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#1 Feb 25 2009 at 5:18 AM Rating: Default
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Hello everyone

Starting a Nyzul Isle static and atm we have 5 members. Looking for 6th. DD all that is needed atm our 5 have many jobs so we have some versatility. Ive done many pickup groups and I've been lucky most have gone well but need to climb higher and get gear and its getting harder and harder to find peeps who need floors that I needed, so static seemed best way to go now.

Atm we are set on starting runs at 9:45 pm EST and only day set now is today Wednesday. Second run Day still not set but time seems to fit all involved.

We will be Starting at floor 31.

Two members are at floor 41 with no tags lol for tonight so here is part 2 of my post...

If you are able to we need 3 people for tonight just to help us get to 40 where other 2 will join,if they had tags they would help but tagless, we could wait but really all eager to move up.

In the end to recap I need 1 member to join us to 100 and 2 just to help out tonight.

/tell Nyochurt via msg here/ingame

Please Help Me Out.

Just info i left out. I post this here because i will be online shortly but must work at 1pm est and will not be home until 9:15pm est. So utilizing alla for my shout atm. Again thank you.

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#2 Feb 25 2009 at 10:06 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hurt, if I'm free tonight when you're ready to go (and I'm not lagging) I would be willing to help you out with 31-40. WHM RNG or BRD. I may be able to get a second person from my linkshell too. Just let me know when you're home, not interested in any floor 40 legs either, just want some free tokens. ^^

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