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Couple seeking introductory endgame LSFollow

#1 Aug 22 2009 at 12:21 PM Rating: Decent
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We've been playing since PS2 launch, but have quit and returned more than once. We just recently both got a job to 75, and would like to start in some endgame activities. However, we have no idea where to start.

We'd like to find a LS that's not so deep into endgame that they would have no time to help people like ourselves out. We're currently in a social LS and are more than willing to help out our LS-mates with what they need, but we're on our own for anything we could need. We've got a DRG75 and COR75 between the two of us, but we plan on leveling more jobs should we find the time.

It seems everybody is content to comment on our lack of endgame progress and nitpick our gear, yet nobody is willing to lend a hand. Please tell me there's a group of people willing to help out there that would take us in? If the entire server turns out to be full of people like the asses we've met so far, I can't say FFXI is looking much better than WoW these days. We look forward to running any endgame content with you, if there is a LS willing to help us get far enough in the missions to do so. Thanks in advance.
#2 Sep 04 2009 at 12:33 PM Rating: Decent
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I wish you luck finding such a group.

Most of the main HNMs and lesser HNM on the server (HB, r0, VS, Latenite) have entry requirements that include multiple 75s, sky and sea access, good (if not great) gear and merits.

You might be better off starting small, joining a Dynamis or Sky shell and an advanced social like WESH or something. (For all the snide comments I've heard directed at them, at least they do generally have time to help their members.)

And if you can find a good points based LS, stick with them. Drops decided by fiat or "merit" isn't worth the time, because someone will always be more deserving than you for whatever reason they can find to ***** you with.

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