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Official Unofficial Wheel of Time Cheese [SPOILER] thread!!!

#1 Jan 10 2013 at 2:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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So, it's finished. It is not THE ending, but it is an ending nonetheless... Major major spoilers follow below, leave now if you don't wish to know

Overall, pretty good. There were a few areas of the plot that were way over telegraphed (the generals being taken over by graendal somewhat, etc) but the way everything came together in the end worked out well. Perrin was still @#$%ing annoying and I still hate him as a character after book 12 or whatever it was, you know, that one that should have been called "Perrin chases Faile for a total of maybe 10 miles over the course of 2,0000 ******* pages" but they resolved his story well enough. still gave him too damned much screen time. the way they offed Eguine wasinitally annoying, but it was a fitting death. Lan Lives and kicks everyones ***, which was great, and the ogier finally come out of their hobbit holes and kill everyone else. The whole Shoia subplot was a bit out of place. I suppose there were billions of trollocs running around, but we're honestly supposed to believe this entire huge army just showed up out of essentially no where and outmasses the entire senchean invasion force, the combined allied forces of Rand andeveryone else, yet they were hiding pretty much unnoticed that entire time? Eh, ok. thats really the only part of the book that seemed like a real streatch for me I guess. Suin getting exploded was also somewhat annoying, but it fit with the attack on mat's command tent at the end. I did like how they wrapped things up. lots of character development in a short bit of time for Rand. The Forsaken, for being such complete all feared badasses really didn't have much of an impact on anything (basically think the other 8 Nazgul from lord of the rings. scary to look at, but way lower body count than any of the rock trolls.)

I can't really think of any major threads they didn't wrap up in the end. All in all, a good read, way too long waiting for it though, and it really didn't need at least 4 of the books worht of pages in the middle. I almost wish someone would do an abriged version of the whole series. Now THAT would be a good read!
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