM are your only 75s, you're super welcome!

(We also need people who LIKE playing jobs such as BRD or BLM. Catwho loves to play BRD but has to come BLM some runs because we're short a few.)

Preference is given to mages at 70+ and melee/tanks at 75. Fast levelers are welcome to apply early.

Why should you join NoSephiroth Dynamis?

- Long established Linkshell, four years and running. Not going anywhere anytime soon.
- Fair and reasonable points system that allows new and old members alike to work toward specific relic pieces, while at the same time allowing new members to have a fair shot at other items in various zones.
- Bastok runs: Wootz is free lot if you forego relic.
- Your recruiter and webmaster is the cutest Tarutaru in the universe.
- An understanding that Real Life > FFXI.
- Flexibility in lotting relic. If you're applying as a bard but you really want some SAM relic, you're set. You can change your job requests from zone to zone if you want. We have a priority system for specific pieces with queues, so if your dream item is a pair of thief gloves, you can work toward it. To date, we have fulfilled over 200 "dream item" requests, out of the over 1000 drops since we started formally keeping track in our DKP.

How do you apply?*

The home website is:

- Read through our rules
- Determine if you can attend the runs at 8PM EST on Tuesday, and 4PM EST on Saturday. If you cannot make both of these runs most of the time, kindly find another shell that suits your schedule better.
- Create a forum account at htpp://
- Fill out an application. Include your level 65+ jobs, your 75 jobs, which of the requested jobs you're applying for if any, and mention this advertisement.

NoSeph Dynamis is powered by Ismarc's fantastic FFDKP system, to keep lotting open and fair. You can view our database at

After you post an application, it will be reviewed by our veterans and given a yay or nay by the ever vigilant Axilla, our application specialist. You may be contacted in game, through PM, or through email if there is an issue.

So what are you waiting for? Come join NoSephiroth Dynamis!

*NoSephiroth recently adjusted its longstanding rule about not allowing anyone named Sephiroth in. We have allowed one. We are now nicknamed "Fine fine OneSeph."
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