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#1 May 05 2008 at 7:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Hello everyone.

I started playing FFXI the week it came out in North America on PS2 and played for about a year straight then quit. But now myself and a few of my buddies are back and are wondering where to roll new toons.

We originally rolled on our old server ( Kujata) only to find that it is practically dead at the lower levels (1-20).

eg. I've sat in the Dunes for the past 4 days surveying the amount of people coming, the most I have seen are 12 people, half of whom were level 75's...

I know that when I used to play there were at least 70 people in the dunes all the time! I guess this is because it is one of the original servers and all the action is going on at end game now.

I'm wondering what the population on this server is like, if there is a good number of people at the low levels, any info on what the population is like would be greatly appreciated!

Me and my friends are looking for a younger server, with a abundance of low lever players in a good, friendly enviroment.

Thank you !! ^_^
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ls members so to be getting parties there often lately so it can't be to bad.
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It may also have to do with the fact that many people who have played FFXI for a long time choose to solo or party with friends through the low levels.

Also, of the past 8-10 jobs that I actually partied with pre-20, I don't think I exp'd more than one of them in the dunes. Most of our parties did the Maze, Korroloka Tunnel, or the new areas (there are a few nice 10-30 camps out there if you look around). This may be one reason why you're not seeing as many in the dunes anymore - it's simply inefficient compared to the other places (unless you're being PL'd or have strong party setups).

Try doing a /sea all xx-xx (your level range) and see how many people are in that level range before you decide to jump servers. I expect that if you ignore the # of people who are likely to be /anon and soloing, you might be surprised at the total # of people in your range who are online...

...that or Kujata just sucks :P
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Kujata just sucks

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