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#1 May 25 2005 at 9:36 AM Rating: Excellent
707 posts
Because Lady of Holy Darkness' time on Allakhazam has been limited of late, she has passed the Character Master List on to me to keep update. I will do my best to keep this updated at least once a week. It would be great if the Admins could also sticky this thread so that all players could easily reference it similar to the Linkshell Master List.

This is just a list of people Allakhazam names and character profiles. If you want your name and Character profile to appear on this master list, please post. If you don't have a character made up through Allakhazam, here is a link to the character profile creator: Character Profile Creator. The purpose of this list is so that it is easy to find people and info rather then scrolling through threads looking for someones character profile.

Master Name List:
(Screen name: Character profile)

ACEJester: Acejester

Achillea: Achillea

AdmiralTiger: Sefirato -Retired

Afk: Afk, Sairyu

AgentLee: Fonglee

akien: Finwe

AlbenX: Alben

Alexio: Alexio

Alexzander: Alexzander

Alkomir: Alkomir

Altairs: Altairs

Amneris: Aaralyn

AmanoJ: Amanojyaku

angstchan: Melantha, Greyan, Cartoonette

Aprila: Aprila

Arcanedrake: Arcanedrake

ArcaneWebster: Webster

ArcArsenal: Arcarsenal

Arrode: Arrode

Aurou: Aurou, Maeyuu

Azynhito: Azynhito

Babekeke: Babekeke

badmnky: Pootie

Bakum: Bakum

baldlufkin: Lufkin

Bandaria: Bandaria, Xhose

Bautista: Bautista retired

Benaresu: Benaresu

bigsushi: Ceege

BlueBerryBeanofPhoenix: BlueBerryBean

Botz: Bargon

Boumbo: Boumbo

Bowiemonk: Bowie, Nittany, Verbal

BrakusMcD: Brakus

Brub: Brubion

Bryna: Bryna

buckhorn: Buckhorn

Buffyisagoddess: Arbrill

Calabogh: Calabogh

CamigwenTheBard: Camigwen

ceresea: Ceresea, Enaila

Cesi: Cesiaie

Chakubaku: Chakubaku

Choasblade: Draven

Chickmagnet: Studboy

Chuangtse: Chuangtse

Claymoore: Claymoore

Crackensan: Alysara

cravygravy: Cravy

csBahamut: Kenjihimura

Curem: Curem

cybercrusader: Cybercrusader

Damind: Damenji

DarkMarine: Kurai

danielreid: Dier

darkpowrjd: Casto, Diabo

darrelgen: Solice

DeadAngelwalking: Draven

Demos: Demos

detroitplaya: Detroitplaya

Dewydewy: Dewy

doebert: Uuk

doomstress of the Seven Seas: Rylie

Doranville: Doranville

Dornkirk: Evangelakis

drasham: Kroz

ddrmidgetid: Ryuho

DrunkyDude: Drunky

DuffmanX: Duffman

Duradas: Selarana

EliteDW: Dragonwarrior

elfdogg: Elfdogg

ElHajjish: Tanooki

Emigea: Emigea

Enkou: Enkou

Entropyboy: Odalisque

Eratosthenes: Eratosthenes

Eroh: Eroh, Ecaroh

EternalEnimga: Gryphin

Evanesce: Evanesce

Exiaus: Exiaus, Xiaus

EyesWideShut: Maitai

FairyLeviathan: Kisaki

FeanaroOnPhoenix: Feanaro

Felpool: Felpool

Fenryl: Fenryl

Ferrick: Ferrick

FreelancerPhoenix: Freelancer

FFXIredmage: Kauna

Fuuten: Fuuten

FyoriTheMithra: Fyori

gaira: Kafuin

Ganiman: Ganiman

GalkaSnarf (Formerly Flyinpoons): Snarf

Gapifupi: Gapifupi -Retired

Garaku: Garaku

Goduro: Goduro


grilox: Zaren

GusMorgan: Elaron

HaikoPhoenix: Haiko

HakujinQuinn: Quinn

Halareil: Halareil

Hawkhellfire: Hawkhellfire

heai: Lokie

HealerEl: Elbereth


IAElexa: Elexa

IAmWord: Word, Homer -Both characters listed as single profile.

IcarusofPhoenix: Icarus

Icellina: Icellina

ilyanna: Ilyanna

Imperia: Imperia

iSkiLlYoU: Iskillyou

Jakarrd: Jaenelle

Jakki: Sakrafyce

Jameznoble: Jameznoble

JaydeeKay: Jaydeekay

Jeixxon: Rarin

Jimera: Hilkiah

Jinksko: Jinksko

Jokeronlne: Pikel

justinbofht: Sorlaan, Korilli

Kaeli: Kaeli

Kalyfa: Dyspero

Katataw: Katataw

kentarosan: Kentarosan

KhailofSandOria: Khail

KhaliOnPhoenix: Khali

Kinikki: Kinikki

Krapshooter: Baddabing

Kuraude: Ashida, Kuraude

Kurohyou: Kurohyou

Kxpuc: Kxpuc

Kyuuketsuki: Ketsuki

LadyOfHolyDarkness: Althena, Armagedopolis, Grrrrrrr

Lady Worricow: Worricow, Barathrum

Lambchops: Lambchops

Langolier: Langron

Lasaan: Lasaan

LesserEvil: Ambrosia

Lethano: Immortaldonut, Lethano, Subligaru

Lilianaa: Lilianaa

lilKire: Kire

LoneGamer: Ryanstryfe

Loning: Loning

LordDonblas: Lordnaul, Legan, Yomomma

Magambo: Magambo

Malagarphnx: Malagar

Meckruco: Meckruco

Mellowy: Mellowy

MithraArieanna: Arieanna

Moooosey: Moosey

Multidude: Ragnus

Mykk: Maiku, Caj

Mysterhappy: Mystywysty

naiiya: Naiiya

Nazyreth: Nazyreth

Neolirian: Neolirian

Neve: Neve

newguy: Dooms

Nicest: Nicest

NITWIT: Nitwit

Nosrevlah: Nosrevlah

Nydanna: Nydanna, Ashlyn

Pakupaku: Pakupaku

Patpat: Valus

Penty: Penty

pezzish: Freja

PhoenixKronos: Kronos

Pilipinoboi: Pilipinoboi

PLDaelen: Vardaelen

Raza: Raza

Reazon: Rezon

recaa: Lordmanhammer

reinah: Prisonette, Reinah -Retired, Muffinxo, Prisonaru

reavenance: Baelwulf

RiceKrispies: Ricekrispies

RickyFitness: Keavy, Tehprincess

Ridell: Ridell

Rikitaru: Rikiimaru

Rolks: Mierin, Bain, Elmindreda

RyauWau: RyauWau

Ryuiji: Ryuiji

Saimsyon: Saimsyon, Xlll, Bullettooth, Easyeddy, Saimsyonsslut

SAMrhete: Rhete

sblackey: Dragonesti

SeomanP: Seoman -Retired

shadowtwista: Howlingwolf, Wumii

Shibbytrunks: Trunks

Shiinpu: Shiinpu

Shinreineko: Anishia

Shiromori: Shiromori

Slacks: Jokester

smeggles: Smeggles -Retired

smooe: Doriana

Sneakysquirrel: Sneakysquirrel

SniperChance: Ronixis

SniperwolfXI: Sniperwolf

solidmac: Razu

SomePunkKid: Cero, Deathscythe, Draconis

Sotama: Sotama

spencehoe: Spencehoe

SpoonSpec: Celtic

Sternit: Sternit

Stevoud: Stevoud

Stormfeather: Stormfeather

suruzan: Suruzan

TaberFFXI: Taber

taimajin: Sevyn

taintedblade: Kiyomori

Tati: Harmonia

Thecloudx: Thecloud, Thecloudx

Theevilhero: Theevilhero

TheTatonka: Nathan

tibwrcsbj: Tiburon

Tihm: Tihm

Torahja: Torahja

TorqueX: Tiria

Toxik: Toxik

Trisdale: Trisdale

Trivion: Trivion

Tsa: Tsa

Tsukinomahou: Tsukinomahou

Vial: Vial

viktur: Viktur

virgen: Vergin

vismaior: Maior

Vissin: Vissin

Volkai: Volkai, Shahtar

WizzleSnizzle: Trudat, WizzleSnizzle, Bizzoyce

Xenib: Xenib

XionnTheOne: Xionn

xThorennx: Thoren

YasimKazo: Octavio

ZoeiPhoenix: Zoei, Yuuya

The old thread:

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Edited, Nov 3rd 2006 at 11:33am PST by Pikko
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#2 May 25 2005 at 9:48 AM Rating: Decent
89 posts
I saw her in Qufim about 3-4 days ago... So she's still around in-game, anyway.
Neve ~*Lvl 75 Dragoon Princess!*~
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greetings from Phoenix!

#3 May 27 2005 at 9:12 AM Rating: Good
707 posts
<bump> just one last check.
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#4 May 27 2005 at 12:35 PM Rating: Good
707 posts
Wow! I got rated down for this thread.

I'm sorry guys. I guess I will take back my offer to keep the Master Character List updated. I thought the list was a cool idea. I thought everyone else did too.

I was disappointed that Althena seems to have left the boards and I wanted to continue the service to the Phoenix community, but I guess not. All I was doing was checking with her before I took any action because it really is her baby.

I assume I got rated down because you did not like my idea. Alright, I get your message and I'm sorry for wasting your time. I will recind my offer, and hope that she comes back someday to do it herself.

Edited, Fri May 27 13:42:26 2005 by Rolks
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#5 May 28 2005 at 6:27 PM Rating: Excellent
Sorry, I just got your PM Rolks.

I don't really have the time to hang around Alla very much anymore. I'd actually hoped that someone would be willing to pick up the torch for this list for some time now, but I'm glad it was you that volunteered.

I actually just copied EyesWideShut's format for the list from the old Phonix forum in Seoman's journal and just went from there. If you want I can PM you the whole list with formatting included so you don't have to redo what I already did. I'll be glad to do that when I get home so you can just paste it right into the first post of this thread.

Anyway, I'm leaving work now, I'll take care of that shortly.

BTW, I rated this thread up.

Edited, Sat May 28 19:31:05 2005 by LadyOfHolyDarkness
#6 May 28 2005 at 8:46 PM Rating: Excellent
Okay Rolks, I sent you the code, and I riddled it with about a thousand [[/b]b][/[b]b]s to make sure that you could just cut and paste directly from my PM without modifying anything, just like my old server forum lists from back in the day.

If any links on the list don't work properly for profiles listed on the old thread, I'm to blame for that. Sorry in advance, my eyes hurt after an hour of starting at Notepad but I did try to get it right.

Don't worry about ratings lol. I used to, but it never did me any good. I think you'd make a good replacement for me as you were very involved with the server forum project through the whole month-and-a-half post-war that actually won us these forums.

I also think the list is a good idea. Most do I think.

Edited, Sat May 28 21:52:38 2005 by LadyOfHolyDarkness
#7 May 31 2005 at 12:59 PM Rating: Good
707 posts
Just noticed this.

I was away for the Memorial Day weekend. I thank you Althena for letting me take up the torch from you. I'll go ahead and set up the post tomorrow. (I'm kind of swamped today at work.)

I'll also update the post with all the additions since Althena's last post.

Oh, and I normally don't worry about my ratings, but when I saw my post get rated down, I truly thought it was because people didn't like the idea. I didn't want to spam forum space with stuff people didn't want.
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#8 Jun 01 2005 at 8:06 PM Rating: Good
Looks good. There seem to be 2 places I erased a letter by accident at. Lilianaa needs an "n" in "link" and Penty needs another "t" in "http". This probably happened while I was ******** wiht the formatting before I realized that I could just hold down CTRL when pasting instead of tapping it repeatedly.

Also, if you put a space right after that link at the end, it won't mess it up when you edit the thread. Pushing Enter never seems to fix this, but a space seems to. I usually remove the "&num=XXXX" at the end of links within Alla too because they seem to mess up the links after you get a few pages of posts on the same thread, i.e. that 30,000+ post monster in my journal.

Hope this helps. :-) [black]

Edited, Wed Jun 1 21:12:10 2005 by LadyOfHolyDarkness
#9 Jun 01 2005 at 8:10 PM Rating: Decent
354 posts
EliteDW - Dragonwarrior

Back Baby!
Dragonwarrior - Phoenix
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First NA maxed blacksmithing in Phoenix
First to create Cursed Hauberk -1 in Phoenix

#10 Jun 05 2005 at 3:13 AM Rating: Decent
62 posts
Ferrick: Ferrick
#11 Jun 06 2005 at 10:08 AM Rating: Good
264 posts
Please check the link to my alla char versus the previous thread... there was a typo when you transferred the info over, so the link is pointing to the wrong place.
Neolirian / Level 75 RDM, BLU, BLM, PLD / Phoenix
Mission: San 10 Bas 10 Win 10 ZM done PM done LV done AU done WOTG 5 Assault First Lieutenant
Craft: LW 100 CC 60 Sm 60 Al 60 WW 60 GS 57 Bo 60 Co 60 Fi 16
#12 Jun 06 2005 at 12:00 PM Rating: Default
21 posts
Here is my character profile link:
CoP: Promyvion - Vahzl || Zilart: 14 Windurst: Rank 10 =D
Phoenix Server - Wings of Alexander
#13 Jun 06 2005 at 4:30 PM Rating: Decent
23 posts
Charachter's in sig
#14 Jun 07 2005 at 4:23 PM Rating: Good
11,630 posts
Built my character for the nice list you got there.
#15 Jun 08 2005 at 5:07 AM Rating: Decent
ok, so I do a similar thread and I get rated down and laughed at..

I'll never understand these forums.

I'm already on the list >"<
#16 Jun 08 2005 at 10:06 AM Rating: Good
707 posts
Updated to here.
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#17 Jun 08 2005 at 4:35 PM Rating: Decent
206 posts
Character name: Doranville
Doranville - Bastokan Hume Rank 2
#18 Jun 08 2005 at 5:05 PM Rating: Decent
103 posts
hey :)
my in-game name : Xionn
Xionn - Hume - Lvl 75 BLM / 37 WHM
#19 Jun 08 2005 at 7:48 PM Rating: Decent
74 posts
Character in sig.
#20 Jun 15 2005 at 10:10 AM Rating: Good
707 posts
Updated to here.
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#21 Jun 15 2005 at 10:23 AM Rating: Decent
57 posts
Celtic (75 monk) - Phoenix
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H2h = level 3

Melee set up

Evasion set up
#22 Jun 15 2005 at 1:34 PM Rating: Decent
340 posts
Y'missed me... not that such a thing is difficult to do.


Shahtar: and

Honestly, I'm not sure why my main only has one profile while my mule has two... but so it is.
"Don't take life too seriously, you can't get out of it alive." -Bugs Bunny

to be actually enjoying the game
#23 Jun 16 2005 at 9:49 AM Rating: Decent
215 posts
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#24 Jun 16 2005 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Emigea - Emigea

Edited, Thu Jun 23 12:23:17 2005 by Emigea
Emigea - Phoenix Server
DRG: Lv75
Alchemy: 69+2
#25 Jun 16 2005 at 10:30 AM Rating: Decent
149 posts

Hi there. This is a Cool idea.

Would you be so kind enough to please add my husband and me?

xThorennx > Thoren

Lambchops > Lambchops.

P.S.: Rate up Yay!
#26 Jun 18 2005 at 10:25 AM Rating: Decent
2 posts
EternalEnimga: Gryphin
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