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#102 Oct 24 2004 at 4:51 AM Rating: Decent
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* SMALL RANT*Ok I feel a need to defend myself reguarding the slamming taken thru the since defunked Gullwings. There have been several posts about how bad they are/were, to which I will NOT defend, almost apon joining did I realize that for the most part what Bokxi and Memmo said was indeed true (not sure about Vyn's offer of a handjob, but wouldn't put it past her(small playful jab). (btw Memmo i'm the gf that Connery spent most of his time assisting, since I was a uber noob. However understand that if he hadn't helped me I would have made his life a living **** in real. Sorry for the trouble it caused you) Bokxi however, I don't think I ever said boo to you, considering I spent most of my time on a different Ls, due to the lack of assistance, and general good spirit that sored through the ls. Also due to the fact that Connery is really my bf irl he would spend a great deal of time helping me lvl my char, and paying for whatever I needed, I felt like a outcast from jump. I'm sorry Bokxi, if you felt the need to b'list myself and Connery, but I'm sure Gullwings gave u reason enough to do so, I only ask that others not judge those that where nice(Marii off the top of my head), along with those that may have not been.
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#103 Oct 25 2004 at 6:41 PM Rating: Decent
1,892 posts
Dunno if this is still getting updated and stuff, but ChocoboLTD's site is now online, - Been a while, only Screenshots up atm, getting member list and other data up there later on.

Oh and hi to Alaena our newest member from Perth :P
Lakshmi: ZM4 & Beyond - Lakshmi: To sky - The 22 hour battle

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#104 Oct 27 2004 at 3:39 PM Rating: Decent
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KnightsWhoSayNi has disbanded. We merged with another ls. If you happen to check here cause your pearl broke talk to Sneaky/Twista for a new pearl.

Farewell FFXI. I don't know how you'll live with out us.
"I know the difference between right and wrong. I just don't care." Black Mage.

Taru BLM 50, SMN 25, WHM 16. Lakshmi SN: Gorn {Retired}
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#105 Oct 28 2004 at 11:08 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi, is there any linkshell that have many members during Japanese peak hours? My playing time is around the same as Japanese playing time
WOW - SpineBreaker

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#106 Oct 29 2004 at 7:17 PM Rating: Decent
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Contacts: Terin, Bokoden, Naamah, Takashi
Looking for members: Anyone that loves the game and wants a social group of people to talk to, and fight along side. Ready to sink there blades in to countless fell orc.
Description: Social linkshell, we try to help each other out when we can. People to help in all areas, leveling, crafting, mining, harvesting etc.
Comments: Talk to one of the contacts to find out more. Feel free to ask questions. ^_^ POSSIBLE language usage...rated T+ lol
Website: None
#107 Oct 31 2004 at 8:16 AM Rating: Decent
1,892 posts
keylinkshukry: We are from Australia, so we are generally on at the same time as Korean's and Japanese. Slowly expandind with a majority of us close to 50 or just hit 50 (like last night... wooo)
Lakshmi: ZM4 & Beyond - Lakshmi: To sky - The 22 hour battle

Never Forget!
#108 Nov 01 2004 at 5:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Update to LS The Traumateers
Contacts: Ihnen, Eibon, Joshuwa, Tricyrtis, Shinmentakezo, Catrina, Thunderpod, and Kirbyjds
Looking for members: We are now reqruiting^^
Requirements: Don't be an idiot
Description: A social Ls that does stuff together.
Note: Please get with one of the contacts if you would like to join.

*Can you put this update in your ls's list =)
Catrina Lakshmi server
#109 Nov 03 2004 at 3:32 AM Rating: Decent
101 posts
Argonaut, will contact you for LP later ^^, it there's empty space for me :p
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#110 Nov 04 2004 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
485 posts
LS name: CrystalPower
Contacts: Vayne (me ^^;) There are others but I'll omit them as I'm not sure if they'd appreciate it ^^;
Description: It's mainly a group of friends from the Conquistadors ls, which has d/b, more or less, recently. While the conversation veries greatly, often you'll hear me complain about stuff (sorry guys ^^;)
Levels: Quite a variety here...
Requirements: None that I know of ^^;. If you're in it, its probably cause you're a nice person, or me :P.
Looking for members: Not actively
#111 Nov 05 2004 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
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Update to the BladesofMyst linkshell.. We now have a webiste, so please visit
Character: Mysteryia
Server: Lakshmi
Linkshell: CelestialGuardians
Nation: Bastok
Race: Hume
Jobs: 75THF, 75SAM, 70DRK
Rank: 10
#112 Nov 05 2004 at 10:24 AM Rating: Decent
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Anyone reading this who has or ha a pearl to KnowYourRole, please contact Tatanna, Levii, Xavion, Ealric, or Nugen, the LS is making some changes and we don't want anyone lost in the process!
TaruTaru Female
BLM 36 WHM 22 DRG 7 THF 11
Server: Lakshmi
Seeking parties that are just as interested in fun as they are in Exp.
#113 Nov 06 2004 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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time for my the Gullwings---->best social ls that WAS on the server.
To Memmo----> u know i never offered anything to u or to anyone and i never said i wasnt giving ur fishing gear back. the only reason i was so upset was because u dragged me into something that was just u throwing a fit. I had nothing to do with what happened till u opened ur mouth about my gender. As u can see by ur ls info on this site it doesnt seem that ur better then what u clamed the Gullwings were. This game is time consuming enough as it is and ppl cant just drop everything, being that my job lvl wasnt as high as most i still have always offered my help to everyone. Near the end of October u asked me what happen to the Gullwings.........its funny considering u said i was such a ***** to u---->i was the only one trying to fix the situation and u wouldnt even answer my questions and tell me what was going on. grow up get it off ur chest dont hind and talk trash behind someones back.
Bokxi------>hardly knew and he hatted me cuz of my job and character selection as far as i know.

I have to tell u thanks actually cuz now my game life is so peacfull and quiet---->dont want another Memmo the "Trash Talker" on my hands =P
FFXIV - Vyn Ala - Bodhum
FFXI - Vynala - Lakshmi
#114 Nov 06 2004 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
114 posts
Contacts: Optimuz or Toban
Looking for members: Always
Requirements: Lvl 40+ and not being a jerk.
Description: We have about 15-20 members currently, almost everyone in the 50's and the highest lvl at 64.Our main focus is AF fights and just having fun socializing with each other.

*usually play at night on the eastern time zone*
Lakshmi $ Bastok $ Rank 10
Hume Male
Linkshell: EliteUnderground
AF Completed!
Genkai Completed!
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#115 Nov 07 2004 at 12:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey Im new to this site, and must say I love everything involving how well the information is; I have my linkshell named LimitBreaker, and I love it, it has alot of really good and helpful members, I sorta had a thing running, where everyone put their fav FF character in their bazaar quote, but not everyone has it.

We are constantly growing and if you would like in this linkshell just send me a tell =)
#116 Nov 07 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Good
782 posts
Alrighty! Our Website is up at check it out! More to come your way!
Tanta (Taking Time off)
90 PLD, 90 WAR, 90 NIN, 90 SAM, 90 DRG, 90 SMN, 81 RDM
90 MNK, 90 THF, 90 RNG, 90 COR

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#117 Nov 14 2004 at 6:52 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Linkshell name: Kingdom Knights
Linkshell owner: Mathis
Contacts: Coujoe, Narsat, Chef, Jak, Lordriddick, More sackholders that cant be named here
Looking for members: Always open for new recruitment
Requirements: Moslty all San d' Orian a little less strict now. Must have sub job and plz no beggars(gil)
Description: Core members are all 50+ except a couple. Try to have Linkshell events as much as possible(Garrison, BCNM40, Missions, & Quests). Everyone is always willing to help out the other when possible. Due to beggars and leeches PLs dont come to often. All the other general stuff chat, party, quest, train each other... j/k. Overall just a fun group of ppl with similar interests(FFXI) ^^;
#118 Nov 16 2004 at 6:46 PM Rating: Good

Edited, Tue Nov 16 18:48:12 2004 by pretus
Pretus--Lakshmi Server--
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#119 Nov 16 2004 at 9:57 PM Rating: Decent
452 posts
Wanted to update the MithraMarauders linkshell:

Linkshell name: MithraMarauders
Linkshell owner: Nekole
Contacts: Nekole, Aeia, Dragonia, Sanuko, Eouri, Alexionea, Keres, Eowen
Looking for members: Always. ^^
Requirements: Mithra are liked, but all females are allowed. NO GUYS ALLOWED, meow, sorry. ^^;
Description: We have lots of fun and share tons of stuff to do! We help with just about anything, Genkai, BCNM, NMs, quests, missions, you name it. Most of us are levels 40-50.
Website: (under construction, link does not work _yet_)
Nekole :: Beastmaster
Server - Lakshmi
Allegiance :: San d'Oria
Linkshell :: Spoots
Race :: Mithra

Jerbs: BRD 75 | DRG 59 | WHM 37 |
(*'-')b | WAR 33 | THF 27 | BST 23 |


Crafts: | Goldsmithing 48.3 | - Journeyman
| Cooking 41.0 | - Apprentice
| Shaded Spectacles: O |

#120 Nov 19 2004 at 4:15 AM Rating: Decent
37 posts
Contacts: Hakiko, can also message Birgette

Looking for members: New linkshell we are recruiting

Description: A LS dedicated to being helpful. We want the kind of people who always stop to give a raise, a few gil, or a quick cure to total strangers. People should now that when the see a member of CircleofDarJanix that they are in good hands. We feel that a lot of this has faded recently from the community as a whole. We also plan to hold events (scavanger hunts and quests made by us) for the community as a whole.

Comments: Any class any level. Just bring a willingness to represent yourself well in the game and help those in need.

Website: Coming soon

EQOA Erudite Paladin (Ferran's Hope RPA)

#121 Nov 22 2004 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
LS leader- Taurian
Sackholders-Midoriku, Praetor, Parazite, Orik, Warthog, Jaebyrd, Kodo, Haruno, Taniel and others I cannot remember at the moment. ^^;
Description-Clean, fun linkshell. We strive to uphold the honor of Vana'diel
Its the best Linkshell in all of Lakshmi ^^
#122 Nov 25 2004 at 9:04 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
Name: Viakom
Contacts: Algorgalor, Anaxagoras, Annihilate, Armageddon, Aminsaiyor, Bibinchib, Drourion, Kaylynn
Looking for members: No we arent.
Requirements: Officers of the DPC, And no jerks or gil sellers allowed. sending /tells to Kofnice that say in auto translate "<Power> <ranger>"
Description: Were accually real life friends.
Black Mage
#123 Dec 05 2004 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts

Edited, Sun Jan 2 15:11:11 2005 by Tempusdesire
#124 Dec 07 2004 at 12:47 AM Rating: Decent
Linkshell Name: Untouchables
Linkshell Contacts : Karupt (leader), Lilbill, Lumin, Arkanis, Keldon and Sirsmokealot
Looking for members : Always, but need permission from majority of LS Contacts
Linkshell requirements : None
Linkshell Description : Social linkshell oriented around helping members
Linkshell Website: None that I know of

Edited, Tue Dec 7 00:50:53 2004 by PheonixShield
And shepherds we shall be, for Thee my Lord for Thee, power hath decended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command, and we will flor a river forth to Thee, and teaming with souls shall it ever be. In nominee patris et filee et spiritus sancti.
#125 Dec 08 2004 at 6:50 PM Rating: Decent
310 posts
Contacts: Wolfztyr, Bigbern, Etho
Looking for members: Anyone that speaks french
Description: This LS was founded so that french speaking ppl could have a place to call their own. If your english isn't that good and you want a place to ask questions, come to us.
Comments: Talk to any of the contacts for more information. We don't have any level requirements...
Website: but it's only our forum and you can't read it if you'r not registered

Name: Etho
Server: Lakshmi
Allegiance: Bastok Rank10
Linkshells: StarsOfDestiny, ValiantKnights
Mnk75 / Sam75 / Nin75 / Rdm75 / War40 / Thf37 / Rng37 / Whm37 / Dnc37 / Blm19
Cooking 100 & Raw Fish Handling
Relic: MNK 4/5 - SAM 4/5

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#126 Dec 11 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Good
Linkshell name: RedvsBlue
Linkshell owner: Lamneth (me)
Contacts: Lamneth, Eldelle, Tolite, Vataro, Progue
Looking for members: All that we can get
Requirements: nothing
Description: about 10 active members around lvl 35-50, we are about to start a BCNM 40 group with 6 of the core members and hopefully if we get more people then we can start doing other things

This has been disbanded please remove it from the list.
#127 Dec 12 2004 at 1:30 AM Rating: Decent
164 posts
LS Leader: Council of 9
Always looking for members of any level! Kind, Friendly LS full of fun. We look out for each other and help those in need. We also organize LS events. This encludes everything from Social Events to AF and Missions! Talk to any one of the Sack holders and we will be glad to talk to you about joining us.
Orefise (Original player)
#128 Dec 13 2004 at 10:21 PM Rating: Default
579 posts
Alright Meatwad now what is this?

Well that's a chair.

No I mean is it left or is it right?

Well it's a chair.... and it's right over there.
#129 Dec 13 2004 at 11:43 PM Rating: Excellent
782 posts
Hey Has! Here is an update for Bene!

Contacts: Everyone, but Me (aka Tanta), Nuku, Skarfaze, Kayoto, Gaignin, Contuar, and Bloodghost have the ablility to make LP, (I can also make someone a temp. SAC Holder if needs be)
Looking for members: LVL 40+ RANK 4+; Must post on website or /tell Nuku, the recruting officer
Description: We have been around for about two months, we got our website up and running and we are still growing strong!
Comments: Complaining and whining can be tolorated to a point, and everyone is more than welcome to say thier piece. By all means, if anyone needs any help with anything we will all do our best to help, but of course you need to understand, we are also trying to better ourselves to serve Lakshmi to be more Benevolent; Partisipation is a plus, along with letting us know that you are alive :) You do not have commit to this Linkshell everyone can come and go as they please.
Website: ; Alot of good information!
Must post on Website for a LP!
Tanta (Taking Time off)
90 PLD, 90 WAR, 90 NIN, 90 SAM, 90 DRG, 90 SMN, 81 RDM
90 MNK, 90 THF, 90 RNG, 90 COR

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#130 Dec 14 2004 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
110 posts
LS Leader the big fuzzy one, my Galka man Creepingpumpkin
Tons of members. I lost count months ago. Everyone gets a sac because we like to grow. No elitists here. lol!
Very helpful High level folks as well as beginners. All are welcome to join.
Requirements...Good attitude, friendly, great sense of humor (twisted folks ok). Most importantly...there nice people on this LS so no racist, sexist, abusive, or hurtful behavior. Take that somewhere else!

My first post! OMG I'm truly addicted now.

Miqo'te, Seeker of the Sun
RL Wife of The Big Guy ~ Creeping Pumpkin
LS: SlaughterHouse (est. 4/04 FFXI & 10/6/10 on FFXIV)
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#131 Dec 16 2004 at 3:47 AM Rating: Decent
9 posts
Balls Of Clank
Contacts:Jelley {leader}, or any BoC (Balls of Clank) Member
Looking for members: Currently recruiting
Requirements: Good Attitude,[No Min LVL requirement]
Description: A good Linkshell with a great range of Levels and jobs. We accept any Level as long as your cool and have some good common sense. we promote the acceptance of new players to help Instruct,Lead, and Assist them so they learn the right way from the start.Levels range from 12-65 Current Linkshell size is about 20 or so.
61 PLD,32 WAR,23 DRK
LS: Balls Of Clank!
#132 Dec 16 2004 at 4:29 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
Can you add our LinkShell to the list as well?

Primary COntacts: Xada or Alizia
Looking for Members: Most of the Time
Requirements: Not easily offended and not a complete moron :D, (preferred 60+)
Discription: A lot of Ex-Illuminati members here, yes there are tarus :P, we try to do rank, zm and CoP missions atm, and we all and all try to have a good time, plus kill nermal :D. And now doing HNMs too :D

Edited, Thu Dec 16 16:34:07 2004 by Xada

Edited, Fri Mar 4 13:43:42 2005 by Xada
#133 Dec 22 2004 at 12:35 PM Rating: Good
456 posts
I just noticed that TheLeprechaun's listing doesn't have our website, could you please add it when you get a chance? Thankee! ^^
Yokuku's profile (yawn)
Lakshmi FFXI Server Forum
Leprechaun Tarutaru LS
Delmoss wrote:
People in PST are from THE FUTURE
#134 Dec 22 2004 at 2:50 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
Back to the LS Gullwings...
Memmo and Bokxi did you pay any attention to yourself at all on the LS chat and these forums? You 2 whine so much I'm not surprized no one helped you. I quit the LS long before the thing disbanded mainly cause of members like you two. I didn't like the LS when i went in and I didn't like it after I left. There was only about 5 people in that LS I could stand. Also, next time you ask Vynala to do RSE... look at her job lvl. I'm sure her lv30 WAR would have a great time in Gusgen Mines. Another thing... I've never used the /follow command in my game time... so before you talk... get your facts straight.
Izan- DRG75, WAR37, THF37, RDM37, SAM37, NIN37
Rank10 San d'Oria / Rank10 Windurst
Server - Lakshmi
LS- ClanBEB, Eminence, LoO
#135 Dec 22 2004 at 11:14 PM Rating: Decent
19 posts

Edited, Wed Jun 29 02:51:40 2005 by gothicthug
#136 Dec 23 2004 at 12:28 AM Rating: Decent
369 posts
Linkshell name: Untouchable <- name change soon
Linkshell owner: Drakel
Contacts: Catti, Kayce, Verence
Looking for members: Yes
Requirements: Must be level 50 and at least Rank 5. We are looking for full time members and crafters. Also people looking twards endgame. We will start taking down baby HNM's around level 60. Also We will help with AF and missions.
Description: Future HNM/Dynamis LS

Also please remove LegendaryBeastKin from the list thank you.

Edited, Thu Dec 23 00:29:21 2004 by silverdevil
#137 Dec 23 2004 at 1:25 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Contacts: hittomi, jauntum, vassago, willuam, sirluvbeerz, argelian.. etc
Looking for members: **** near everyone has a pearlsack and will gladly give you a pearl
Requirements: umm.....
Description: I <3 this LS, everyone helps eachother out and there is the occassional naked level one race, ****... kind of
Website: N/A
#138 Dec 25 2004 at 11:08 PM Rating: Excellent
247 posts
Please update ClanBEB as follows:

Linkshell: ClanBEB
Contacts: Yobun, Wendell, Charcole, Midget, Trow, Demin, Anastasia
Looking for members: Yes
Requirements: Contact a pearlsack holder for more info.
Description: Our members are generally mature players that enjoy having fun with each other in the game. We support each other and work together towards common goals. Member levels range from the low 30's to high 60's, with majority in the late 50's. Any level character is welcome.
Lakshmi - ClanBEBWendell: Galka WHM 75
My life as a Galka White Mage
Covex wrote:
Once you go Galka, you never go back.
#139 Dec 27 2004 at 6:48 AM Rating: Decent
48 posts
Contacts: Deadly, Gigligue, Oniknight, Evilteddy, Leomagnus
Looking for members: 65+
Description: NM/HNM LS. We help each other a lot and kill NMs and HNMs. No Dynamis yet.
Comments: You have to apply to join us but were not always serious so join for fun too but be prepared to help out on things.
Website: DeadlySins
Osirise - Elvaan Male
Lakshmi Server
Lvl. 75RNG/37NIN 73NIN/36WAR
Rank 10 Sandy
Rank 6 Bastok
Rank 6 Windy
Moogle Rating 7
Linkshell - WarParty
#140 Jan 02 2005 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
126 posts
LS Name: The Koun Elite
updated on page 5

Edited, Mon Jan 16 16:25:44 2006 by Tempusdesire
#141 Jan 03 2005 at 4:19 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
Tempusdesire... What's the deal with your LS and The Slackers? I checked The Slackers site asking about membership and then came across Koun - checked the site and realised there are a fair few of the same people. Is The Slackers no longer about (site's not loading)?
Lakshmi > Bastok > Rank 4
Hume > Male > RDM/BLM
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#142 Jan 06 2005 at 5:34 AM Rating: Decent
16 posts
Linkshell name: WonderlandGirls
Linkshell owner: Elaina
Contacts: Elaina
Looking for members: Yes!
Requirements: Girls are welcome, but please type neatly. ^^ And no boys, and no exceptions, unlike some all-girl linkshells.
Description: An ALL GIRL LS that is Alice in Wonderland themed. It is VERY new, so it's only me at the moment, but if any girls want to help make this LS grow, then I welcome you! XD This LS will center around doing things together, like participating in my FAVORITE activity, Ballista (/cheer!), missions, quests, and just random get togethers for fun. I'm hoping we can all help each other out with things in the game, as well.
Website: A website is in the making. This will contain the member list, planned events, and a forum. If anyone would like to host us, I would greatly appreciate it. ^^

Edited, Thu Jan 6 17:03:24 2005 by Courtier
#143 Jan 06 2005 at 2:56 PM Rating: Good
782 posts
Hmmm I wonder where Hasufield went...
Tanta (Taking Time off)
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90 MNK, 90 THF, 90 RNG, 90 COR

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#144 Jan 07 2005 at 2:46 AM Rating: Decent
126 posts
The Slackers have split they still exist but most members have moved to the Koun Elite if you are interested in joining please give one of our contacts a tell while you are on I'm sorry that there is a misunderstandin about the LSs.
#145 Jan 12 2005 at 2:32 AM Rating: Good
782 posts
Well, here is my next question since the last one didnt get answered...

What linkshells remain out of all of the ones posted on here?
Tanta (Taking Time off)
90 PLD, 90 WAR, 90 NIN, 90 SAM, 90 DRG, 90 SMN, 81 RDM
90 MNK, 90 THF, 90 RNG, 90 COR

"Lakshmi's Politician" "Spoony Bard Exterminator"

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#146 Jan 13 2005 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
279 posts
Name: OathOfSwords
Contacts: Enchantertim, Eiladar, Drath
Looking for members: Always looking for new people to liven the fun ^^
Requirements: None
Description: Very close knit LS that is now coming into its own as members progress ^^ Eiladar, Drath, and I have been in this LS since the noob days, and have all worked very hard to get to where we are. I want every member to get to where I am :)
Name: Keone
Server: Valefor
#147 Jan 13 2005 at 4:39 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
lol .. I was on a roll with posting under my coworker's login =P
Enchantertim .. teh sek c {Elvaan}{Ranger} O_o
Anduril/LegacyofOld LSs
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Hunter's Beret +1, blah blah blah
#148 Jan 18 2005 at 7:53 AM Rating: Excellent
247 posts
ClanBEB is still kicking strong, though our recruitment drive that was posted is now over.
Lakshmi - ClanBEBWendell: Galka WHM 75
My life as a Galka White Mage
Covex wrote:
Once you go Galka, you never go back.
#149 Feb 01 2005 at 12:07 PM Rating: Decent
36 posts
Contacts: Hanabishi, Puchiko/Eomund, Freakthemighty, Drizzit/Anakorhil, Persimmon, Yori, Areint.
Looking for members: All and any time! ^^
Requirements: Just be an overall fun person.
Description: A linkshell for people just to joke around and be social in. Any and all levels are welcome, ridiculously high, or low level, doesn't matter. A ls that will help each other, whether it's missions, AF, genkai or just to party together.
Website: N/A.

Edited, Tue Feb 1 12:08:48 2005 by EomundDRK
Puchiko Lvl 33 MNK/16 SAM

Viva La Lakshmi!!

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#150 Feb 09 2005 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
54 posts
Leader of DarkBlueReborn here...
Its just a friend linkshell...
Mainly helpful linkshell, its great, no arguing, no complaining, its just nice i guess...
if you want to join its

Color = Dark Blue, or Navy Bluish

/tell Chiton
-Recent Missions/Quests Passed:
Quest for Tonko: Ichi, and Utsusemi: Ichi
Genkai 1
LS: DarkBlueReborn
Rank: 5
#151 Feb 10 2005 at 2:48 AM Rating: Decent
7 posts
I would like to post my LS

LS: TheKounElite
Server: Lakshmi
Mem: always looking for helpful and adventurous ppl
# of Mem: 55 and growing
Shell: Sorik (55BLM/27WHM)
contacts: Tempusdesire, Tempusdezire, Sinister, Durin, Effilil,
Rhavehvuh, Bycrickey
Website: Http://
Lvl: None... 1-75 (must be willing to help and be helped)
Goals: Advance in Lakshmi as a top known LS. NM's, BCNM's
PL's, Helpng others advance.

we are a all around LS working on goals of togetherness and a tight knit group of friends. We work hard on becoming better players and do also have LS events of all kind. We want all want to obtain the ultimate goal and that is lvl 75. But we are working together to do. If intersted in a group of hard working players to join with to better yourself consider us and give us a tell. Thank you
God save the BLM!!!
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