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An idea: Linkshell master listFollow

#1 Mar 07 2005 at 1:11 AM Rating: Excellent
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Add your linkshell now!
* I've been out of town a lot so I won't be updating this top post often. I put the names of the new entries in the list without links and deleted all the old broken links.


Toxik Avengers






(ChocoboExpress - RIP?)





Shadow warriors

















Moogle's Workshop


There's a thread with some other linkshell websites that I don't have. If it falls off the front page, here's a link.
Linkshell Websites
Thanks for the sticky-ness, I won't let the Phoenix people down! I'll update this header post when I can with the LS name and website link for now. I'll keep them in the order that they are on the thread, so that you can find the detailed post more easily. Please help me and everyone else by keeping this thread clear of extra posts. If you think there should be a correction in one of the linkshell entries, message the person so they can edit their entry (instead of making your own entry). On a related note, if you have a suggestion for the information included in this header post, you can message me. Represent your linkshell on the one and only phoenix sticky!
(My original post)
When I glance over the topics on the message board these days, I think a lot of people are trying to find a linkshell that meets their specific needs. There also seem to be a lot of linkshells that people on the outside might have trouble distinguishing between.

Instead of a topic like those we've seen before: "Which is the best linkshell?" I propose that we could have a linkshell master list so that people who are already in a linkshell can reflect on what their linkshell's focus or atmosphere is, ideally in a sort of objective way. I think this would help people find a linkshell that they really click with, and perhaps distinguish between some of the linkshells that are out there.

I don't know if I'd have the kind of time to manage such a project, but I'd be willing to try unless someone wants to take it over. Please leave your feedback, if you think this would be a helpful venture.

Lastly, I hope that this is not redundant. If a thread already exists for this purpose, I apologize. I couldn't find it.

I'll try to give a profile of the linkshell I use the most, TheLightsTemplar, as a template to show what kinds of things I have in mind for an informational linkshell profile.

---Linkshell Profile---
Name: TheLightsTemplar

J/E: English

Focus: Roleplaying using our characters in the Vana'diel world. (We also have out-of-character chat, which we have tried to cut back on but will always happen in any linkshell. We have creative people who just have to let it out!)

Events: Recently, we have had Promyvion runs on Saturday nights but we have gotten together in the past for roleplaying hangout events.

Peak time: East coast mid-evening. It's usually pretty quiet by midnight West coast time.

Age range: middle school-few, high school-some, college-many, post-college-many

Level range: 30-60, generally. There are very few players of a very high level, but several are even below 30. For roleplaying, it can help to be in this range for the familiarity with the world and the storyline.

Nationality, race or job preference: no preference

Last words: The last half of MMORPG is "Role Playing Game", and our goal is to give a creative option apart from the leveling, crafting, questing, and farming 'grinds'.

Sackholders: Aiora, Arieanna, Sandalwood, Vivec, Tamara, Leilani, Lurial, Raelin, Kaliv, Jaenelle, Nyris, Lasarde, Doranville, Hilkiah (there may be a few more)


(To the templar who read this, I tried to be objective! Sorry if you don't quite agree.)

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#2 Mar 08 2005 at 9:15 AM Rating: Good
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I think a thread like this deserves a sticky. Similar threads have been started, but one called a "Master List" is long overdue.

Name: Avengers
J/E: English
Focus: Camaraderie, helping each other to excel everyday
Events: BCNM, Promathia missions, Zilart missions, Artifact Quests, etc
Peak Time: ~7pm EST - ~1am EST weekdays, all day weekends
Ages: Approximately 14 - 45
Levels: Click Here
Sackholders: Ganiman, Rickshaw, Dragonesti, Tihm, Mierin, Verbal
Requirements: Click Here
Last Words: We try to stress friendship in our linkshell. We're family in this game. We want to get to know who you are before you join, which is why we require 50 posts before considering membership. Most members are very close knit. You really get out of this linkshell whatever you put into it. Everyone is willing to help each other at the drop of a hat. We're solid. {Um...} Ain't no one gonna break my stride, ain't no one gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on moving... (o.O)
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Toxik Avengers

Website with a link to an off-site forum.

English, but Japanese and European are welcome. We have members in the Philippines, England and Sweden.

Friendship and camaraderie, passing around expensive items necessary for quests, linkshell static party, missions and mission/rank help, leveling together (non-static), crafting support (sending extra unneeded recipe items to people who are leveling their crafts).

Weekly static party and irregular meetings. Promyvion missions and BCNM coming soon.

Peak Time
7 pm CT to 11 pm CT. Most members are in the Central and Eastern time zones.

Approximately 16-42

Mostly mid-30s through mid-60s, some low level/newer players

Toxik, Smileyface, Nila, Xandro, Knarf, Dragonsoul, Hecktor, Arieanna, Jilan, Huggywuggy, Spotcat, Troz

Party with a sackholder. If we like you and you like us, you're in. We prefer (at least mostly) full-time members only. Why join a linkshell if you're not going to be on it?^^

The majority of characters are from San d'Oria, but this isn't a necessity.

Last Words
We are a close-knit group that stuck it out through a lean time in the linkshell and came through it tighter and better than before. We are not interested in linkshell drama; we're just a bunch of online friends hanging out and helping each other through the game. We also have several married couples and most of the rest of us are married to non-playing spouses. If you want to have fun in a helpful, friendly, mature linkshell, check us out.

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AF 1 [X]

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#4 Mar 08 2005 at 11:09 AM Rating: Decent
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---Linkshell Profile---
Name: Tiamat's Fangs

J/E: English

Focus: Having a good time together, helping each other advance through the game, sharing successes and failures, going on quests and missions together, crafting, educating new players, educating ourselves.

Events: We don't have lots of events. If you're looking for a linkshell that does events all the time, we are not for you. We just can't seem to get them organized well. We are working on the CoP missions together. They mostly happen on Sunday afteroons/mornings. We try to get people through the quests and rank missions as needed. Since some of us are getting into the higher levels, this is often done in small groups, rather than as a linkshell anymore.

Peak time: If you get on any time during the NA day, you will likely find a several people online due to our European and college-aged members. We have lots of people on in the evening though.

Age range: I'm uncertain. I don't usually ask. If you really want to know the ages of our most dedicated members, check their profiles on our website forum.

Level range: 1-75

Nationality, race or job preference: No preference, but we have few to no Windurst citizens. The running gag is that we're all from Bast'oria.

Last words: We are not a chat room. We're like a family. Like a family, sometimes we will talk or hang out together and then sometimes we go off and do our own thing. While we like to talk to each other, it can be very quiet sometimes. I like it. I think most of the other members like it. A few don't. Like a family, we sometimes argue too, but we work through our problems unlike in some linkshells.

We don't have any of the middle school-esque chat room behavior that will drive some people away from linkshells. Consistent raunchy talk and behavior is not tolerated. We tend to be more mature. Of course, since all of us are consenting adults or older teenagers the conversation topics can get off-color, but it usually doesn't last long. If you're tired of listening to childish people using foul language and talking about *** just because they can without getting caught by their mommys and daddys, we're probably what you're looking for.

Sackholders: Techno, Trysta, Jillia, and Margulis. You can, however, contact any of our members in order to get a pearl. As long as I am online, temporary pearlsacks will be given to any member so that a pearl can be delivered to you.


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#5 Mar 08 2005 at 4:08 PM Rating: Good
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I got us a sticky!
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#6 Mar 08 2005 at 4:55 PM Rating: Good
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---Linkshell Profile---
Name: MaximumMonkey

J/E: English

Focus: All around fun, semi event driven

Events: Promyvion(s), BCNMs (mostly BCNM 40), Missions, Future events planned include Ballista Matches and JSE hunts.

Peak time: most members are PST

Age range: 20-30... there are a few exceptions our youngest members is around 16 our oldest is 38, but most fall in the area of 20-30.

Level range: A majority of our members are 40-60, but anyone can join.

Nationality, race or job preference: no preference

Last words: What good is a game if your not having fun?

Sackholders: Riloth, Raza, Dydo, Fatbox, Orlia, Kumag (thats all i can remember ATM)

Website: Pending
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Age range: 20-30... there are a few exceptions our youngest members is around 16 our oldest is 38, but most fall in the area of 20-30.

Hey! I'm only 37. And I'm a sackholder. :-P

Respect your elders! ;-)
I no longer visit Allakhazam, due to their new gil-selling ownership.
#9 Mar 08 2005 at 10:15 PM Rating: Decent
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Name: littleGamers

J/E: English (I say again, no more swedish or belgian in LS-chat)


Focus: The linkshell is a fanshell for the littleGamers online-comic.

Peak time: Unknown, both NA, EU and others are in the LS causing us to have people online at most hours.

Age-range: 15-35ish

Level-range: 1-75

Nationality, race or job preference: None.

LS-leader: Mrmadsen who creates the comic (>.<)b

Sackholders: Garkin, Naku, Tillaert, Phoenixfireclaw, Claymoore, Damar and people i forget who will kill me later.

Last words: We are an LS in flux, we always take in new members with the only demand (usually from me) that they read our forums (and naturally enjoy the comic :P) We talk a lot of BS and have a lot of fun.
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#10 Mar 10 2005 at 6:41 AM Rating: Decent
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Name: Triforce (Triforce Linkshell)
J/E: English
Focus: Helping each other out. Light Tradeskill assitance for starting off.
Events: Previously> Stunt in Jueno; Linkshell mass sucide(lmao). Upcoming> Chocobo Race.
Peak Time: evening east coast
Ages: mainly college players
Levels: not considered
Sackholders: Active> Reihned, Amelyssan, Phedre, Isaii, Clarissa, Sigue(dont remeber if i upgraded him) Inactive> Diebold, Geol, Trueheart, Immortaldonut, Chaoslegacy,
Requirements: none
Last Words: Our goal is to help each other, and other people out, as much as we can.
as well as take over the world <_<
We are as friendly as bob from the "male enhancement" commecials, although not in that way mind you. Of course we have our quirks, some of us arent exactly mentally stable, but we are capable.
Some of our conversations range fromt he completely absurd, to the unsually perverted(in a light, humorous manner), to discussions on tactics and reccomendations. However, it tends to be quiet when people are busy... unless I'm there <_<
We also have programs to assist up and coming crafters in need to gil assitance in order to skillup and beocme masters.
thanks ^^
#11 Mar 14 2005 at 10:17 PM Rating: Good
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Orange Sherbert!

English mainly, though we have several players studying Japanese!


The main goal of the LS has always been friendship and helping members get through their various quests and missions, with a noted intent to address issues maturely in a way that will foster a drama-free LS.

In the past, primarily helping with AF, Missions, BCNM, Promyvion, etc. We're currently trying to get weekly ENM runs going and start doing some Garrisons and maybe Expeditionary Forces.

Peak Time
Peak time is around 6pm PST, since we have a pretty even mix of EST and PST players, and some folks inbetween. :)

Age Range
Currently I think the active player base is 20-30, but if you count all of our members who stop by from time to time, it's more like 16-38.

Level Range
20-75. Given that we don't have level requirements on joining, new people still do occasionally join and the lowest is currently around 20. That said, the majority of the LS members are in the 50's to low 60's.

No nation, job or race preferred. We have repeatedly gone out of our way to level up the appropriate jobs to fill in the gaps when possible. Of course, as a result of that we have a ton of mages but barely any tanks, but that's okay because they are all great people.^^

Active Sackholders
Plusx, Lowbaud, Aimyr, Stollio, Moozie, Curslatr, Artorus, Puruu, Cravy, Chyme, Suji.

Last words
We're an LS that's been around for over a year now, we've been through the ups and downs and we're a family. That said, we're now looking to expand a little and begin to take on more events with the addition of some new enthusiastic and skilled recruits. If this sounds interesting to you, let us know and we can talk about recruitment possibilities!

Suji @ Phoenix
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#12 Mar 16 2005 at 12:45 PM Rating: Good
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This LS needs some more people: Revive one of the oldest LSs on pheonix!

LS: Chocoboexpress
J/E: English, but english speaking JP are welcome, too!
Focus: To help all LS members, and to respect the wishes of all members of the shell. Free speech is practiced, but others opinions are respected too.
Events: Not anything right now, we hope to get some started soon! ><;
Peak time: There isn't one. We had a recent split, and had to reform. If I had to guess, I'd say nightimes.
Age range: All ages are welcome. We seem to have mostly 18 - 20-somethings though.
Level range: All levels are welcome, but there is a difference between newbs and n00bs. Guess which one we don't want. ;p
Nationality: We are mostly bastokan, but we are in a period of free admittance til our numbers go back up.
Sackholders: Can't remember any other than Nummy and the current LS leader, Tetra. My apologies to anyone who got missed! (><;)
Last words: This LS has been here since Day 1 of the U.S. release, and deserves to stay online. Help us out! ^^;
Website: [][/link]- For forums and character info right now.

Thanks for listening! (^^)b
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Kiyokatsu wrote:

Let's try a blog again.
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My name: Stormweaver

LS: Lucky!

Leader's: Selan & Elexa
Sac holders: A lot of us!

Level Ranges: average is 50+

Type: This is a social LS with lots and lots of great people.

History: Lucky began as a 'static' party LS. Eventually, a lot of the static members were also Divinity LS members. At the close of Divinity, many members returned to Lucky. In addition, the majority of Divinity members also flowed into Lucky.

Demographics: People from all over the world! We have high level crafters, many 75 players, but most importantly, I would call this LS Family. This is a very developed LS with many events and people with multiple high level jobs. That said, the group is always willing to help people out.

Personal experience: I was in this LS and we did countless AF runs together (everyone helped me get mine too! never needed to beg), we have done all the Prom missions together, and we have a lot of fun doing it. Zilart missions are never a problem. I have developed many many good friends in this LS.
#14 Mar 23 2005 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Name: Einherjar
Website: Einherjar Linkshell Website - Being created by Kudouusagi (still in developement).
J/E: Mostly north American players, but a few from all around the world. Good mix of culture, but everyone speaks english.
Focus: We don't have a specific focus. We are good friends, so our main focus is helping eachother and just chatting.
Events: Nothing organized. Someone will occasionally suggest something.
Peak time: Late afternoon through the evening.
Age range: Mostly 15-25 years old.
Level range: We have members LV1 through LV75.
Requirements: Must be a loyal and trustworthy friend.

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#15 Mar 30 2005 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
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LS: Family
Requirement: being a cool person and good player. (i hate flamers)
all lvls are welcomed, sackholders are ppl who have
been cool and stuck around!
LS Motto: have fun!
also at

Thanks reih for letting us use your forums!

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Name: TheUsualSuspects

J/E: English only so far, but, wouldn't mind any JP

Focus: Honestly, we're all just pretty much family. You can feel free to talk about any/every thing you want. Mostly, we're like a chat room, but help out with each other when we can, that's not an issue. We have enough people with enough jobs and lvls to do so.

Events: Whatever is talked about, nothing particular.

Peak Time: I'd have to say mostly in the Afternoon EST.

Age Range: I think we are 15-40+ (not exactly sure how old our oldest member is).

Level Range: hmmm, I don't know what our lowest lvl member's main is, but, I'd have to assume 40-75.

Nationality: All

Last Words: I love these guys. I've been in this LS since I was a lvl 19rdm/no subjob. If you're just looking for a place to chat, and get thing done casually (not demanding), then, this LS is for you, ^^.

Sack Holders: There's lots of them (I'm one of them), Silvermane (the one who recruited me, ^^), Sparky, Aurina, Neolirian, Bubbz, etc... (there's really are a lot).


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Name: Shadow warriors
Website: on getting a new address)
J/E: English
Focus: Just helping each other out.
Events: Missions and the occasional random event
Peak Time: 3-7 PM american time.
Ages: Approximately 13 - 45
Levels: any
Sackholders: Jameznoble, Draven, Sevir and Valkirion (there are more but we are the main ones.
Requirements: None really just /tell a sack holder and if its not too far out of the way well try to give you one.
Last Words: In this LS we just relax and help each other. We are all friendly and try to help as much as possible.
#18 Apr 13 2005 at 11:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Chocoboexpress is nearly dead. Extremely sad. ;.;
Please rid the link from the OP.

Got another site though. The 1st (and best) LS I've been on! :D

Name: Ironmusketeers

J/E: Mostly english, a couple people can speak Japanese(I am not one of them. -.-).

Focus: Simply to help others out and engage in general goof-offiness.

Events: In the past we had promy runs, but ENMs seem to be regularly scheduled now. Eco-warriors will be soon as well.

Peak Time: Almost all of us are PDT, so west coast prime time is almost always active. (Curse my EST! ><)

Ages: Mostly high-school and collage students. We have a few grownup members, though. (Married, kids, etc.)

Level range: Not counting mules on the LS, we have levels from 1-75. A few of us are 60+, while some others are stuck in the 50s. We have one 75. He calls himself the Dynamis ho. (Just a joke, Ric! :p)

Prefenences: We are mostly bastokan, but will probably accept some sandy and windy players. (Our 75 THF was Sandy only until Bastok got Sarutabaruta.)

Last words: NO DRAMA. 'Nuff said. (As in we don't have it, or want it.)

Sackholders: Very large list of them. Just find them under the membership section of our site.

The only LS I have ever called home. Sign up today! ^.^
Donomni Rank 10 Bastok {Hello!} (*' ')/
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LS: TrueDevotion
HNMLS: Valour
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FFXI is eXtreeeeeme.

World of Warcraft was like "SLOOOOW DOOOOWN" and FF was like "F*CK YOU!" and kicked them in the face with their PANDEMONIUM LEGS
Kiyokatsu wrote:

Let's try a blog again.
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Name: Crisis

J/E: English

Focus: We're a VERY brand new linkshell, as in, just bought it an hour ago. Our focus is on everyone having fun, and establishing ourselves as a linkshell of good players. Not only that, we will have many events coming up in the future, as our ranks begin to start coming in.

Events: Events that will fall into planning as more members come in: Garrisons, Promyvions, Static Parties, etc.

Peak time: Seeing as how we have two members right now, our peak time is whenever one or both of us are on. However, as of 11:30 tonight, our members will increase, all being made pearlsack holders, thus allowing our numbers to swell.

Age range: I honestly think that we'll have a nice variation.

Level range: Any levels are allowed. We don't discriminate. Although, our pearlsack holders will be focusing on our S.P. in Valkurm.

Nationality, race or job preference: Nyet!

Last words: A new linkshell we are, yes. Very new. But that doesn't mean it can't work. As the shell holder, I'm very committed to making Crisis a wonderful LS.

Sackholders: Doranville (Shell-holder), Toshimasa, Shiboo/Slydie, Mmage, Rubicante, Gatuau

Website: (Our forum until we get a formal website up and running.)
Doranville - Bastokan Hume Rank 2
#20 May 15 2005 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Linkshell - MadCapsules

Small friendly linkshell, always on the look out for people in need of a hand! If you're interested in joining /sea Shifta or Deband and send us a /tell. Alternatively, post on our forum and let us know when you'll be on. ^^

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#21 May 17 2005 at 4:13 AM Rating: Decent
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Name: Rocksteady
J/E: English
Focus: Camaraderie, helping each other everyday
Events: Artifact Quests, CoP, Rank, and general Quests as well as events such as Level 1 Naked Footraces, Hide & Go Seek, Fastest Typer, Fashion Show, Name That Show, and a combination of all of these events in one day entitled Questapalooza celebrated every so often with massive gil given away.
Peak Time: Weekends
Ages: Various
Levels: Minimum of 30 & Rank 3 required, with majority of members 50+
Sackholders: Joeyc, Juggalo, Kintix, Kowai, Mojo, Ragnus, and Xilfarth
Requirements: Rank 3 and one job at minimum of 30
Last Words: Help if you can and you will be helped. Enjoy our companionship and you will never be alone.
~ Juggalo ~
Phoenix server
AIM: Hubsch 2016
#22 May 17 2005 at 5:06 AM Rating: Default
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Name: BobsTattooShop
J/E: Both
Focus: The linkshell itself was designed as a place for company while spending long hours trying to fit linen cloth and dragon skulls in a crystal. BobsTattooShop [ Crafting Linkshell of Phoenix Server ] offers a place for things like advice and guidence, trading, special orders, discount materials; you get the idea.
Events: Pffft, 3hr windows at the Incredibly Tough Guildshop!
Levels: Lv1 - 75?
Sackholders: Still working on that, so far there is myself, Bea and Delync
Requirments: Any craft at least lv40 or Fishing at least Lv25
Last Words: BobsTattooShop 0wnz ur m0m.
Bea o_o-b
#23 May 18 2005 at 4:10 PM Rating: Decent
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OBSOLETE linkshell's demographics

LS leader: haha me :P

Number of members: 50 And total number counted in the shell at once is 25

Language: English primarily, tho someone keeps saying buttered meat in spanish >.>

Lvl range: mule - 75 lol

Nation: Primarily Windurst, tho we do hail all nations.

Race: Primarily hume, but we do cover them all.

Gender: Male, but I can count over 13 ladies! Go us!

Age: Well haha, me thinks 20-50? >.>;

Rank range: 4-10 the last time I checked Q_Q; We're trying lol.

Goals: We're a social ls, but we do try to tackle everything members need: af, skill ups, rare/ex items, rank, avatars, assault, ect.

Job ranges: We're swimming in whms, war, blm and sams o_O. All other jobs even out, except brd o_o

Peak times: I have been totally surprised at this. I've seen a large cluster of us on before noon and a large cluster starting in after dinner. We do have our slow days, mostly cause we now have quite a few that drift in and out of hnm's. All NA time zones included and a few in JP time.

Crafters: ranging 20's - 90's range. Highest known in 90's are Cooking and Cloth

Events: Monday nights are our weekly scheduled event nights.

Sackholders: Moongoddess, Chasan, Gacku, Studboy. Sacks are given to those who portray leadership, responcibility and love for their linkshell!!

Last remark: (Giant Donko) >_>

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Einherjar has a website now!

{Hello!} Camigwen!

Good evening gentlemen!
All your base are belong to us.
You have no chance to survive make your time!

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#25 May 23 2005 at 12:04 PM Rating: Good
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Nicest wrote:

We've had 3 or 4 websites... the picture page above was about the most exciting thing going at the time of Nicest's post, but lately we've had a pretty active forum page that Purplenv set up here:

Edit: Hmm... there is apparently a catastrophic bug when you end posts with a URL. This text has been added to prevent the corruption error that occurred 1 day after I made this post.

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Name: Atropos
Primary Language: English
Focus: Social linkshell, where we're more family than friends.
Events: None, just a social ls.
Peak Times: Noon to 2 AM PST
Age Range: 12-45
Level Range: 10-75
Sackholders: Aurea, Garrion, Tasmyn, Revanindoril
Entry Requirements: Survive our interview, and genuine interest in joining our LS always helps.
Comments: Fairly new linkshell, just getting events started. We have sister linkshells Clotho and Lachesis for when we get bigger. Clotho serves as leadership linkshell atm, and Lachesis will be our HNMLS. Later Clotho will be our event linkshell.

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Name: ShirtNinjas

Primary Language: English

Focus: Fun, Social, Weekly Events. Not a HNMLS. Did I mention fun and weirdness?

Events: Weekly Garrison/Eco runs, Missions.

Peak Times: EST, CST, PST

Age Range: 0.25-102 :D

Level Range: 40-70

Sackholders: We have sack holders?

Entry Requirements: No asshats.
The ability to spell and form coherent sentences is a LS requirement

Comments: Official Real Life Linkshell on Phoenix ( )
LS has been active since November 2nd, 2003



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Name: ShirtNinjaTravelAgency (SNTravelAgency)

Primary Language: English

Focus: Fun, Social, Weekly Events. Not a HNMLS. Helping lowbies and newbies 'cause we're nice peoples.

Events: Weekly Garrison/Eco runs, Missions.

Peak Times: EST, CST, PST

Age Range: 8 - "I don't know." o.o

Level Range: 1-75

Sackholders: An elite task force of... oh, wait nevermind.

Entry Requirements: No asshats. The want and will to help, regardless of reward or not, just to know that you're a better person than those asshat-ish elitists out there.

Comments: An Official Real Life Linkshell on Phoenix ( ) and the official Linkshell of The Unoriginal Comic(
LS has been active since mid-November 2003 and is official by word of Greg Dean.


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wtf, half of the links won't work!?
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Name: PancakesAndSyrup
Primary Language: English

Focus: Social and Fun
Events: You get to talk to me!

Peak Times: The cable guy is coming between noon and 10pm central

Age Range: 21 Mental Age Range 13

Level Range: 75 to 52

Sackholders: Maple Syrup, Boysenberry

Entry Requirements: Idiots and un-sane people, must be able to talk through their fingers

Comments: If you love my body and you think i'm sexi, send me all your jokes and gil


PS. this LS is real^^

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Name: SecretCollect


J/E: Whatever.

Focus: We've been around almost since the NA PC release, though never a large or well-known linkshell. We're mostly a social linkshell, but we like to help each other out and do various events.

Events: Planning on frequent Ballista matches and Expeditionary Forces(Windurst).

Peak time: Seems to be on Sundays in the morning and afternoon.

Age range: I really don't know. It's a fairly wide range though.

Level range: 1-75

Last words: Have a good day.
Shiinpu is a tarutaru from Phoenix!
he has a RDM at 75 but is currently on hiatus.
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Linkshell: The <PurpleDragonKnights>
Leader: Me, Khail. ^^

Preferences: None

Lvl Range: all lvls

Peak Hours: Late afternoon to Late Night, basically when most of the American members get off of work or out of school. (Summer not included!)

Veteren characters: Khail Elv<22DRG/11WAR>-Me ^^
Tremaa Hum<31THF/15NIN>-Buddy from a past LS.
Mariaa Hum<43WHM/21BLM>-Tremaa's Wife
Luttenio Hum<27SAM/13WAR>
Elbereth Hum<32WHM/16BLM>
Clanyos Elv<28PLD/14WAR>

Purpose: To help players and offer advice on finaces, partying ettiquete, and Job features.

No website built yet. Not a computer wiz. :P.

We're getting much bigger thanks to our Saturday Night Garisson Linkshell Event. ^^ Pretty much doubled in size as compared to last month.

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Our New Web Site! PurpleDragonKnights
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For whatever reason, the second link to the TUS website didn't work, hopefully it will this time:

Sorry about that, delete that old second one though, thanks.
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---Linkshell Profile---
Name: Ransom

J/E/S: English, Spanish

Focus: Chat, quests, missions, etc. A good place to hang out and there are always members willing to help with what is needed.

Events: Nothing set in stone, but we have farmed Vahzl, for keys, Promyvion, and other places, gotten AF, gone on BCNM runs, done missions and quests, and leveled together many times.

Peak time: East coast mid-evening, some early morning.

Age range: Mostly 20-30 with a few younger players.

Level range: 30-70+ Most members are between 50-60, many have multiple jobs above 40.

Nationality, race or job preference: no preference

Sackholders: Regulator, Lecan, Vicius, Sanza, and a few others.
How to Heal: Keep healing until everyone is either dead and blaming you, or the boss is dead.
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Name: versestyle
J/E/S: English players(small amount of them), Japanse (7/11) all of them speak english good.
Focus: Battles or event battles with no high lvls. Example doing the avatars with just lvl 60s. Doing genkai 1 with a party of 6 (50s) and genkai II with 6~12 (55). The goal is to find the talent of the player and ability to communicate and work together without asking for high lvl help.
Events: Next event is zilart 8 party party minimum lvl is 60 max is 65. We do events once a week or email one another.
Time: we email each other and plan around people's jobs.
Age range: 18-24
Level range: any
current member count: (>o<) 11
Last words: we lost our leader and half our former members to hades. We are a recovering LS.
75 Drg, Smn, Pld, Drk
8/8(cookie cutter 75s Whm/brd/rng/Blm/war/nin/rdm/sam)
Bahamut Staff: O (as of 9/20/06 ty RedCross)
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HydraCorps : Dynamis Linkshell

SAM 75 RNG 75 NIN 37 THF 48 WAR 37

3/5 Shura, 2/5 Crimson, 4/5 Tu'Lia Gods Gear, 2/5 Samurai AF2, 1/5 Ranger AF2

Phoenix Server
LS : HydraCorps (Founder)

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Name: Clan of the Angry Monkey (Sometimes ClanAM)


J/E: English

Focus: Started out really as a group of friends, still is today, but we do like to help clan members out. We have several great guides on our site including ones for NM hunting, Gardening, and getting your RSE.

Events: Quests, Missions, Garrisons. Soon Promathia missions (we have a severe lack of SMNs)

Peak Time: Varies. Usually evenings from 5pm EST to 1am EST. We have people that play at all different times though.

Ages: Approximately 12 - 45

Levels: Any

Sackholders: Maior, Meretrix, Raytien, Thersities, Drifter, Craigshin, Droopy, and some others.

Requirements: Be invited by one of the sackholders and don't abuse people in the clan (you'll get kicked pretty quickly if you do).

Last Words:

We've been around for over a year now, and we've had some ups and downs. We have plenty of members for lots of different activities, our biggest problem (as is every other LS's I've talked to) is organizing things (in the past, I've been one of the primary ones organizing events... but between my job and my new marriage, I just haven't had the time lately). What we really need are people willing to help organize things like Garrison and Promathia runs.

FWIW, ClanAM has actually been around since 1997-ish. We were originally a clan that played Quake I/II quite a bit. We then moved on to Unreal Tournament. FFXI was our first MMORPG to do as a clan, and slowly (as our members migrated to it) choked off all our FPS playing (which some people really miss :-)

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Slight update, BlackMateria has dissolved more or less. Only people really left in it or mules and a few members that still hold onto thier shells. The majority have formed a new LS called FatalShadows.
#39 Jul 18 2005 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
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#40 Jul 18 2005 at 2:26 PM Rating: Default
Please add this to your list *^^*

Nupinu is the leader \(^-^)/ I took this from one of his posts >.>; <3 Nup

Linkshell: The Moogle's Workshop

The Moogle's Workshop is a new linkshell to support the crafting community on Phoenix.

Our mission is to provide tips and suggestions to fellow crafters, offer a potential market for all those fletchings or bolt heads or whatever you've been skilling up on, or just to lend a friendly ear to pass the time while fishing.

Currently, there is no level restriction -- the only requirements are:
- a love of crafting (of course)
- a willingness to help out fellow crafters
- a courteous and mature attitude toward other players

Oh, and anyone who says "OMG, can joo tell me wut craft will get me teh most gilzzz???!!!!11one" will be out on their ear. ^.~

If you think you might be interested in joining, either send a /tell to Nupinu in-game, or post a reply to this thread and I'll contact you. Also, Blueberrybean and Vkandis are sackholders, so they should be able to set you up with a pearl if I'm not on.

-- Nup! <(^.^)>/
#41 Jul 19 2005 at 12:41 AM Rating: Good
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French LS. Everyone speak french.
Create by Ryugo, Elronnd, Kerbaans and Hiragi.

We are French from France, from Belguim, from Canada or from USA, so theyare always someone on the Chat LS^^.

Lv members : 1-75


Sack Older: too much people lol: Ryugo, Hiragi, Kerbaans, Elronnd, Karitta, Resof, Kamehameha, Tapleaubiont, Kheneb, Me, etc...


Edited, Tue Jul 19 01:43:13 2005 by Katataw
#42 Jul 20 2005 at 12:16 AM Rating: Decent
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great idea, and gl fixing the link problems

Edited, Wed Jul 20 01:23:16 2005 by Kirachan
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/s can u help me get my subjob items?"
#43 Aug 09 2005 at 6:47 PM Rating: Default
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WEll there 2 im going to post there great ls

purpledragonknights- i love this ls it help me at the lower levels it was great for people who just started.

rikakudo- this is the ls im in right now always someone to pt with and we have gotten over 50 people to rank 3 in in 6 month an still counting.

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Name: Empire

Website: Empire

J/E: Japanese, English, and some French

Requirements: Despite the name, this is a social LS where everyone is equal no matter the race, language, or level. Most member already has a pearl from other LS and that's not a problem with me. I ususally just ask for the members to come in and say hi once in a while. Although I'm open to everyone, if I see that someone is purposely causing problems to others, beggers, or they only come in the LS just to ask for help, then that person and I will need to sit down and talk and determine whether their pearl will be broken or not. I like to consider us as a family, not a place beggers can come to.

Events: We usually like to celebrate all the festivals that's held in the world of Vana'diel. Once in a while we get together for a photo shoot, or even a video shoot.

Peak time: Don't really have peak time

Age range: All

Level range: All

Nationality, race or job preference: None, all are welcome ^^

Sackholders: Daichen, Guntz, Arcelia, Gamron
This is my little Empire ^^
Quality over Quantity ^^
#45 Sep 13 2005 at 5:30 PM Rating: Decent
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Just so you all know ... i wanted to say that BlackMateria LS is still active and recruiting... some members have gone .. some have returned and new members have been added over the course of the last few months.... Also FatalShadows LS is dead and no one is ever in there anymore since Jon and Godi created ClanRiot LS ... just wanted to put in my two cents for the day
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#46 Sep 17 2005 at 12:58 PM Rating: Decent
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NAME: Roadlesstraveled

FOCUS: An all BST linkshell making it easier to find duo partners and BCNM groups as well as a social ls.

EVENTS: no typical events but you can make one anytime ^^

PEAK TIME: no specific peak time many from NA and EU and some from JP

AGE: High School and up mostly


JOB PREFERENCE: well... BST of course :D

Ladron 75 RDM / 75 BST / 61 BLU

Cooking 93
Smithing 49
Clothcraft 22
Leathercraft 20
Goldsmithing 04
Woodworking 01
Boneworking 00
Alchemy 00
#47 Sep 26 2005 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Hiya caylee co founder of Subligarmodels


Focus:Events,low lvl nm camping,chat,Fun events and

J/E:English...small amounts of jp



Peak:Na times working on late nite


Sack Holders: Caylee,handyrefuse,lagunna,caymus,cesiaie,klutch few others

Requirements:Handle the razzing if not we arent for you, be willing to help and have fun!!

last words:we are new linkshell kinda just reformed, we work hard at helping with all events needed.

#48 Oct 31 2005 at 6:25 AM Rating: Decent
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Just so you all know ... i wanted to say that BlackMateria LS is still active and recruiting... some members have gone .. some have returned and new members have been added over the course of the last few months

I never really left either, just haven't been able to play, hopefully I'll help out again and make those that left feel bad ^^
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#49 Nov 04 2005 at 2:46 AM Rating: Default
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Website Update :

Phoenix Server Hydra Corps

Dynamis LS

Hours of Operation : Wednesday and Sunday 730P.M.
75 Samurai 75 Ranger 73 Monk 58 Ninja

Phoenix Server Hydra Corps
#50 Nov 13 2005 at 11:52 PM Rating: Decent
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oh for the record, i went into my Crisis LS for several days now, and no one has been it, so i think its safe to say that it is dead. Also, I'm looking for a LS, lol, i want one that have members that actually talk, and that do runs like BCNM, garrisons, KSNMs, etc.
Phoenix Server
Hume Male : Name: Ryuho
SAM : 75
BLM : 75
WAR : 37
THF : 37
NIN : 38
RNG : 37
WHM : 37
BST : 50 (main)
Maat Masher: 06/05/06! :D
Dynamis LS : Dynamix

Dynamis Clears: All but Xarcabard >:O
Merits :
SAM : Archery 1; GK 2; Store TP 1; Meditate 1; Shikikoyo 1; Overwhelm 1; Blade Bash 1; Crit 1;
BLM : MP 1; Ice Potency 1; Lightning Potency 1; Freeze 2 1;
#51 Nov 15 2005 at 3:04 AM Rating: Decent
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RE: ChocoboExpress

The shell is basically gone under that name, though a shell we hold still has it in reserve.

It morphed into Seven Moogle Army after a split. The CE part died off and was absorbed into SMA.

When SMA's leadership took a WoW break, the membership decided that a new shell with active leadership was needful and CactuarExpress was formed (Named to honor the old ChocoboExpress) So CE sorta lives on.

Many of the same people are in it as before, and we are always open to new members. Myriads, Desdemon, Nummy, Tetra, Ptoto, and several others can provide a pearl.

Currently we handle most AF missions, key getting, some static party action, Testimony hunting, and the occasional mission. Friendly folks who like to help out. Say hello if you see us!

Myriads - Shell leader.


World Phoenix
Male Hume from Bastok (updated 5/8/11)

BST 99//BLU 99//PUP 99//
DNC 99//WHM 99//BRD 99
SAM 75//BLM 73//SCH 50//
NIN 49//RDM 42//MNK 42//
WAR 30//THF 15//RUN 15//
SMN 06//COR 05//DRK 02

Alch 62.0//BSmith 28.5//Bone 54.4//
Wood 100.0//Cook 36.9//Fishing 110.0//
GSmith 20.1//Leath 2.1//Cloth 22.3//
Synergy 80.0

Owner and Keeper of the Blue Mage Hunting grounds.
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