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Seeking Early Morning EST or EU Primetime Event LSFollow

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My name's Murphie, and I've been playing on Seraph on and off since NA launch. He's my third main (kept quitting and coming back), and though I created him on Bahamut, I moved him over here about a year ago when a lot of my friends on Bahamut quit, and I had a bit of a longing for familiar faces. Not that many of the people I knew in 03'-05' are playing anymore, or would know me by this name, but whatever. I'm glad to be on Seraph again, and though I've mostly been focusing on leveling various jobs and working on things I can do solo, I would definitely like to get more into certain endgame aspects of FFXI.

The problem is that my playtime window right now is mostly in the 7AM-3PM EST range. Some weeknights allow me to go longer, and weekends are often a crapshoot (I've got a pretty busy RL schedule, unfortunately), but that early morning to early afternoon window is really the one in which I have the most room to do things. What I'm finding though, is that most Dyna/Sky/Other Endgame shells mostly play in the early afternoon to late evening in my time zone and that means I don't have many opportunities to do things that require any kind of group/alliance setup.

Are there any linkshells on Seraph that play in my time zone that aren't exclusively JP and that might allow an NA player in? On Bahamut I was part of a primarily EU Shell (Konoha), and that worked out rather well for me. Events never lasted later than 5pm EST, and so I was able to get things done and still have time for work/school/other real life things at the same time.

Some quick info about me:

Taru Male
75 RDM, 40 in several other jobs, working on DRG to 75 (currently 40), and BRD (currently only 18, but I'm about to make a big push there, even putting DRG on hold for a while to focus on it). I have some Dynamis experience (cities cleared, save Jeuno), limited Assault experience (would love to find a static), and some Sky experience (all gods).

Zilart - Divine Might, CoP - Ancient Vows ***** you, CoP Statics!), ToAU - Royal Puppeteer, WoTG - Um, not very far at all.

If anyone has any LS suggestions, or perhaps belongs to an LS that has at least some events that run during this time period, I'd love to hear about them! I'm especially a fan of linkshells that have forums for organizing events and socializing, because I feel that a forum definitely helps in keeping people organized and informed, but that's not essential. Anyway, thanks in advance for any and all responses!
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