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#1 Nov 01 2010 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
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So my friend had a character named Imadtyhor for like 5 years and I made a mule the same time called Imadtypimp and lately I had been bazaring the two next to other. Well someone got **** hurt and reported imadtyhor for name violation. I log in this morning and in jail on that character. So I make a gm call before work but do not get a fast enough reply and needed to go to work. All day I was thinking about what I could of been in jail for and the ONLY reason I could come up with was a name violation, which when I got home and got to a gm they verified.

I was released to get stuff from delivery box and ah and then pulled back to jail where I was told I would need to log out and when I choose the character again it will prompt for a name change when logging in and can change the name. I will still be in jail and they will need to approve the new name and I will then be released.

So I log out and see no yellow name, log back in and all still the same no change name prompt. I log back out and shut down game and log back in still no yellow name and no prompt. So I give it a few min and try again and still nothing. So I make another gm call while in jail saying I'm having an issue changing my name and I get an auto reply to leave feedback on website. So I make another gm call stating my name was in violation and was told to change it but game it not prompting me to change. I then get an auto response stating that my name was NOT in violation and that if I wanted to give feedback to suggest people be allowed to change their name as an option to give the feedback on site.

So I make another gm call, trying to be as clear as possible in explanation and I get a reply that this type of inquiry is not handled there and that I need to contact a gm in game.

All this time I was using the helpdesk option that I was not able to move the character and then sub option of "other" and then "I would like to call a GM"

So I went to the old standard that I wanted to report a violation of the pol agreement with reason "get me a real gm" and I get no response. I send another fully explained as best as I can with the limited space available for reason and then finally get a reply back that the first name change request did not go through but I was now all set and to log out and back in.

So now when I log out I see my name in yellow and could change the name, I changed it to "imachangedname" log back in and place my call to be released, a senior GM reples states that my new name is much better, and released me.

entire time wasted tonight from this about 2.5 hours.

What a night this has been, cool story huh.

Anyway I will post pics at a later time.
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#2 Nov 23 2010 at 5:12 AM Rating: Default
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Actually yes your name IS a violation.
you agree to the TOS which does state about "mature rated" naming is a violation.
the name imadtyhor reads I'm a dirty ****. you can't name a character like that. As it is a mature rating.
You seem more "**** hurt" then this person, posting a large rant because they were decent enough to report it?
Good luck be lucky you just had to change your name on a few other mmos around, you can get banned for it.
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