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#1 Aug 26 2011 at 1:00 AM Rating: Decent

I have been back in game for three days. I played this game from NA launch until shortly after CoP hit, took a 6 year break, and then came back after playing WoW for the better half of the last year. In all this time I have never forgotten and compared every game since leaving, to FF11. The community, the difficulty, knowing that everyone knew their role in a party/alliance, etc. So I decided to come back. I got sick of the hacks in WoW, lvl 85s that couldn't play, couldn't figure out reputation, let alone raid. I activated my POL account and here I am.

Man was I in for a shock or what? Talk about setting yourself up for failure.

I have made a few posts before and I found a great linkshell that is really helpful and knowledgeable. They are slowly acclimating me to the evolution of this game. And so much has changed since CoP. Its unreal. The community is still great, but gameplay has changed so much. Now there is a watered down WoW version of kill quests, from books at that, to help you level. What happened to parties? I understand why the game adapted and adopted this system, so spare me the economics lesson. But I yearn for the xp parties, the dunes, and qufim, and jungles, etc. Yes it was horrible back then at times, but looking back it was so much fun, and the stories I have shared with other, older players are a riot.

Now this is coming from someone who has never experience Abyssea, or even the last 2 expansions, so grab your grain of salt. But in my opinion these changes are not for the better, or not what I was looking for when I came back. XP parties don't exist, most people have never heard of a renkei, let alone how to perform or burst one. Tanks don't exist (obviously they do but not in the traditional sense), DDs dont know how to manage hate, the tanks that do exist don't know how to use their CDs properly, etc. Now obviously I have not experienced all of these things, to some degree I have seen most of it in the few short days I have been back. Most of this has come from reading these forums the last few days. But when I party with a BLM in LaTheine and I tell him he died because you have to mitigate your hate with my provoke cooldown, he got offended and said he didn't need to worry about that, he had 2 lvl 90 jobs and was doing just fine. WTF? Ok..... so.... /wave /disband. One bad apple doesn't make a rotten orchard, as I am well aware, but you've got to be kidding me.

So I was told the old FFXI is dead, imagine this is a new game.
The problem is I just can't.

There are so many older players, and we all talk about the same things, how great it used to be. Yeah it's fun now, but its not the same, and there is nothing to be done about it.

Well I'm doing something about it.

I know this has been attempted before,however, I'm giving it a shot anyway.

There is a new LS on Phoenix. Relics of Vanadiel. And just as the name states, we are relics. Talking all new and old players that would like to play the game the old way. No abyssea leeching. LevelSync? Nope. Its all about the 6mans. Inefficient you say? Perhaps. More fun than opening coffers for hours, and then going back to let worms hit you while you level your shield skill because you are not skill capped? Quite probably. This does not mean that in my grand view of things there is no room for Abyssea? There is, but in its due time.

I'm primarily looking for people with alts or mules they want to mess around with and take a break from abyssea. Or if you have unleveled jobs, that works too. Or new players that would like to get a fuller experience than getting to 90 in 2 weeks and then running through rep quests in level 10 zones. It doesn't mean you have to be level 1 and no subjob. All I ask is that when you are in the LS take the "classic" route. Help people out, bring the 6man back to the dunes, Qufim, the jungles, Boyahda, etc. You don't have to make this your permanent home. By all means have 6 different LS's. There is only me in the LS thus far.

It is going to be slow going until enough people join, that are the same level range, so we can group up. And if its hard for you to wrap your head around, think of it as one big static Dynamis or Abyssea party, but with changing scenery every few hours/day or so. Also with the bonus xp you get from mobs now (100xp for an EP-- wtf?! It used to be 12! lol) the "grind will not be nearly as bad. Even still the 6man is not only about efficiency but community. If you are all successful and can have a good time, there is nothing better than a good party. I really believe this can become a reality, I am honestly surprised there is not an "old school" server. From all the people I have had conversations with, they all seemed willing to give it a shot, but were unwilling to get the ball rolling.

Again I haven't played in a long time, so there is much I do not know. But there are many things that I remember and can even teach. Currently I am in San D'Oria, and haven't even obtained my subjob quest yet, so travel may be difficult to get new members, but I can make due. If you are interested, or would like to help me get a temporary haven, or eventual permanent residence, from what is....come remember and experience what was. Send me a /t in game, name is Abbilynn, or pm me hear on Zam. Looking forward to hearing from people soon.

You can also send a /t ingame to Sirus

As always constructive comments are welcome, if you feel I am crazy for trying this, however, why waste your time posting and my time reading? Move along there is nothing for you here.

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You'll get used to it. I haven't played in over a year and I feel a bit overwhelmed myself. I have been in game about 3 days now. But this is my third return to the game and every-time it takes awhile before you get used to the changes. Hope you find a good home in game!
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Keeping your name in mind Abbilynn and will contact you when i get my new copy in the mail. Your presented ideals on how you are looking to experience the game appear to mesh well with my own. The main reason im buying an entirely new copy instead of dusting off the old toon is so that i can find a balance of acclimating, reliving, and ultimately expanding upon the gaming experience of memory.

Look forward to chatting with you more about this project.
#4 Sep 20 2011 at 1:57 PM Rating: Good
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i feel the same way about the old days although the game is still so much fun they have made it too easy trying to keep ppl playing

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The good old days... I miss em too. Where there were 4 parties in Yhoator Jungle and may the best puller win. Where there were 5 dead bodies at the lake and a bot fishing in Qufim Island. Where the dunes made you cringe and people seemed to unlearn how to play the game there.

Those were some good times and you aren't crazy. If I finally join back up, I'd join that LS. It's sad to think that there are a lot of lvl 90's that don't know how to play their job.
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