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An idea: Linkshell master listFollow

#52 Nov 18 2005 at 8:43 AM Rating: Decent
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like Lad said mostly bst ls but many have other jobs. o yea all those that wanna join plz do. and if your 68+ man will you have some fun times trying to kill tiamat. :)
Name: Kizersoza
Current LS: Pathlesstravelled,
<mule> Kizer
Server: Phoenix
BST: 74 Complete AF
Smn: 73 complet Af
Pup: 10 <my pup can kick ur blu's *** any day of the week>
Relic 3/6
Sub:RDM 48
next Job to 75 Pup!
other jobs:DRG 9, WAR5, THF 5, Brd 7, Blm 4, RNG 7, WHM 7, Nin 2
Zilart 14
CoP 2-3
#53 Nov 27 2005 at 4:45 PM Rating: Good
226 posts
---Linkshell Profile---
Name: IISecretIICollectII

J/E: English

Focus: Social Linkshell, Mainly a bunch of friends from a previous Linkshell, but now growing with new members joining all the time.

Events: Proms usually every Friday night, and various things thrown in through the week, no set routine really, just go with the flow.

Peak time: 24/7. With Members from America, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, We are pretty much lively all the time.

Age range: Currently 13 - 27

Level range: 1 – 75, highest we have at the moment is a 75 WHM, and the lowest is a level 5 WAR.

Nationality, race or job preference: Nil.

Last words: Secretcollect is just a group of peeps who help each other out, and have fun along the way. With our wide range of crafters in the linkshell, you are never far from someone who can craft something you need; anyone is welcome as long as they don’t upset the karma of the shell. To give the linkshell a trial, please /tell me or any of the sack holders in game and we will see who is closest to you.

Sack holders: Jinksko(Leader), Missmischief, Tunay, Iyaca, Babekeke, Kylie, Shunye, Tofupowered, Kearsyn, Felos.


Edited, Sun Nov 27 16:56:57 2005 by Jinksko

First English Person on Phoenix to have a Vista score of 5.0
#54 Dec 14 2005 at 9:40 PM Rating: Decent
181 posts
Beastmasters <--- Name of Linkshell
Acidod <--- Shell owner
Vetrebond <--- Sack holder

Well this is it. I have been in Peta>RoadLessTraveled>BeastOwnsAll Most of the BST I came up with are just doing their own thing, and while I don't dislike any of the newer members in BOA... now is just a good time to make my own LS as I've wanted to for awhile now. Aeroz best of luck to you, by no means is there any ill will towards your LS, and hopefully you'll feel the same. (not like we can MPK each other now anyway haha >_> )

So I'm looking for serious BSTs that want a yellow pearl. Open enrollment, no minimum level, no requirement to stop leveling any other jobs or anything at all silly like that.

I currently have one member, and myself. This is BRAND new as of 13 DEC 05.

There it is, I expect no one to jump ship and come to my LS, but am willing to accept anyone who does want to join.

Edited, Wed Dec 14 21:43:13 2005 by Acidod

#55 Jan 13 2006 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
3 posts
Name: PhoenixFlame
Website: none
J/E: English
Focus: Having fun and helping out
Events: Leveling, Quests, Missions, ect.
Peak Time: 10:00pm-10:00am pacific time
Ages: All ages
Levels: All levels
Sackholders: Galkafood, Smallsmiles, Bulont, Tweak, Mogmage, Mamoan
Requirements: None
Last Words: Have fun, help out others, and hey Vanadiel is our oyster, lets find the pearl ^^

#56 Jan 13 2006 at 1:28 PM Rating: Good
141 posts
Name: MithraPride - (yes, seperate from the .org site. We had our disagreements, to put it lightly).

J/E: English

Focus: Um, we have a focus? Lol. As the name says, we're an all-Mithra social LS, though we do still have events, normally every weekend, which anyone if free to try and organise if they want something putting on. A few of us RP, though the majority don't really.

Events: Recently, we've been focusing on Promys, though other popular events have been Garrisons and Windurst Eco-Warriors. Other things crack off, such as AF fights and NM hunts, though these are typically less organised.

Peak time: Lol, hard for me to say, as I'm in GMT and most members are US based ^^ Weekends from afternoon onwards are typically pretty active, though post-6pm EDT seems to be when things pick up. However, there's almost always a few people on, given that we have players based all over the world.

Age Range: Most members are post-16 I think, though some are younger. With regards to the most active, you're looking at 16-28.

Level range: All of them. We have people at lvl 75, just started a few days ago, and everything in-between.

Nationality, race, job preference: Windurst and Bastok Mithra only. While some members don't RP, the LS founder and some sack-holders do, and we're not big fans of the Oreo ^^ However, if you want to join and are from Sandy, change nationality and we'll have you. Any job is fine, though.

Last Words: Basically, we want people to get along and have fun. The people who fit-in best with the LS are those who help others, play for fun, and "play fair" - things like MPK, gil-buying, and botting are bannable offences, as are things like RL racism.
All that said, our rules are laid out to help people get along better. Our LS is here to help people make friends, and feel comfortable in the game, and enjoy it; and we seem to succed. We've had a fair few members admit that we've become their only Linkshell because of how awesome we are :D lol
Topics range over all kinds of stuff, and generally change quickly, both on in-game and out-game topics. If you want to get to know us, check out our website, especially the forums.

Leader: Chaoskitten
Sack-holders : Prrsha, Losfuin/Dooom, Chaoskitten, Finwich, Aadfiyyuna, Arcangel, Califlower, Silevran, Tinacat, Taz, Lanxing. Yeah, we're a pretty big LS when we're in full-flow.

edit - yes, Prr stepped down as leader.

edit2 - changed website link to our own, seperate forums.

Edited, Thu Feb 16 07:36:57 2006 by Losfuin

Edited, Fri Feb 24 22:13:00 2006 by Losfuin
Phoenix server

Dooom - thf 35, rdm 33, nin 32, war 20, fishing 26

Losfuin - Leather 58+1, Cloth 53, Gold 48+1, Cooking 29, Bone 24, Fishing 18
#57 Jan 17 2006 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
25 posts
Linkshell : Reunion
Shell holder : Linkganon
Requirements : LVL 60+
Just ask linkganon when hes on and he or a sackholder nearest you will assist you in geting a pearl.
looking for NIN WHM SAM or BLM mostly ATM
But an job over 60 is gladly excepted


Edited, Tue Jan 17 20:54:37 2006 by Roethlesberger

Edited, Tue Jan 17 21:00:13 2006 by Roethlesberger
#58 Jan 26 2006 at 4:14 PM Rating: Decent
56 posts

Edited, Jun 28th 2006 at 11:22pm EDT by Heavenguard
Server: Phoenix
Character: Heavenguard
#59 Jan 27 2006 at 8:55 AM Rating: Good
97 posts
Name: BrokenasIntended
Level:70+(prefer 70+ with Maat beaten, however we do accept 65+)
Req: Sky, Zilart and CoP expansions installed.
Leader: Miraun
Sackholders: Azraelus, Hawkhellfire, Nightwolfe, Debo

We are a newer HNMLS just getting our feet wet together as a group. It is a mixture of sky veterens and sky rookies. We have somewhat of a different view point. Rules and regs can be seen at the site above. Farming days are fluid, god days are not set yet.

Post on the site if interested and contact one of the leaders above for any questions.

Edited, Fri Jan 27 08:56:25 2006 by AzraelusTheElvaan

Edited, Fri Jan 27 08:57:20 2006 by AzraelusTheElvaan
~Phoenix Server~
DRK 75,COR 75,NIN 45,THF 40,WAR 41,RNG 37,WHM 37, SAM 18, BLM 18,MNK 20,DRG 22,RDM 11, others too low to matter.
Rank 10 Bastok Sky:Yes Sea:Yes TAU: LC
Skills: Cooking 86
#60 Mar 04 2006 at 8:21 PM Rating: Good
284 posts
Name: Rogue Company
Website: Rogue Company Homepage (Temporary)
J/E: English
Focus: Having fun, getting shiny items for people, challenging ourselves to better each other.
Events: ENM, Promy, BCNM, Garrison, etc...
Peak Time: Usually evening's in GMT
Ages: 15 - 30 ish.
Levels: 1 - 68 (level's aren't so big a problem to us)
Sackholders: Saeriel, Shenlong, Finndel, Stockyboy, Wembo
Requirements: To adventure willingly, be courteous, hardworking and have a good attitude and a willingness to learn (Having CoP/RoZ helps though).
Last Words: Come sign up to the forums, say hello, meet some new people. We're a funny bunch - mostly UK players with some Europeans and American's too. Job's are less important than attitude. We'll happily try anything new. Hope to see you in game.
~Taru Drg/Whm, Phoenix Server~
Rogue Company, Little Gamers, SoulKeeper, SNTA.
Probably hung over and farming in a Promyvion near you!
Labelled "developmentally delayed" by the forum thief/liar/troll known as Extarbags. I hope to God he shuts the fsck up now.
#61 Mar 07 2006 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
224 posts
Name: Knights of the Order
Languages: English players(mostly)
creation: PS2 release
Focus: Social LS does events for members of the linkshell work together no leeching lol.
Events: on the website
Age range: 15-30
Level range: any
current member count: 15+
Pearlsackers: Heejun, Juben, Slilia, Sinatin, Hakulei, Buckymac
Last word: Looking for active members to join trying to avoid having a member who has 7 other shells. If interested talk to a pearlsacker.

Edited, Sat Mar 11 13:45:49 2006 by Juben
Social Linkshell: Knights of the Order & OoA
HNMLS: JustPlay
Best picture ever: Check Juben lol
Chains of Promathia: Completed (including bahamut lol and form 2 lol) ^.^
Rank 10 San (not going to any other nation)
#62 May 17 2006 at 12:16 PM Rating: Decent
284 posts

SubligarModels has a new website:

DRK 4 Life. 75 for now.
Linkshell>>Subligarmodles will always be my home.
#63 Jun 23 2006 at 3:33 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Nakedman wrote:
My name: Stormweaver

LS: Lucky!

Leader's: Selan & Elexa
Sac holders: A lot of us!

Level Ranges: average is 50+

Type: This is a social LS with lots and lots of great people.

History: Lucky began as a 'static' party LS. Eventually, a lot of the static members were also Divinity LS members. At the close of Divinity, many members returned to Lucky. In addition, the majority of Divinity members also flowed into Lucky.

Demographics: People from all over the world! We have high level crafters, many 75 players, but most importantly, I would call this LS Family. This is a very developed LS with many events and people with multiple high level jobs. That said, the group is always willing to help people out.

Personal experience: I was in this LS and we did countless AF runs together (everyone helped me get mine too! never needed to beg), we have done all the Prom missions together, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Zilart missions are never a problem. I have developed many many good friends in this LS.

New Website Address
#64 Jun 23 2006 at 3:41 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
New summoner ls for doing 18 man avatar runs website at Astral Flow Jobs

Edited, Jun 23rd 2006 at 4:43am EDT by Fzidane

Edited, Jun 23rd 2006 at 4:44am EDT by Fzidane
#65 Jun 29 2006 at 2:07 PM Rating: Decent
16 posts

Owner: Shousha
Sack Holders: Tankk, Kenzukoshi, Juantaru (I think) <don't remember more>

Somos un LS de Boricuas, si estas interesado(a), envianos un /tell.

#66 Oct 30 2006 at 5:31 PM Rating: Default
117 posts

The Lights Templar have recently changed Leadership and, with that, have a new leader

Name: TheLightsTemplarRP

J/E: English

Focus: Roleplaying using our characters in the Vana'diel world. (We also have out-of-character chat, which we have tried to cut back on but will always happen in any linkshell. We have creative people who just have to let it out!)

Events: Usually at the end of the month, we have a big meeting somewhere, both Role-play and OOC. We also have a Team Speak server, which is a lot of fun.

Peak time: East coast mid-evening. It's usually pretty quiet by midnight West coast time. There is usually atleast one or two people on at any given time. We have members from several different countries.

Age range: middle school-some, high school-some, college-many, post-college-many

Level range: 20-75, generally. There are very few players of a very high level, but several are even below 30. For roleplaying, it can help to be in this range for the familiarity with the world and the storyline. We have just about every level imaginable.

Nationality, race or job preference: no preference

Members: There, at times, are 30+ people online at once. Usually 10-20. On ocasion, almost 50.

Founded: Original shell- 2004, PS2 release maybe? I wasn't there. New Shell- October 27, 2006

Last words: The last half of MMORPG is "Role Playing Game", and our goal is to give a creative option apart from the leveling, crafting, questing, and farming 'grinds'.

Sackholders: Bexb(Shell holder), Ranie, Joshuaa, Kayoto, Nadeau~ ( I know there are more, I will post the rest after I figure out who is who >.< Shell-swtiching chaos)


Edited, Oct 30th 2006 at 5:35pm PST by RanieOfPhoenix
White Mage 75 / Black Mage 71 / Summoner 42 / Ninja 37
San d'Oria Bastok Windurst
Three time Rank 10


#67 Feb 07 2007 at 7:44 PM Rating: Decent
28 posts
Could you add my LS to your list please?

Name: DragoonAlliance
Main Job: Dragoon
Info: Basically an all Dragoon LS where we help each other with AF's, general chat and advice, duoing or trioing and the occassional BCNM. Currently working on trying to do Assaults.

Leader: Tigerhawk (me)
Yes I'm a DRG/MNK. I'm happy with it, (and so are others) so stop telling me to change subs.

Leader of DragoonAlliance linkshell; Pheonix Server
#68 Feb 09 2007 at 1:47 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
My name: Stormweaver

LS: Lucky!

Leader's: Selan & Elexa
Sac holders: A lot of us!

Level Ranges: average is 50+

Type: This is a social LS with lots and lots of great people.

History: Lucky began as a 'static' party LS. Eventually, a lot of the static members were also Divinity LS members. At the close of Divinity, many members returned to Lucky. In addition, the majority of Divinity members also flowed into Lucky.

Demographics: People from all over the world! We have high level crafters, many 75 players, but most importantly, I would call this LS Family. This is a very developed LS with many events and people with multiple high level jobs. That said, the group is always willing to help people out.

Personal experience: I was in this LS and we did countless AF runs together (everyone helped me get mine too! never needed to beg), we have done all the Prom missions together, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Zilart missions are never a problem. I have developed many many good friends in this LS.

Website URL changed again to

Edited, Feb 9th 2007 4:48am by Selann
#69 Apr 02 2007 at 10:02 AM Rating: Default
43 posts

English, but Japanese and EU players are welcome!

Creating an alliance of Beastmasters on Phoenix. Completing missions/quests with fellow BSTs

None yet, the linkshell is new

All level BSTs are welcome!

Emiii, Rypervenche
#70 May 23 2007 at 10:30 AM Rating: Default
89 posts
KampfAnfang: (Fight Begins)

Leader: Sakaio

PvP LS - We aim to find true power not only are we incredibly strong individually but can band together as a group if need be. You are held to a very high level of etiquette and being a jackass in terms of rules of engagement will not be tolerated.

We currently have all four the the current known Job Kings; if anyone cares.
DRK, RDM, BLU, DRG. We would like others to step forward, there used to be nine, now only four, this is a problem considering there are 12+ jobs.

And have around 12-15 members.

Two rules:
Never interupt a 1 v 1 match for any circumstance.
Always fight with respect, never stoop to low standards.

Motto: "Go get your god gear and items so you can lose to me. It makes it all the sweeter."

We like killing sky sheep and Mithra: if you fall into either of these...prove me wrong.

All who stand shall be crushed, we do not tolerate weakness. Gott ist Tot.


Leader: Swizzle

Social LS


Edited, May 23rd 2007 2:44pm by Sakaio
Dark Knight Epitaph:
"Have I no control, is my soul not mine?
Am I not man, destiny defined?
Never to be ruled nor held to heel.
So why do I love when I still feel pain?
When does it end, when is my work done?
Not heaven or ****, just the land between."

"Sakaio the Sadistic" [Dark Knight King]
Bastokan Hume DRK75/XXX37
#71 May 23 2007 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
15 posts
There are two new Linkshells dont know who made them but I am in both the first is


and the second is

#72 Jul 19 2007 at 9:01 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts
Please add us!

--Linkshell Profile---

Name: The Koun Elite

J/E: English

Focus: Social/Event

Events: RoZ, CoP, ToAT, Rank missions, Artifact missions, Genki, Job Flags, Liga/Diorama Abdhaljs - Ghelsba/Purgonorgo Isle, NM cmping and so much more!

Peak time: EST 5pm-12am

Age range: 18 and up

Level range: 50-75

Nationality, race or job preference: no preference

Last words:
The Koun Elite is seeking members who want to be a part of our family and journey through Vana'diel together to help each other grow and obtain their ultimate goal.

We hope to build a good member base so that we can move on into Gods, Dynamis , Limbus, Salvage and Einherjar. By having people that are dedicated and wish to journey with us, these things will be easily obtained.

Sackholders: Sorik, Evangelo, Gregrowe, Tunay, Jaruka, Aithian and myself.

Website: The Koun
#73 Nov 02 2007 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Name: JustPlay
J/E: English
Events: Endgame Events such as Sea/Sky, Limbus, Salvage, Pop NM's
Peak Time: ~5pm EST - 12pm EST
Ages: Anything Mature is better
Levels: 75's
Sackholders: Envious, SoloDayz, Lujei, Illicit, Bessell
Requirements: 3-4 75 jobs, and Experience is recomended
Last Words: We highly focus on low man fights and pushing the boundries of whats possible in the game. We believe its no fun to fight something with safe or recomended numbers, but rather do it with much less.
.: Main Character(s) :.
Thief: 75(Retired)| Ninja: 75 | Warrior: 75 | Paladin: 75
Pheonix server
#74 Jan 25 2008 at 9:13 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts
Hello. would like to add "Ressurected" Endgame shell. Main Sky event. limbus. dynamis. Recently made it. CoLeader : Sweetbaby <can contect Sweetbaby for farther info> currently gathering members.
Will help do missions, such as ZM and CoP for members who joins the shell. hope these information will be added on LS info hehe.
LS site address will be updated soon. thank you ^^
#75 Jan 30 2008 at 8:05 AM Rating: Good
1,788 posts

Edited, Mar 12th 2008 1:29am by doomstress
Doomstress - Caitsith ~ Dead & buried

Rylie - 75 DNC/RDM/PLD - Phoenix ~ Also dead ;(
#76 Feb 10 2008 at 12:14 AM Rating: Decent
1 post
MALVIBROSOS , phoenix's only hispanic ls
#77 Apr 01 2008 at 2:30 PM Rating: Good
142 posts
---Linkshell Profile---
Name: KnightsOfVirtue

J/E: English

Focus: Strategy/Social/Events using our characters in the Vana'diel world.

Events: Missions and currently working on COP

Peak time: Weekends and late afternoons EST

Age range: Varies

Level range: 30-75

Nationality, race or job preference: No preference

Last words: Each member plays an important role in the evolution of this linkshell. In turn, each one of you are an important asset. Whether you are just starting out, or have been a level 75, we are all equals and approachable. Afterall, we are the "Knights of Virtue" One for all, and all for one!

Sackholders: Horien, Shumanoma, Titanium

Websites: (look for knightsofvirtue)

Edited, Apr 1st 2008 3:32pm by EvlSmily

Edited, Apr 1st 2008 4:28pm by EvlSmily

Edited, Jun 14th 2009 2:25pm by EvlSmily

Edited, Jun 14th 2009 2:27pm by EvlSmily
"Do not Follow where the path may lead - go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
---Ralph Waldo Emerson
Horien-Phoenix Server
PLD (Elvaan)
LS: KnightsOfVirtue (KOV)
In Progress: {THF-65}
#78 Nov 06 2008 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
154 posts
The Lights Templar is no more.
I walk the line between the light and the dark, I am a Warrior.
Never lose the light of hope, for without hope there is no life.
Meckruco- current as of 7/17/10

Semper Fi
#79 Mar 28 2009 at 10:42 AM Rating: Good
410 posts
Name: Teddybears
Website: [Temp]
J/E: English
Events: Social, NM hunting (casual), Rank Missions, etc
Peak Time: It varies! We are based on GMT, but were pretty relaxed. ^^
Ages: Anything really, as long as your not an idiot.
Levels: Any.
Sackholders: Xandora, Findecano, Bollo, Shizuha, Mitsukilatem, Asmochan
Requirements: A friendly attitude
Last Words: This is a social LS - a group of friends playing together. If you feel thats what you want from Vana'diel, feel free to find one of us. We were previously MoogleAssassins, but after a long LoA, were back as Teddybears. ^^

Edited, Mar 28th 2009 6:43pm by Xandy
Xandora ~ Phoenix ~ Teddybears
Sandy 9 - ZM14 - CoP 3.5 - ToAU29 - WOTG~
Merit: WHM 75
Leveling: BRD 25
Findecano {mine} | {blog}
#80 Aug 07 2010 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
Just a LS for the few italian players of the server. If you're italian and unluckily joined this server, feel free to send a /tell to Sehachan or Freynebord. Anyone accepted, no discrimination of job, level and whatnot!
If cats could talk...they wouldn't.
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