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I think we need a Linkshell list as it's a real pain in the *** to search for a ls over the net these days because in your search you come up with mostly llinkshells that have pasted on. Fortunately when I started over a few monthes ago after a 3+ year break I had a friend that still played so he hooked me up a pearl to his shell=). Now a bunch of friends that I played with have started playing again =).

I'll try to update this list weekly. If a LS that is on this list should die please post it so I can remove it. This way we can have this as an up to date list of active shells thank you.




Name: GambitXgold
Description: We are a ls that loves doing events for one another and we have become a small family. We will do everything from garrison on up,and have a great time doing it.
Recruitment: We recruit on a limited basis we want to stay small but are always looking for people that would make a good fit with us. We don't have set level or experience requirement it's more about how comfortable we are with you.

Name: Empire
Description: Also do little stuff sometimes after events for fun. Past Fomors, SCNMs etc. Starting VNMs after vacation week is over.
Recruiting: Not exactly recruiting but you can apply if you so wish to. Be sure to check our pics out on the front page! Especially toward the bottom~!

Edited, Apr 3rd 2010 12:42am by BlackenX

Edited, Apr 3rd 2010 12:48am by BlackenX
Ingame: Blackwatyr
GambitXgold is currently recruiting members interested in accomplishing activities together
Original Character: Blacken
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