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#1 May 18 2011 at 8:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello Ragnarokians! I've been away from FFXI for a few years (4-5?) now, but finally broke down and bought the game again. For those that knew me, my name was Ginseng, a.k.a. Edgecrusher. I had leveled almost everything to 75 before I quit. I guess somehow we always come back though..

Anyways, I'm wondering how the population is as of late, and if there are any linkshells around that would be willing to take me and a buddy in (who also played on Ragnarok several years ago). He was a tarutaru Dark Knight/Ninja/Black Mage (I think?) named Acemonkey.

I'll check back often, so let me know! :-)

(Oh and if so, we'll need world passes since we both suck at server roulette!)
#2 May 19 2011 at 10:13 AM Rating: Good
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Hello there! Lots of new fun things happening!, among them the recent World Merge (adding Cait Sith's population to Ragnarok's), so there are plenty of people once again.

Our social shell, cynosure (, has room for a couple more! (If you should happen to see a message at the website that we are temporarily closed for new pearlings -- a move I'm mulling just now, because we recently welcomed a lot of new members in a short period of time, and need to Get To Know Each Other for a bit -- then please view this posting as a two-person exception to that closure.)

Are you starting over, or were you able to restore your old 75-ful character? (Doesn't matter in terms of linkshell membership, but obviously I want you to have your old char back if that makes you happier.)

Taru male San d'Orian
100 Woodworking and Fishing; 80 Synergy
60 in all other crafts
(Updated November 12, 2011)
#3 May 28 2011 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello again,

Sorry for the slow reply, my friend and I have actually been in-game immersing ourselves in the new world. (Most shocking and sad to see the soldier crawlers gone from CN, we miss the blinding-green-light-tunnel.)

Neither one of us were able to get our character back, but that's okay; we're grinding in full force. When I see him again, I'll let him know about the linkshell. Thanks!
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