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I'm loving it but looking for a linkshell to call home along with help and advice?

Over the last 10 years I have returned to FFXI 3 other times and I find myself once again playing it after a 2\3 year break (not exactly sure on the date I last left but it was around the time A Moogle Kupo d'Etat came out. I first started playing about 3 months after it FFXI was released I played for about a six and acquired a friends account that had left. This account had a few subs unlocked and the main character (Bellacus) had a 33 Pld, 30 Warrior and 15 Monk. I played the Paladin Tank in a static leveling group and really like it so this account became my main. Over the next 6 months I unlocked all the subs and hit the level 50 wall.

By this point most of my friends that were playing left out of fustation over the level 50 cap limit break issues and the fact that some times all the XP you worked so hard to get could be gone it two bad pulls. I toughed it out but after 3 months of having the worst luck trying to get my papyrus (Easily 200 hours). I to left for a year or so. I came back about a year or so later after finals and when summer break was starting. I tried some groups to get the papyrus but eventually just asked (\sh) in Jueno for help and a 75 DK and a 75 Pld offered to help and wouldn't you know it with in the first few lich kills it dropped. (I had parties that after 4 hours we still had not seen one)

From there I leveled to 60 blowing past both caps with ease. But then I hit a wall because if anyone dies when things go bad it's the tank. Well because of that I found myself playing each night but not really progressing. So I took a break and leveled all the jobs I had unlocked but never played I took most of them them as far as getting out of the jungle (solo>Dune party>Qufim>First Jungle>Second Jungle) so about level 33 with all of them. Summer was over and I was once again tired of the game so I left again.

This time I was gone for a longer time (wow had got me but I'm done with them now didn't even play cata) but I did eventually return. This was when I made Bellacus great. I had already been playing with crafting and had level 60 in all crafts but was not sure which to max out or to go the route of 2 80s. I ended up leveling GS to high 90s. I also was able to dual box level may way to 75 and some merits on Pld, Mnk and Rng and took most of the others to 50. Despite the fact I was having fun a new wow expansion was coming out and all my friends that do play MMORPGs were going to go to it so I left once again.

Now I'm back but lacking the OP of Bellacus. Yes I'm starting a new. Why the short story is I lost\forgot information and have had no luck in retrieving it. But I'm okay with starting a new. I Choose a Server (Ragnarok) Kujuta was no longer around and created Miaja (Female Hume) So far in the first day back I was able to level Mnk 19, War 17, Rdm 10. I'm sure that once I unlock sub and get a bit of gear I should have no problem soloing to 30 like I had in the past and with my second account I can fall back to the old dual box level sync for 10-30 to level Miaja to has high as it can go.

But now for the questions first even with Bellacus mission wise all I had done was got my airship pass (rank 5 I think right) so I have no clue what all the expansions offer. Is there some part of them I should complete early because it helps me later. From the little bit of reading I have done it sounds like Abyssea had some advantages of doing some of the missions once your level 30. As for now I'm just soloing a way and earning gold off what I can. My immediate goals are subjob unlocked, get a job to 20 and get my license and get me some more space in my bag. Those are the things I'm missing the most having to start over. Once I hit 30 my plans include getting to Rank 5 so that I have my air pass and unlocking some jobs. Being I have a 3 1/2 days left of a 5 weekend I may even need help with level cap 50 before the weekend is out. Feel free to send me a tell or respond with any advice you might have for someone new coming back.

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Welcome back! I regret I don't know anything about a Bellacus mission, but perhaps someone in my friendly Linkshell can help you? (

If you like what you see on our website, take a minute to register, then (after we verify that you're not a bot, and send you an email), post a little hello.

Meanwhile, you may be able to get a linkpearl from one of my sackholders. (You may need to explain that you spoke with me and have agreed to post a hello on the forums.) Do a /sea all [name] for Sairsha, Shadowmonkey, Baconfat, Whoohoo, Sailorkitty or Sturg.

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