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4 hardcores looking for LSFollow

#1 Sep 15 2008 at 9:36 AM Rating: Good
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So...I'm assuming Linkshells are guilds?..heh Well, 4 of us have just started the game on Seraph and are currently sinking our teeth into every aspect of the game but omg there's so much to learn.

Basically, we have been playing mmo's for close to 10 years and are pretty **** hardcore about it and at the moment, honestly, we are pretty overwhelmed with what final fantasy has to offer...and its exciting! We play every day, unfortunatly most of our time lately has been researching this game.

So we extend or griddy little arms looking for a place to go, granted we are low levels at the moment but we are very active and inquisitive, and wanting to learn...we started a RDM,WHM,MNK and WAR, figured that'd be a good setup to venture out and learn some stuff.

So if your able to handle the plethora of questions we may have and our push to excel and experience as much as we can, then by all means give us a chance!

You can respond here or contact Jizza or Sumolguy in game, thanks!
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Lol 4 hardcores >.<
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Few quick tips that should help since you are a group who plan to play together alot:

-For crafting, level crafts that will compliment eachother. Have one person work on fishing+woodworking,(100 fishing, 60 woodworking and work towards lu shang's), one person on cooking and alchemy, (100 cooking, 60 alchemy) and then the last two on a high priced craft like goldsmithing. the last person can pick something for fun or take THF to 75 and help everyone farm ingredients. A straight source of farming materials to craft will keep everyone's synth costs low and profit margins that much higher. It's easier when you're all friends and know you can trust to get materials for free or discounts from your friends.
However if you plan to go hardcore into end-game you might want to consider having someone do bonecrafting/leathercrafting/clothcrafting because some of the drops from end-game mobs are a great way to make profit if you keep the materials and synth them.

-Warrior can tank but I'd suggest having the war or mnk switch to ninja or paladin. Or have the war switch to samurai (I mean, as far as first job to 75 is concerned. what you have now is a good setup)Because once you get higher in levels, if you want to exp in a full group of 6 you might be hard-pressed to find a good tank, so its best to have one ready to go each time. RDM+WHM is a great combo and the only way to improve it is to make it RDM+BRD, but only for exp/merit parties at 75. For 4 people to do everything in game, i suggest having everyone level 2-3 jobs to 75 with the following groups doable:
\\mana burn
sch(or 3rd blm)
rdm(or brd)
//tank party for HNM/survivability
nin(or pld)
blu(or thf, if thf, rdm needs drk sub for stun)
\\merit party(exp parties at and beyond 75 are called merit parties)
sam(or war)
mnk(or war)

You can basically attack any aspect of final fantasy with one of the above job groupings of 4, without seeking outside help. Not mentioned above is RNG and the solo job classes. RNG is a great addition because it is like a BLM with ranged damage but they can spike harder damage when needed and generally survive longer. Don't worry about race choices when thinking about jobs, except elvaan/galka BLM and tarutaru tanks are the only things I'd say to avoid.
Personally I don't know any LS that take new players with a thought on the hardcore end of gameplay. Most LS that take new players are filled with new players, and they probably aren't concerned with being hardcore or playing to the best they can possibly play. It'll be tough to find a good LS with alot of members, you're more likely to find an LS with a few vet 75's with a total member count of 5-15 that will fit your same passion for excellence, but fairness(if you guys are into that whole fair and good person thing^^)

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catwho wrote:
If you need a bard to get "good exp" in a merit party, you're the weakest link.
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Welcome to Seraph :)

Unfortunately I'm part of the unable-to-hardcore club (60 hour workweeks this month) so I can't help you much, but it sounds like true HNM linkshells will be right up your alley in a few months.

One thing to keep in mind: Unlike WoW, you are not limited to only one linkshell, like you are only one guild. You'll probably go through a few socials, some midgame shells, and eventually be able to apply for deeper endgame activities, all of which will have a different shell. So don't be afraid to join a group that doesn't seem like they do a lot of heavy stuff now, because you can always join a separate HNM later on. I carry around four linkshells with me: a social, my Dynamis shell, my general endgame shell, and my limbus shell. I change channels as needed depending on the time of day or day of the week.
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Well, as i realize "hardcore" is an understatement for this game lol but thanks for all the input, so far I have been overwhelmed with the kindness of this community and the advice I ahe goten so far, I finally found another game where my chat is filled with advice and friendly conversations other than the random "in my pants", Allakhazam jokes , or the occasional my dad beat up your dad convo.

We have found a linkshell with some very helpful folks, Id like to thank Shin and Andrain for the invite, your advice and time of yourselves and members have been exceptional and together I'm seeing great times to be had!!!

Look out Seraph! Here we come!
#6zagarikano, Posted: Oct 10 2008 at 10:07 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) You started out with 4 good jobs and you a little well rounded.
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