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#1 Dec 19 2006 at 6:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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Looking to try a new series but aren't sure it'll be worth it? The Baen Free Library has a collection of science fiction and fantasy novels by authors such as Mercedes Lackey, Larry Niven, Elizabeth Moon and others. Heavier on the SF than on the fantasy, although someone mentioning it having Moon's Sheepfarmer's Daughter was what alerted me to the site's existance.

The concept behind the Library is to introduce readers to authors they may not know and, hopefully, gain new customers as the readers purchase the remaining books to find out what else happens in the series. To that end, the novels are almost exclusively parts of either a trilogy or a series (either complete or ongoing) as opposed to "stand alone" books. You can read the rest of the thoughts behind the idea on the site itself.

Anyway, all the novels are complete and free to be downloaded or read online. It seems like a great way to test drive a few new authors without investing in a series that may be (to you) a dud.

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Wow. Regular ol' Joph fan club in here.
#2 Dec 20 2006 at 12:40 AM Rating: Decent
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If you haven't read David Weber's Honor Harrington series yet, do so.

I don't know if all the HH books are on the Baen Free Library. If not, see if you can pick up a hardcover of the last book At All Costs. In the back of the book is a CD-Rom with not only the entire HH series on it, but a ton of non-HH books by Weber and other Baen authors.

In fact, it's perfectly legal (even says so on the CD) to copy the disc and share the books with others, so if you want to arrange something, I can probably get the files to you somehow.

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It's a really good idea. It's insane to keep using real paper for the majority of books. I'm in the process of moving and holy cow these things are heavy - and between my wife and I we have a crapload of them. About 10% of them I'd like to keep as physical books. Thanks for the link, Joph.
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I been using the site for sometime, and join Bean's Bar not long ago. Jim Bean discover many of my current Favorite Authors and like many in SF fandom, I morn his passing away this summer.

Thankfully ,his wife and the rest of the Bean staff have continue his work keeping Bean books the first place I look for new reading material.
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