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#1 Mar 07 2009 at 10:54 PM Rating: Good
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Hello this is Axlangel and I'm new to Final Fantasy XI. I'm currently a lvl 10 Bastokan Red Mage and I'm looking for someone to show me the ropes and help me learn how to play the game. Well I know how to play but I mean help learn where all the good leveling spots are as well as party with me and help me figure out how to finish some of these Quests and missions. Especially since I'm kinda lost on where to go next. Thanks for reading this,
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Well I can answer just about any question, as far as actually making me help you, its not likely unless i can just warp there, however other members of the shell might if they feel up to it. Feel free to send me, Teg, Lioneye, Vanyih, Raiken, or Yenniku if you need a pearl.
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Sorry for sounding so needy but thanks for your reply.
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Don't feel bad about asking for help, this game is massive. :) I think I didn't even understand HOW massive, like, a full understanding of the scope available to me until I was 50 or 60 on my first job...and that was before Treasures of Aht Urhgan and Wings of the Goddess expansions were out!

I'm in the same boat as Teg, I doubt I would be able to help all the time but I would be able to answer any and all questions because I'd like to think I can explain things very well.

Send a /tell to Lacaan in-game. ;D

Annd your friendly tip for a beginner: In your spare time, start reading up on crafts, and try to make a decision before level 20 or 30. Crafting is the only viable way to make gil in the game's current economic state, unless you are profficient at beastmen/kindred seal burning circle fights(special battlefields that give good loot that is sellable or useable- typically more rare/decent demand stuffs).

Beyond picking a single craft, some of them work together really well, and it would be beneficial to level a mule(2nd character)'s craft up as well to compliment your main. For instance, you could level woodworking and fishing on your main character, and cooking on your mule. Then you can fish up fish, send it to your mule and craft it into expensive sushis that almost all melees will use a majority of their time leveling from as low as level 25 all the way to 75, and 75's use sushis too.(though not as often)

Thats the jist of it, theres a lot more info here on Allakhazam, there is a 'Tradeskills Forum' link in the sidebar, that'd be the place to check out. I see you found allakhazam, which is good. Alla doesn't have an accurate database of items/quests/missions etc, well not compared to other site(s), but the amount of player input and comments is more important and Alla has the largest wealth of player comments. Any item, quest, mission, anything in alla's database, has comments section and most of them people have commented atleast once or twice.

I'd also suggest (warning: somewhat laggy, default interface uses heavy flash or java idk which it is) and it's database search is ancient and worse than altavista or MSN Live!Search. However, it does seem to be the largest database and has a higher level of accuracy and completeness than alla's information. is a JP-run website database, but a database in the strictest since. If you don't like wiki, this might be a better option. is the Jeuno/Whitegate/Tavnazia Auction house website. Basically, you can't buy or sell while on there but you can look at prices, look up players(including yourself), see sales history far past what the price history has in-game. Great for someone looking for trends in certain items to make gil or save themselves gil.

For all of these sites, I wouldn't suggest using Internet Explorer on any of them except allakhazam, and I'm not sure about that either. People have had account passwords stolen after visiting popular ffxi sites gilsellers have attempted to hack via malicious ad content. Firefox and the noscript + adblock plugins are highly recommended. Now, they're hard to get use to at first and I still don't know how to get some sites to work properly with firefox and these two plugins, but it's much much much safer than IE, and square enix handles accounts like you are guilty until proven innocent and they act like you never own the account. ever. it's not yours. it's theirs, you simply pay a monthly fee to be able to rent /use their services which includes your character. Thusly, be safe and protect your account. :D

Okay that sounded like a bad last paragraph but its a sad truth lots of players got hit with and we're not out of the woods on it yet. Sites to avoid include ffxi-atlas, cannotlinkto, like alla but their servers are massively slower, we're talking 15-45 second load times on occasion, per link click. There is also which started as a single end-game linkshell's website but turned into a gathering place for most of the end-game 1337's to communicate in a single location. They have a non-advanced discussion board which is actually not too bad but for the most part its an unforgiving place for new people because they automatically assume you're not new but simply someone trying to troll with dumb questions. o.o ok, its about the same here on alla in some places...not as bad though.

Hmm. This post got longer than I thought. xD But that should get you started atleast...
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