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#1 Apr 01 2013 at 9:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello all,

Well i have finally decided to give FF XI a real try. When the game initially came out i bought it for ps2 and played for about 2 days before giving up. A few years ago i bought the 2008 collection (has the 4 expansions) for PC and tried to play again with a friend who used to play, he quit again and i got demoralized.

Well i have played through so many random MMO's and games and this game has always intrigued me with the job system and the focus on PVE (generally hate PVP in games).

I started on Ragnarok and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips to starting, i looked around the forums much and didn't really find anything for a "beginner" guide.

So far i have managed to level a monk to 18 and got someone to help me with the sub job quest, Since then i have gotten to 12 Warrior. My plan was to get all the basic jobs to 15 to start and kind of see where i want to go from there. At this time i think i want to go for one of PAL, DRK, DGN, RDM or BLM as my main job (still very limited experience so not sure what i want). One of my main limiting factors i think is making money for new gear, i have bought a couple extra little items and a new Great axe but everything seems so expensive, if i explore to far the monsters seem to destroy me for what i am guessing is a lack of def.

Can anyone give me some tips for anything i should try to do or aim for at lower levels to get myself more invested and acquainted with the game? So far i've been in the basic first 2 areas and explored to salbine to get my sub job (and followed someone around that helped me get quest items).

Thanks in advance and hope to see some of you out there (probably when i level up...)

*** Edit

Just another thing i thought of that i might need tips on

Is there a up to date guide for what sub jobs go well with other jobs? (at the same time which sub jobs suck with other jobs)

For leveling atm i have been just killing stuff outside the town and one map over. I just read a thread about town quests to rank up. Where are those?

*** Edit 2

Guess ill add on for now....

For unlocking more jobs, do they all require you to be level 30 on any job before hand or could i unlock any now?
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Check out Grommets LS, I would highly suggest it if you are starting over or looking to get back into the swing of things. I know how hard it is without a LS or a good group to get things done ingame.

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RDM is one of the easiest to level. But I do recommend getting the spells. Especially paralyze. Which area did you start off in? If you are in Bastok, stay in South Gustaberge, close by the entrance until level 5 or so. Then you can head away from the entrance. Afterwards get to level 8 or so then go up to the first tier of Vomp Hill. Once you hit level 10, go up to the next level of Vomp Hill. Stay away from the Goblin Digger until he ons EM or lower. Unless you are whm or war. Than just stay away from the digger. Stay on Vomp Hill until you hit 15. Then head to the valley of Konchant Highlands. Do not leave the valley until you hit, I believe it was, 17. Then stay in Konchhant Highlands until 19 or 20. Then head to Jeuno. Wait there for a pt in Qufim Island.
I know most of my jobs are over 90. But I have not played in over a year. My favorite job is Blu level 99.
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