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#1 Oct 24 2008 at 10:08 AM Rating: Good
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So, I'm sitting here bored at work, browsing the forums, and got to thinking... These boards are dead!!! Well, I figure, why not try to get people talking on em again. So, how's everyone doing? Any recent accomplishments you're proud of? Better yet, any good screenshots?

I'll start (even though I don't have any screenshots....)

My linkshell finally got another Homam legs!!! \o/ 4 pairs in 2 years... SE hates us.

We low manned Faust wednesday with 6 people, 1 was thf so just there for the moral support (and collaboration in case she sees this!)

Now it's Seraphs turn, let's get this board back to the fun filled flame fest it used to be! Without the flames please.
Haggrid, Seraph server
HNMLS: Apex | Dynamis: Fullwipe | Salvage: FortyTwo
75DRK, 75WHM, 74NIN, 37SAM, 37 SCH, 37WAR, 37THF, 37 BLM,

firefeng wrote:
without voke dreadspike is pretty much useless if other melee can hold the hate.

I'm a mother@#%^ing Dark Knight. What's this sh*t about "other melee holding hate"?
#2 Oct 24 2008 at 12:58 PM Rating: Default
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Accomplishments... hmm....

BRD hit 60 the other night.

Talked my mother into upgrading the internet from our current barely better than dial-up DSL so I can stop lagging all the time. Now if she'd just do it...

Turned 23 last Thursday.

Got three Swift Belts for myself and two linkshell members last Wednesday.

Got myself Trotter Boots last Thursday (Happy Birthday to me!) thanks to Azarus's TH4 (compliments of DynaPowPow) and Megabyte's claiming skills. Love you guys thank you :)

RNG belt from Dynamis - Qufim last Sunday, now 4/6 on RNG relic :D

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