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Aht Urhgan 44 "Nashmeira's Plea"Follow

#1 Feb 03 2008 at 8:33 PM Rating: Default
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Hello everyone
i have shouted for this mission too many times to remember, i'm curently 0/13 on it, and i'm getting pretty tired of it, i'm looking for people who need it, or anyone willing to help me with it, i'm not awesome on setupwith this one, i've heard many different strategies, but my best setup was

drg, blm, blm, whm, sam, pld

my main is drg...i'm afraid..that's all i can come as...

i know this will most likely put alot of people off
but please, anything at all, thankyou all for at least
taking the time to read this, and i hope soon to be
updating this with a post that says "I did it!"

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#2 Feb 04 2008 at 5:21 AM Rating: Default
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OMG Lion ;;
someone do this bcnm with him, he's ossom <.<

I'll help if i'm not otherwise engaged~ whm rdm blm mnk or 73 nin

75- Whm Mnk Blm Rdm Nin Smn Sch Drg Sam Rng
73pld 68brd 44war 42bst 41drk 40thf 33blu 21cor
765+ merits~ oi
#3 Feb 04 2008 at 6:49 AM Rating: Default
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<3 lion

Good luck buddy.
#4 Feb 04 2008 at 5:46 PM Rating: Good
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Are you dying to the blu? or alexander's 1st form, final form?

This guide is pretty good to follow:


The most important part with pld tank is:
Staying out of melee range is essential, as it makes sure the WHM only has to heal the damage from his Abilities and Light-based Magic. Removing melee attacks from the damage the PLD is taking makes a big difference.

Be nice to get a rdm to help with cures and refresh.
#5 Feb 05 2008 at 11:39 PM Rating: Default
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i've had pt's that wipe on the blu
but usually we wipe on alex's 2nd form
last time i went, we wiped with him at 50% HP
it's not the fight that so much of a problem...
more as finding people willing to help
and i'll admit, a few people have been with me
quite a few times, and Sidus has helped me also
but my main problem is getting the right setup
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#6 Feb 06 2008 at 1:14 PM Rating: Good
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This mission is grand fun. I'll definitely help if Sidus is helping at the time (figured I'd volunteer before being told I was gonna help). When we beat it, I think every time we defeated one of the bosses, it was a last act of desperation. The soulflayer was mnk/nin, whm, rdm (maybe one of those was the smn? I think so) left, barely taking it down if I remember right. And taking down Alexander, it was at a sliver of life, everyone weakened and like 1 minute left and the smn finished him off. I mean, come on, that's epic.
#7 Feb 06 2008 at 11:37 PM Rating: Default
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hehe sounds abit on edge hehe
anyway, i just got invitd to another pt for AU44
setup was drg,drg,whm,blm,pld,blm

we were kinda slow on the blu, but no real problems
got to fighting Alex, got him to half way
he unleashed something that KO'd all 3 mages....
were they too close range orr? lol (help me on this one)
needless to say once mages were dead and reraised
they didn't have the MP to keep the pld alive anymore....
so we failed again...
anyway, me and another drg friend are gonna attempt it again
tomorrow hopefully wel'l get further than 50% Alex this time
wish me luck, i'll update this after tomorrows fight if it happens

thankyou for offering help ^^ if you're in LS Sid, i'll bug ya
tomorrow if yer not busy :p
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#8 Feb 07 2008 at 11:11 AM Rating: Good
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This is the placement we used. Melee DD are close but on different side of Alexander. PLD was off in a distance but within voke and flash range. The blms were spread out abit and can back-up heal the DDs. The main Healer is within range of healing the pld and DD. If you have an RDM, he would stand where the 2nd blm would be (adjusting alittle to get in range of refreshing the pld).

If you were having problems with mp, bring some yagudo drinks for pld/mages and have pld/DD bring some hi-pots. And of course, everyone should have sometype of RR.

Mages should always try to have stoneskin up but blink isn't that helpful.

If I'm online and not busy, I am welling to help out.
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