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A New Journey (Windy Mission to Jeuno)Follow

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Text taken from from my post in the RDM forum: to make a long story short I'm doing the Mission (for Windurst) you need to do to reach Rank 4. The one in which you have to go up the tower in Qufim (Delffut..? I never remember the name of that place).

I'm a 30 RDM and don't have anyone to help me do this. I don't have much in the way of Gil as I'm saving up for Dispel--a critical spell for us RDM. But if a high level character can help me complete this mission I'll gladly pay them what I can. Probably somewhere in the 5-10k range. I know it isn't a lot but if you do care to help please send a /tell to Myrrial to /befriend me or whatever.

Thank you for taking the time to read this: and now on to the text for those that want to read the nonsense leading up to this:

"So after the ordeal with Written in the Stars I got up this morning and decided to trigger the next Mission in my path: A New Journey. I had a job interview today so I didn't have much time to mill about in Vana'diel as I would have hoped. Still, I could get started on the quest.

The Gate Guard in Windurst Woods (which I have dubbed my own personal headquarters) told me to drop everything I was doing and hurry my **** over to the Heaven's Tower to get an uberly important assignment from the Vestal Chamber atop the tower. Naturally I completely disobeyed this and wandered off to go find the necessary NPCs for the Making the Grade quest so I could get my Aspir scroll. Then I wandered over to the AH to check for any availible Mithra RSE (there was none), looked to see if anyone had a cheap Dispel scroll for sale (again, nothing). And then I finally wandered over to the Heaven's Tower.

For some reason I always imagined the Star Sibyl being....well, something a little more impressive looking than a Tarutaru with long hair. She did look fairly spiffy and her outfit was very nice I suppose. I would have loved to have taken a screenshot of her but it didn't occur to me to hit the Print Screen button while she was talking to me and then go save the image elsewhere. Anyways, she babbled some about going to Jeuno and the stars (funny that, her being the Star Sibyl), and fate. And what all this meant was that I had to go take a letter to the Windurstian Embassy in Jeuno. What this ACTUALLY meant was: Chocobo Roadtrip.

I stopped by my Moghouse to dump some things there and change my subjob from 11 THF to 8 BLM (yeah, I know my subs suck) for the extra MP and then went and got a Chocobo. Interestingly enough the price had dropped from 88 Gil to 80 Gil since the day before. I suppose this was due to me finishing Written in the Stars and Making the Grade. Either way, I rented my Chocobo and together we headed out across East Sarutabaruta.

...and Tahrongi Canyon...
......and Meriphataud Mountains......
.........and Sauromugue Champaign.........

and then just as I was falling asleep we ended up in Jeuno! Home of horrible Chocobo and AH taxes! Oh, and airships.

I haven't really spent much time in Jeuno to be honest. Yes, I leveled some in Qufim and I've completed a few quests from there:

*Gobbiebag 1
*Chocobo's Wounds
*Community Service
*Kazham Airship Pass
*Path of the Bard
*Pretty Little Things
*Save My Son

While I'm thinking about it I need to remember to trigger The Goblin Taylor next time I log in; but on to the story.

So I found the Embassy in the Ru'lade (or whatever) Gardens. Then I'm assigned the meat of the Misssion: Go and scale the giant death tower on the other side of Qufim and find the ambassador who is apparently sick. Beautiful.

Clearly this was an urgent matter. So I rushed to the AH to check out the going prices of Mithra RSE here in Jeuno. It was for sale...but I'd have to pick between a piece of RSE and a Dispel scroll. Either would make me broke so I gave up on buying either at the moment and decided to get back to the task at hand. I bought a Kaiser Sword and ran it to the man down near the zone-in point to Qufim in exchange for a map of the tower which I'd have to scale.

At that time I had to log out. With any luck my new LS will help me scale the tower and complete the Mission before me. I hate to ask for help though; it seems rude to join them and immediately start asking for favors. And they're all higher level than me so I can't really do much in exchange for them but maybe farm crafing materials.

I guess I'll figure something out soon though. So keep checking for the second part of Appointment to Jeuno!"

So now I'm asking for help. If you care to be in the next chapter of my idiotic life-of-a-RDM story go ahead and reply. Thanks again.

~Myrrial ^_^
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