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November has been an exciting month for NoSephiroth Dynamis so far. Ladypharis has completed stage 5, becoming our linkshell's first relic holder.

We also are the linkshell of Lahurah, who won this year's Harvest Pumpkin Carving Contest. (No wonder her Dynamis Lord was so realistic, she beats him up twice a month.) We're very proud of her hard work!

We've been having enough luck with currency that we've stepped up our CoP zones. So if you're done with your city relic, and want to focus on CoP areas, NoSeph might be a place to consider. We're trying to go twice a month whenever we can.

We're looking for the following jobs right now:

Black Mage

Red Mage
Ranger Got one!
White Mage
Corsair (we just had a relic hat go free lot tonight, eeesh)

We are not accepting folks with only DRG 75 at this time (we've got a backlog for relic for DRGs. Sorry guys.) If you have DRG in addition to any of the above jobs, it's fine.

If you have one of these jobs and you are willing to come on those jobs, even if you want relic for other jobs, we are waiving our referral requirement for the applications. You can mention this advertisement instead and say "Catwho sent me" on the application.

Why should you join NoSephiroth Dynamis?

- Long established Linkshell. We're approaching our third anniversary and we're going strong.
- Fair and reasonable points system that allows new and old members alike to work toward specific relic pieces, while at the same time allowing new members to have a fair shot at other items in various zones.
- Bastok runs: Wootz is free lot if you forego relic.
- Your recruiter and webmaster is the cutest Tarutaru in the universe.
- An understanding that Real Life > FFXI.
- Flexibility in lotting relic. If you're applying as a bard but you really want some SAM relic, you're set. You can change your job requests from zone to zone if you want. We have a priority system for specific pieces with queues, so if your dream item is a pair of thief gloves, you can work toward it. To date, we have fulfilled almost 75 "dream item" requests, out of the 600 drops we've since in the last 11 months.

How do you apply?

The home website is:

- Read through our rules
- Determine if you can attend the runs at 8PM EST on Tuesday, and 4PM EST on Saturday
- Create a forum account at
- Fill out an application. Include your level 65+ jobs, your 75 jobs, which of the five requested jobs you're applying for, and mention this advertisement.

NoSeph Dynamis is powered by Ismarc's fantastic FFDKP system, to keep lotting open and fair. You can view our database at

Our next open city run will be Windurst on November 18th. If you apply before then, you should hear a decision prior to the run. (We generally post a reply to your application thread.)

Thanks for three years of awesome, Seraph!

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