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#1 Dec 17 2004 at 12:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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The Tale of the Golden Moogle
Part: 1

*Our story begins in a small Mog House in Southern San d’Oria. A white haired elvaan sleeps soundly on his Mahogany Bed, while his Moogle quietly speaks into a dark purple linkpearl. As the elvaan wakes, the Moogle quickly stows away the purple pearl, and prepares to greet his master*

Moogle: Good Morning Master Fufet! How did you sleep, Kupo?!

*As Fufet raises from his slumber, he notices that the Mog House is significantly colder than the night before*

Fufet: I slept just fine, thank you! Curious, why is it so cold in here this morning?

*The Moogle points at the potted plants in the corner of the room*

Moogle: I added the ice crystals to your plants, like you asked me, Kupo! The plants look very good this week, and I think they’ll be ready for harvest by next Iceday!

*Fufet looks at the plants, recalling his instruction to the Moogle to attempt and create Ice Ore*

Fufet: Very good! Would you hand me my equipment, I have to make a run to the Auction House before I head out on today’s tasks. Oh, and please put anything from the delivery box inside my bag.

Moogle: Yes master! All of the arrangements have been made, and your bag has been packed. Have a safe journey, Kupo!

*Fufet loads his pack, sheaths his two trusty daggers (A Thief’s Best Friend), and heads out to greet the world. As he walks through the beautiful grounds of San d’Oria, he takes in the fresh air and walks toward the auction house. He finds an empty counter, looks at today’s ticket and begins to ponder his purchases. Two large Galka stepped up to the counter next to him, conversing in low tones about something to do with a new item. Fufet, always looking for new opportunities, perks his elvaan ears slightly closer to the matter*

Galka 1: I hear it’s been buried for thousands upon thousands of years, and it was recently dug up in Horutoto!

Galka 2: I don’t believe it. The Galka have been mining those ruins for years now, and if we didn’t find it, no one did.

Galka 1: You heard what the elvaan at “The Phoenix Perch” said. He said the item’s power was “Limitless.”

*Those were the words Fufet had been waiting to hear. He quickly excused himself from the Auction Counter, slid away quietly and headed toward “The Phoenix Perch.” Upon arriving, he was greeted warmly by a Mithran waitress, dressed festively in red and white. The bard on the stage was playing popular elvaan tunes, such as “Ho Ho! Dexterity’s Low!” And everyone’s favorite, “Where did all my MP go?” After taking in the atmosphere, Fufet proceeded quickly to the bar, seeking information from the bartender*

Fufet: Good morning! Can I have a bowl of stone soup?

Bartender: No problem. Can I get you anything else?

*Fufet considers for a moment, then nods his head*

Fufet: You can tell me everything you know about this new item rumor that’s been floating around Horutoto.

*The bartender is as stunned as a BCNM Crawler and drops the stone soup on the floor with a loud CRASH*

Bartender: I’m not the man you should be talking to. In fact, you shouldn’t be here. Get out now, before you bring us trouble.

*Fufet shrugs his shoulders, stands up and heads toward the door. As the door opens, a loud THWAM can be heard as a dagger embeds itself into the door, inches from Fufet’s face. Fufet turns around to see a stranger in a cloak the color of Midnight*

Stranger: Go to him. He will tell you what you need to know.

Fufet: Who the **** are yo… whoa . . .

*The Stranger suddenly engulfs himself in his cloak and disappears into thin air. Fufet, bedazzled by this, turns his attention to the dagger stuck in the door. He pulls it out quite easily, and examines the dagger. Engraved on the handle is “Romm’s San d’Orian Pleasure House”*

Fufet: So Romm has my answers… haven’t had to visit him in a while. Then again I haven’t been that desperate in a while!

*Fufet leaves the tavern, dons his hood and slinks about a small back alley. He comes to a large Darksteel door, knocks three times, and is greeted by an extremely large Galkan Bouncer. Fufet flashes the dagger to the Bouncer, and is granted immediate entrance. He is lead through a maze of dark tunnels, which eventually winds into a dimly lit, smoke filled room. At the opposite end of the room is a Hume, dressed in extremely bright clothing*

Romm: So what brings you here my friend? Pain or Pleasure?

Fufet: Both.

*Fufet approaches Romm and drops the dagger into his lap. Romm examines the dagger, and recognizes it as one of his own. He then motions to his guard, and several doors are opened. Several scantily clad Mithra come across the room and immediately smother Fufet. Fufet, stunned at first, begins to soften a bit at this idea. No sooner had he opened his mind than the Mithra backed off him and returned to Romm*

Fufet: You could have just asked for my daggers, I would have disarmed myself freely.

Romm: What would have been the fun in that? Now, on to business. Since you obviously aren’t here for my normal services *winks at his Mithra courtesans* I ask you, what do you require of me?

Fufet: What is the item that was recently discovered in the Horutoto ruins? And why was everyone at “The Phoenix Perch” scared out of their wits when I asked about it.

Romm: By asking this, you gamble with my life, as well as yours. The goblins do not give me this information freely, and if word of this spreads too much, it will mean your head. And by no means, friend, can I give you this information freely. What do you have to offer me of equal value to this information?

Fufet: I have my Moogle growing several plants. These plants have been collecting ice energy for weeks, and are almost ready to harvest. I will pay you with 10 chunks of Ice Ore, equal to the value of 1 million gil.

Romm: Normally, I would say no to this offer. However Ice Ore IS in high demand… and I have known you for a very long time. I accept your offer. The new item has been called “The Golden Moogle.” Unfortunately, that is the only information I have on this new item. Sadly to say my friend, the goblins threatened my life just for the secrecy of this knowledge; so do not think it a small gain on your part. Now if you’ll excuse me, my next customer has arrived.

*The Mithra humbly give Fufet back his weapons, and he opens the door to leave. However, before he takes one step, he sees a very familiar face*

Barreh: Fufet! What are you doing here?

Fufet: I could ask the same thing. I come for information. Yourself?

Barreh: Umm… Uh…. I come for… Well, THEY know very well what I come for! *Barreh winks at the courtesans*

Fufet: I’m sure they do… Say, before I go, have you seen Bluetalen anywhere?

Barreh: Actually, I believe he and Tracie are at the church over in Northern San d’Oria! I think they’re talking with the priest about their wedding.

*Fufet nods to Barreh, then to Romm. He heads out the door, through the alley, and back out into the San d’Orian Square. He strolls up the long path, past the fountain, and into the church just east of the Chateau. He walks in and heads up the stairs to the right, and into the Head Priest’s office, where he finds Bluetalen and Tracie, a Hume couple touring the churches of Vana’diel to find the one best suited for their marriage. Fufet politely pulled them aside for a moment to discuss the matter of the Golden Moogle*

Fufet: Hey guys, how you doin?

Bluetalen: Pretty good, how about you?

Fufet: A little bit troubled, actually. Have you two heard anything about a Golden Moogle?

Tracie: No, I don’t think we have… Sorry Fuf!

Bluetalen: Have you tried asking your Moogle yet? I mean, the thing is called the Golden Moogle, after all!

Fufet: Hmm… That’s a good idea! Thanks guys, I appreciate it. And good luck to you two, I hope you find the right church.

*Fufet bows courteously to Bluetalen and Tracie and ships off for his Mog House. He arrives shortly, and takes off his cloak. He finds his Moogle in the corner, speaking softly again into the purple pearl*

Fufet: So, Moogle, how is the Ore coming along?

Moogle: Oh! Master! *Quickly stashing away the Linkpearl* I didn’t hear you come in! The Ore is coming along VERY nicely indeed, Kupo!

Fufet: Very well done! Now, Moogle, I have a question I’d like to ask you. Do you know anything about an item called The Golden Moogle?

Moogle: Ku.. ku… KUPO!!!!! KUPO KUPO KUPO!!! Master where did you hear of such an item? It cannot possibly exist, no KUPO! Master, do not think that this item can exist, for it cannot! KUPO KUPO!

Fufet: Moogle, Calm down, why are you so anx…

Moogle: KUPO!

*The Moogle quickly hides under Fufet’s bed and refuses to come out. Fufet, perplexed, exits the Mog House and heads to the South San d’Orian auction house. When he arrives, he sees a light haired elvaan with a large harpoon and purple body armor*

Spiegal: Hey! Fufet! What are you up to today?

Fufet: Hello Spiegal, I’m doing fine today! Say… perhaps I could seek your counsel on an issue that’s been troubling me. I overheard something about a new item… it’s called the Golden Moogle. I have been asking around about it, but to no avail, and my Moogle flees in fright at the very thought of the item! I’m at a loss of what to do now… Any suggestions?

Spiegal: Hmm… a new item? I haven’t heard of anything. Maybe you should go to “The Spot” and think it through a bit more. Sorry I can’t be of more help… if you need anything sliced and diced though, you know whom to call!

*Fufet smiles and nods to Spiegal, and begins to shout for a teleport. “The Spot!” He hadn’t been there in a while, not since his last trip to The Maze of Shakrami. He had stumbled upon the immaterial wall when trying to sneak past a number of wights and ghouls. He followed through to the Cerment Door, and found the machine’s humming surprisingly meditative. Often he used to go there just to think, or for peace and quiet. He found a teleport from Rhianna, the friendly (and beautiful) Redmage with considerable knowledge in the arts of the Whitemage. Fufet proceeded through Tharongi Canyon into the Maze of Shakrami, and headed downstairs. Here, to his surprise was a spunky little Mithra looking for treasure chests*

Clementine: Fufu!!! *Clementine proceeds to tackle Fufet* What are you doing here?? I could really use your help; I’m trying to find a treasure chest so that stupid goblin will make me new cloths!

Fufet: You mean a treasure chest like that one over there?

*Fufet points to a chest directly behind Clementine. Clementine looks shocked as Fufet proceeds to pick the lock and hand her the cloth*

Fufet: Say… Would you like to accompany me? I could use some company… I’m going to a rather secluded spot, so we’ll need to be stealthy.

Clementine: Ooo! A secret place huh? I’m totally in! Where are we going?

Fufet: Follow me and be completely silent. Do not make a sound!

*Fufet takes Clementine by the hand and leads her past the wights and ghouls, through the secret wall and into the Cerment chamber. Clementine’s mouth is open with awe, looking at the new chamber for the first time*

Fufet: This is my place. I come here when I want to be alone, or when I need to think about something.

*Fufet and Clementine sit down next to each other, behind the machine. Clementine is still looking around the room in awe, when she notices Fufet concentrating hard on something*

Clementine: Fufu? What DID you come here to think about?

Fufet: I came here to think about a new item rumored to be about… it’s called the Golden Moogle.

*Suddenly there is a loud pop, followed by a hiss from the machine in front of them*

Strange Apparatus: PASS**RD A*C**TED- UNL***ING DOOR

*Suddenly a secret door directly behind Fufet opens, and he falls down into the darkness*

Clementine: Fufet!!!! Are you all right? Fufet? FUFET!!!!!

*Clementine is left helplessly staring as Fufet falls deeper and deeper into the abyss…*

To Be Continued…
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#2 Dec 17 2004 at 2:32 AM Rating: Decent
340 posts
nice story...

I always had know that the moogle are evil...

Always plotting....

(rate up)
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#3 Dec 17 2004 at 1:03 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Great story, can't wait to hear more.
Rate up^^^
#4 Dec 17 2004 at 2:44 PM Rating: Decent
230 posts
Nice story indeed :)

rate up ^^
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#5 Dec 17 2004 at 5:44 PM Rating: Decent
32 posts
*clapping hands* Don't take too long witht he next installment sunshine! Very nice story, rate up!
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#6 Dec 17 2004 at 5:58 PM Rating: Decent
134 posts


Except the part about the whorish Mithras... I mean.. come on..

(you didn't make them seem whorish enough ^^)

AH! I want to hear more of this story!!

[sm]Clementine - Mithra
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#7 Dec 17 2004 at 6:55 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
w00tah! I love stories :3 Rate up, but make sure to keep writing!

Hehe clemmie, you get to be in his stuff ^^. /poke clementine

Fufet if I ever see you in game, I'll be sure to call you Fufu XD
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#8 Dec 23 2004 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Omg Fufet, that was well done.

Rate up mah man ^^

U shud come on Sneaky's LS more often lol :P cya
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#9 Dec 26 2004 at 1:44 PM Rating: Decent
42 posts
/poke thread

Did someone forget to finish his story? >:(
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#10 Dec 26 2004 at 4:47 PM Rating: Decent
209 posts
I'm working on it ^^ I had to kinda not write this week cause of some RL stuff... But i'm gonna keep goin!
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#11 Dec 30 2004 at 1:49 AM Rating: Good
42 posts
Bumb need more....moogle story
75BLM/37RDM 37 WHM
#12 Dec 30 2004 at 10:18 AM Rating: Good
32 posts

I recently just met you but that was some GREAT story writing!! I'm hoping to read more soon!
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#13 Dec 30 2004 at 10:27 AM Rating: Good
42 posts
Ouch, I just noticed someone rated everyone's posts down in this thread! That's so rude. Whatever, they think it's funny, I think it's childish.
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#14 Aug 29 2012 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
I can see he never finished his story....miss u fuf!
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