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#1 Aug 22 2004 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Im kinda bored (Writing an essay) so I thought I would tell a story ((((Big story)))))

I remember a while ago (Before the patch whereby fished up monsters grew stronger over time) I saw a Taru fisherman at the hidden beach near Mharua who was /anon fishing and never pulling in the fish (he was always taking too long to pull up the line and missing the catch as a result)

I figured this was odd So I sent him a tell.. no response.. So I sent him another and another then started emoting at him.. I figured no responce at all was very odd so I sat back and started to time his rod casting which seemed to be in a perfect rotation.. surely enough I couldnt come to any other conclusion other than to suggest that he was a bot.. So I called a gm who 1/2 hour later msged me while I was in Jeuno and told me that the guy was indeed botting and it would be dealt with.. I figured It was a success in catching a botter and the guy would get banned.

3 hours later thou I came back to the area as I was doing the Bard quest and I saw the same fisherman doing that same stupid poorly written script over and over.. the GM really hadnt done anything at all and when I paged asking why not.. I got an insulting reply to say it was none of my business and I shouldnt waste GM's time.

I was pretty ****** at that so I figured I would try and get this fisherman killed.. I zoomed around and grabbed as many nasty gobbo's as possible.. trained them to this guy and suicided.. the gobs then attacked and killed this fisherman and Instantly 0.0005 seconds later someone started spamming
/sh {Raise} E6 {Tarutaru} {Death} {Help me out!}
/sh {Raise} E6 {Tarutaru} {Death} {Help me out!}
/sh {Raise} E6 {Tarutaru} {Death} {Help me out!}
/sh {Raise} E6 {Tarutaru} {Death} {Help me out!}

I hadnt seen but there was another tarutaru sitting nearby in a hidden remote area who was /anon and naked quite obviously another bot partied with the fishermen set to call for raises if the fisherman died :S

So I waited to see if anyone would come.. about 20 minutes later a WHM in AF gear turns up and raises the fisherman who instantly accepts and starts to fish again while the other taru stops his spamming immediatly.. the WHM seemed offended by the fact neither the fisher nor the 2nd bot says any thanks and after raising me the whm starts to /fume /slap the fishy... With the WHM being jpn I couldnt tell him of the bot or ask him to get a GM.

Anyway when I got my raise from the Whm I called another gm.. told my story .. saw the fisherman didnt get banned.. So I gave up and left.

#2 Aug 22 2004 at 7:00 PM Rating: Decent
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That is a sad and interesting story, i would actually call SE if thathappened to me. If SE is not oing to do anyathing about botting than they need to come out and say bot fishing is ok and they will do nothing about it.

But then about 20 thousand PCers would bot and say it's not against the TOS and only an honest minority wouldn't. Then all PS2ers would be jealous at their inabililty to to and claim all PCers are bots, fishing will be ruined and many would losse their livly hood and quite.
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#3 Aug 23 2004 at 4:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I was pretty ****** at that so I figured I would try and get this fisherman killed.. I zoomed around and grabbed as many nasty gobbo's as possible.. trained them to this guy and suicided..

Averno, you are worse than any type of bot, including NM bots! You are a filthy rag! People like you need to be banned! I've never seen a single fisherman that directly interfered with anyone's FFXI enjoyment. Yet morons like you who have no idea if 'said' person is a bot or not take the law into their own hands. They lock people up for that crap here in the States.

You ruin the game by directly interfering with people.

One thing is for sure, I'm adding you to my blist and if I EVER get trained by you, I'll be glad to contact a GM about the matter and point him to this thread where you admit to a TOS violation.

Have a nice day. ;)

Edited, Mon Aug 23 17:18:11 2004 by Fystie
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#4 Aug 25 2004 at 2:49 PM Rating: Decent
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why cant people mind their own business?
his botting isn't harming you at all so just let him be.
regardless if its a violation of the tos, it makes you look like a "tattle-tail".

its a fishing bot wont inconvienience anyone, like skill up bots (set to keep casting magic or sing).
he's not a NM bot or a mining/harvesting/logging bot so its no inconvienience to you and its none of your business.

(i dont care if i spelled inconvienience wrong)
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#5 Aug 25 2004 at 3:38 PM Rating: Decent
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I personally dont care about fishing bots or skill up bots.. i've tryed fishing and i just find it really boring so i can see why someone would bot it.. I personally do HELM stuff (mining mainly). Now those bots annoy the **** out of me.. Take in the Bastok mine (the one in the city i cant spell it), there is a mithran there named Phonix that is ALLWAYS there.. i've sent her tells in translator and in english.. and emoted her many times.. now i dont know if you can actually program a bot that can actually work the way this one does.. (the only way that i know how people do bots is with key scripters) i dont know why i pointed that out but i just felt like it..

#6 Aug 26 2004 at 10:25 PM Rating: Decent
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I was pretty sure there weren't any players like you on Odin, but it looks like I was wrong. What do you care if he's botting? How is it affecting your gameplay at all? You even said it yourself, he had a lousy bot on that wasn't catching anything. Next time save both yourself and the GM valuable time and just keep walking.
#7 Aug 30 2004 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
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i thought hte people from Albhed were cool? /wrong

Taree rules btw.

Anyhew back to the point, WHAT WERE U THINKING?
So what if he's botting, thats between him and SE, it's not like he died while fishing up a monster and it killed you, Let him miss his catch all he wants. I could care less about Bots, its the guys like Redherr and Vengesim that camp EVERYTHING 78687655 times that are actually people that annoys me. Bots can ***** up, and they cant be everywhere at once
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#8 Aug 30 2004 at 2:19 PM Rating: Decent
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oops double post my bad

Edited, Mon Aug 30 15:25:31 2004 by RymageFFXIOdin
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