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#302 Jun 24 2005 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Well, being that this is my first post, I couldn't think of a better place to start. Here goes.


And to my entire LS, Secondcoming, you guys and gals have made this a truly enjoyable time. For everyone on my list thanks for all the help that you've given me.

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#303 Jun 25 2005 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
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aw =P
so sweet Thuan

gotta give props to Thuan and the rest of the crew from Secondcoming. bunch of great ppl i've known forever ^^

also to my LS. too many ppl to list or even remember for that matter but all really cool ppl.

havinh a great LS is a huge part of this game, IMHO

btw: thanks Thuan for helping me get 66 and Spinning Slash last night (ye haw) ^^
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#304 Jun 25 2005 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I can't possibly remember the names of everyone who has helped me in this game, but I would like to mention a few people.

Odslayer - has helped me since the start and died many times trying to do things for me, thanks man.
Fed - have only known him for a few months but has helped me immensely in that time.
Littlenanaki - My hubby, lower level then me but always willing to PL a new job for me or come to where I am to D2 or tele me.

Like I said, there are many more who have helped me along the way and if ur name is not mentioned here please understand ur kindness is not forgotton. I just didn't want to take up a whole page listing names
#305 Jun 29 2005 at 3:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I can't believe I've missed this for so long...

First and Foremost: Roby
We've had loads of fun, we Duo'd to 25 and I dont know anyone who can say that =P subjobs included. She's always there when I need her, she's the love of my life, and she's gotta be one of the reasons I still play this game. She keeps me always believing I'm doing a good job. I try so hard, and just hearing her compliments makes it seem worth it. (Speaking of which, she's going to hurt me when she see's the time of this post XD lol)

Scuzzlebuns: Formerly Druzil, Newly Squiggles. Sacrificed a lot of time for us, and from what I've seen and experienced, has never been a let down. The "Tell it like it is" kind who strives to see his friends Happy, but wouldnt hesitate a second to teach someone a lesson in respect =P always a blast, always a learning experience, and always worth my time.

Cactuarman: He quit! I cant believe he quit FFXI. I dunno what to say: He came, he helped, he took my brothers Marys Horn lol. (Was a mistake. Probably forgot he had it). I met him in my lower levels, I was trying to find who to sell my crystals to. (I was a total noob) and my brother gives me this guy's name. I see him, we have the same Taru model, and somehow everywhere we went, somehow we seen him. It was kinda creepy, but eventualy we grew a friendship and had some great memories. Took the dunes in 1 day in 1 Party XD

Lyonheart: We dont talk too much any more, but there is still a huge respect for him with me. If me or a friend really need help, as we have, he was there to help us as quick as he could.

My brother, Phreak: Formerly Nyron. I taught this kid the game, and he passes me :'( But, despite his "Manly" additude, he's always there when I need him, and I know he always will be. He's a Jerk, but he's a fun caring jerk =P lol

Twizta: Funny guy =P always great for a laugh. I put my Rep on the line to get him a PT, and he didnt let me down. And now, he's near the top of my list - In a few more levels, he's letting me Barrow Habergeon XD (/em does a little dance)

Falcus: omg, I can't believe I almost forgot this guy. Nice guy... he was farming in Delkfutt and helped us do our Rank mission XD I seen him some odd months later and told him how much I appreciated his help. We became friends and he's sworn to help me or just about anyone, any time. If you read this Falcus, Sorry about War AF Axe XD You too scuz lol

I know there are probably more, but I'm pretty tired at the moment and going to sleep. If you've been a great help to me, you'd of known because either I dont stop thanking you when you do something, or I have already told you that you and your help mean a lot to me =)
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#306 Jun 29 2005 at 8:45 PM Rating: Decent
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Here is my list!

Chiprit: My sweet boyfriend. If it wasn't for him I would have never started FFXI. Okay okay... I started it mainly because I was paranoid I might never see him again. Thus as a caring scared girlfriend instead of letting him spend hours on a game doing who knows what I joined with him! I ended up liking the game a lot thought. I became a WHM for him, I loved it. I love the game Specially because it was another way of spending time together. I'm his WHM and he is my warrior. I shall protect him as long as my tiny taru heart beats.

Druzil: Great guy. Help's me and Chiprit a lot! I was really glad and happy to be of help to him by Power leveling for a little while. I don't stay up all night for just anyone. lol.

Cactuarman: I don't know why he just...left.. without saying "bye" or anything /cry. Everytime I saw him in full WHM AF I knew I wanted to do the same. WHM AF hat is soo cute!

Fufet: One of the most awsome Summoners I have ever seen! He help with genkai! at his expense. Brought the whole linkshell to help his friends. No one else needed genkai but me and Chiprit. Great person.. Awsome summoner! and He has carbuncles mitts!

Falcus: This loving purple galka (Barney) Helped us with some of our Rank mission's in which Chiprit accidently got us killed on devoi by giving us the wrong POS location ^^

Lyonheart: Cool guy ^^ He helped me and chiprit with Carbuncle's ruby and other stuff. Awsome to party with. If he can help he will. He is just really cool like that.

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a lot more, and to all of you "Thank you" for everything.
#307 Jul 01 2005 at 9:17 PM Rating: Decent
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There are way too many ppl to name (This is already a cliche)!!!
I don't want to forget anyone so i'll just say my name:
FreakyDeaky!!! If you know me then this post if for you, In game you know that I would die for you & give you my Pluto's Staff if you wanted it. :P

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#308 Jul 02 2005 at 11:21 AM Rating: Decent
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I shall try to compile! In no particular order:

Just about everyone else in CantaPerMe
Everyone in ClanBEB
Anyone else I forgot!

Note: Edited since I first posted it, now that I've been around Lakshmi for a while~ :3

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#309 Jul 08 2005 at 3:15 PM Rating: Decent
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On Lakshmi, I owe much of my progress to the following people (sorry to those who I forgot ><):

Smartdrv - This dude actually likes helping people, and as a 75pld/war with full koenig and now some crimson gear, he has decimated darkspark for me and my af3 Bomb NM among other things

Talydia - Been hanging with her since my thf was coming up in the dunes, really cool people, always gives a tele if asked, always happy to talk

Valyant - rl friend, always got my back on whatever I need done in-game, even the reckless stuff that prob won't work that I do all the time to make a quick buck lol

Erox - talks a lot of crap, but always has my back...and never lets me forget how often he's had my back lol

Arista - 73thf, Paragon of Thief Excellence. Helped me continously even after we weren't in same ls anymore, cool guy.

Seihi - can't forgot my home blm. Made genkai4 easy as cake, and goes with me on many of my $ making endeavors. Indispensable.

Gargantua - haven't been rolling together for too long, but he's always up for anything, lotta fun to hang with.

Cleophie - helped me with mermaid ring quest, hella cool uber bard. Wish OvenRoastedTaru was still around, don't get to see him, Ari, smartdrv, and others anymore, sigh...

If you've helped me in the past and ur name isn't up here, please know i still 'ppreciate ya. just a lotta people in this game, and i simply can't remember 'em all. peace

(-_- ?) Climhazard, 61thf/37nin on Lakshmi

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#310 Jul 09 2005 at 7:01 AM Rating: Decent
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The Slaughterhouse LS because it has the best and coolest ppl.
Niknok for teaching me so much about the game since lv 9.
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#311 Jul 14 2005 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I play as Tigg and this is my list:
Sleekmotorwurkz - always gave good advice and helpful.. ket me rolling!

Thalyn ( miss you buddy)

Zro- Never ever once refused to help is asked.. no matter what it was or what he was doing.

Juvy (aka Juvas)- just a midget with an attitude!

Blayde - see bro I didnt forgot you! Helped me get started.. always stopps and waves and talks whenever I see him.

Saiyamatrix- heheh no one knows how to die better.... other than me..

Trebiont- helped me out with issues in and out of the game...

and to my static.. Joboms, Raye, Phelx, Penny and Para.. go out of their way to help me learn and missions and quest...

Thanks to you all.. you have truely helped and advised me!
#312 Jul 18 2005 at 9:59 PM Rating: Good
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My whitelist
Chong-1st person to give me a LS
Darkakasha-Verah nice
Cerin- sumone who could be a friend in RL
Metz-Retired Best Online gaming friend eva!
All for helping with teh AF!!
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#313 Jul 19 2005 at 4:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Nephtas - inviting me to his LS and helping me with so much stuff and taking time from lvling to help me with avatars, extra jobs, and lots of other things lol
Precious - teaching me random stuff about the game and PLing when i died too many times as Warrior... >_<
Konio - he has helped me with so much its unbelievable
Dirin - just for being there when i bored as **** and letting me farm with him lol
Hiwind -
Krelian - helped me get my RSE and Cunning Earring ^^ oh yeah, and the Fungus Hat! woot!
Deaubian - teaching me how to play when i 1st joined
Lightslayr - for getting me most of the avatars and im not even lvl 50 yet... lol
Embur - RL friend who introduced me to the game
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#314 Jul 19 2005 at 8:20 PM Rating: Decent
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First off, I'd like to say that there's not enough room whatsoever to thank all the people I want to. I'm not gonna name names because it wouldn't do them justice. But what I will say is thank you to all those who helped me because without them I'd have quit the game a while ago. Thank you for partying with me, helping me, laughing with me, and clearing my name because it sucks sharing your name with a gilseller (Leroy, 75) and the same job >< but o well. Also, if you need any help and that goes for anyone, just ask, it says in my bazaar, lol.

This is for Seery, Darkstar, and anyone else that's a gilseller or made this game less fun, thank you. I say thank you because people like you make me wanna do something so I can make sure you never harass anyone again. And remember, in the end none of this matters, because you'll have to answer to someone else. Hopefully, you'll have something good to say...I doubt it.

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Perfection is our goal.
Excellence will be tolerated.

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We had some deaths, but it died and thats whats important. XD

It's just a game, get over it.

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#315 Jul 27 2005 at 1:57 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow first thread I get to, already my fav.
Darkpoet & Rutu for starting such a great LS (FinalHope)
(you don't even know how much you've helped!)
Kekero (for tryin to get me back on my feet every time i quit!)

Everyone in my LS for dealing with my un-ending n00bish questions and smartass comments.
Anyone else that has helped..u know i luv ya!
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#316 Aug 07 2005 at 7:50 AM Rating: Decent
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hmm, heres mine

Billy(been there for advice on mnk and a good friend)
Bouncerz(helped me get my CN coffer after weeks of trying to get it myself)
everyone of AvalancheClan
everyone of VanishingPoint
Sandro/Lyca(for dieing so many times because of sneak trying to find my CN coffer...sorry guys ;;)

if i forgot anyone /slap me please, just woke up o.o

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#317 Aug 08 2005 at 2:42 PM Rating: Decent
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I've already posted but i forgot some1 i shouldnt've...Gregg, hes the Sh*t ever since i can remember hes been helping me out and giving me advice, i hit 75 and still take his advice from time to time. awesome pld, awesome mentor, thx alot Gregg ^^
Bastok, Rank 10
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#318 Aug 11 2005 at 1:56 AM Rating: Decent
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Mine is as follows:

... oh, whitelist =P (j/k)

Anyways::: (Long list, sorry.)

***Bekahfox - my RL g/f of 2.5 years now. Thanks for putting up with my endless amount of sh*t, I love you.^^
**Nebkhau - one of my best buddies in beta, very awesome friend, Ashen, Nebkhau, and I were the Cactuar Explorers. First people to get from Bastok to Castle Oztroja @ Lv10 and no subjob, lol. Much <3 for ya man, hope all goes well.
**Ashen & Kiari - Much <3 to you guys... always.
**Jaundice - for always making me laugh... always.
**Arko(Ark in beta) - GREAT friend, fun to talk to, miss ya man.
**Kumani(Vixen in beta) - for everything, <3
**Jaizyn - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D <3<3<3<3
**Razmo - awesome friend, come to Cali again, we'll go see Embur^^
**Gregwb(from Beta) - for being an awesome friend, helping me on WHM, and giving me my own GoogleMail account when it was still in the Beta stage. :)
**Abaddon - Long time friend, thx for all the help :)
**Nephthys - b/c... ... she's incredibly hot, duh o.O j/k, thx for all those late nite talks^^ lol
**Holyfork - for beating me to 75... you lvl too **** much, and thx for letting me vent about the LS on you, great minds tihnk alike.
**Yingel - b/c you're just Awesome. Always loved takling to you, you've been a great friend.
**Jahiera(Midgar server, retired) - Will always miss you, hope things get better.
**Zynk - awesome THF and a good friend.
**Vancer - b/c I felt bad when Vance took your name from Beta, lol, j/k, awesome friend and a great BLM.
**Pax - thx for always being there and being a great friend :)
**Diaboli - b/c he asked me to :) (awesome WHM too)
**Brolly - awesome galka MNK.
**Uncas - for being an awesome RNG and a great friend.
**Darkgod - Yea... I out-lvl'd you in beta... what's up now!!!???
**Dmseky/Canadian - Two different people, but both awesome, Dm = Cana now.
**Minue - for being a great friend^^
**Salix - you know why.
**Firenze - for being the "Fake Marvin." Thank you very much for coming on my guy ALL the time to do the Item/God/Kirin Runs in AI2/SD for me. Much <3 goes out to ya.
**Siow - ^^

*All the people I knew/still talk to in beta, Long Live Cactuar server.
*The Original DreamChronicles, when it was still ran by Ashen, Kiari, and I.
*Some of the people in AI2 and SpiralingDescent.
If I have forgotten anyone else, please slap me and I'll add you ^^

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#319 Aug 15 2005 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm starting to see the sames names mentioned (nothing wrong with that, though XD) and few to none of the shining people. They include (in no specific order):

Pyireliarel (hands-down THE nicest Taru you could find)
Stolenprophet (welcome back!)
Bluerobo (just watch out if he's training something... =P)
The entire "LyonsPride" LS

I know there's more (and I'll add to the list if I can remember), but the rest basically contains one-time "random acts of kindness" or those who have sadly left FFXI, yet will still be remembered.

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#320 Aug 16 2005 at 7:51 AM Rating: Good
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Time for me to update my list, since my one person before has been gone from the game for some time.

First, all the members of AngelicForce.

Several former members who have moved on as well.. In particular:
Kavius/Wish Very helpful and knowledgeable.
Justise Kav's better half, and always along for the kill ;)

My static, who is an awesome group to level with.
Djnorthsky Pulls them in faster than I can say "chain?"
Ihzuna A fellow poster, and a great RDM
Menaili Always the target of one of our sadistic games to kill a party member
Littlegrey Showed me the true nature of a DRG in action :D

In particular I'll point out Menaili & Littlegrey who are always putting my best interest before their own. Both in and out of static. Not a moment goes by that they wouldn't roll over backwards to help me. Definitely two of Lakshmi's finest.

Last, I want to say thank you to everyone here. It's through your posts that I get the inspiration and knowledge needed to give 110% whenever I log in.

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#321 Aug 19 2005 at 6:17 PM Rating: Decent
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okay lots of people have helped me out but here's just a few:
zoiquilla (he had a great run ><)
lilsislis (she'll be back on any day now after a 1 year hiatus)
of course there are more but too numerous to list. if you ever helped me out (Chapowza) thank you very much!!!!!!!

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#322 Aug 29 2005 at 1:34 AM Rating: Decent
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lets start from the beginning i mean take it to number one...


then lets move it further................



then where else?

Others in the you make me feel mighty real faction :


Thom - Lakshmi Server of FFXI -
#323 Aug 30 2005 at 12:33 AM Rating: Decent
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Smartdrv - This dude actually likes helping people, and as a 75pld/war with full koenig and now some crimson gear, he has decimated darkspark for me and my af3 Bomb NM among other things

Gyrichjames: I appreciate the comment but I'm not quite full Koenig yet ^^...3/5 (Body, Head, Hands) and I do have the red panties that make me run fast.

Considering the uberness of my HNM Linkshell (SearchAndDestroy formerly Visionaries) I'm sure it's only a matter of time.

<EDIT>Now I'm 4/5 Koenig got Schuhs now ^^ </EDIT>

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#324 Sep 02 2005 at 1:43 AM Rating: Decent
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well I know I have been on and off here and there for the last 7 months. Just thought I'd take the time to mention a few names that have helped me out in th past and are still helping me today ^^.

Jebadiah: lol for healing such a long time ago when I had first ventured out in FFXI armors with a bronze sword and very little armor as a WAR.

Hikotaka: For helping me get my skull for my subjob and for inviting me back to DK after I had dropped my pearl :(. and is still helpful to me to this day even tho i don't visit DKII as much as I used too.

Gandolf: Lol for starting the original DK after we left lol i can't even think of the name of the LS now been so long ago.

Tammora: For helping me get my whispers so long ago and just recently helped me out with getting Carby Gloves you are the greatest lol even though you didn't want my gil ^^

Newbreed: For the time it took us to get our Kazham keys and now how far you have gotten ahead of me in all things except gil lmao. Oh and I can't forget all the time you have fallen asleep on your way to 75 ^^

Osirise: For keeping up with my character while I have been away. One of the greatest rngs I have met besides myself of course lol. Ashame what they have done to our jobs it's a crime.

Rayje/Jaela: For always being there for me when I need anything. You 2 are the grestest people I have met.

Whispyrn/Kendian: For the great parties we shared together and for the pearl to their LS even tho I haven't been on it in a long time.

Sasuki: The love of my in game life ^^. Stay beautiful. Very good SAM lol probably better then me O.o

Everyone that has ever been in DivineKnights/DKII, TaruSecretTreasure best bunch of people I have ever met. Just too many of you all too mention names.

Treskewl: Even tho we only partied a few times your PLD left a very good impression on me.

Richy: For helping a poor SAM out when he was in need ^^.

Louly: Great crafter who has always been willing to lend a helping hand.

Synikal: lol I still remember how we devastated the dunes after a very bad party I was in ^^. We need to do it again sometime.

Syfer: A great up and coming SAM.

I know I have missed alot of people some don't play anymore others I have forgotten but have helped me in alot of ways. If any of you see me in game give a wave and know that your help was appreciated.

Malise 63RNG, 56SAM, 56SMN, 54RDM, 37DRG, 32NIN, 31BLM, 30THF, 20WAR, 19BRD, 17BST, 14WHM

CRAFTING: 60Smithing, 60Wood, 60Goldsmithing, 52Alchemy, 40Bone, 24Cloth, 11Cooking, 6Leather.
#325 Sep 03 2005 at 1:47 PM Rating: Decent
26 posts
Even though I stopped playing 3 weeks ago I need to commend those whom i was friends with.

I miss you all dearly, and I really miss the game, but those of you that know me know what's up.

To all the ImmortalKnights THANK YOU!!!

and many others.

I miss you all and wish you luck in whatever you may choose in life.

And to all others, I wish on you my legacy... LOL

The power of the DRG!!!

#326 Sep 26 2005 at 6:27 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm writting this since i'm leaving FFXI again and this time for good. Want to thank all of those you has helped me and been there for me in my three years in Lakshmi.

She obviously has been the closest person to me in my time in FF. She's always been there for me and has been the sweetest and most helpful person i've met in FF. She's probably the sweetest most wonderful person i have ever met. If you ever get a chance to play with her or be in her LS treat her well. She's a mithran princess and she deserves to be treated as such.

Leader of my first and favorite LS Bala. He was always a good friend and very helpful. He was a good friend, a good leader and good mentor. He lead me out of my noobness.

Shihao's girlfriend and hands down the nicest person i met in FF. Always helpful and always there to talk to. The sweetest lil cutie taru on this server. Thank you for your kindest boobiegirl.

Best friend a guy could have. Was in my first and last LS. Very helpful midget and a really great guy.

A good friend of Dazi in RL and a good friend of mine in game. A little quiet so i didn't get to know him very well but he was helpful and nice. Wish i had gotten to known him better.

Haven't had much contact with this stupid smell galka in a while. But while i was in Bala he helped me more then anyone even shihao. He was a great guy and i'm really ****** that he never asked me to help him with anything. Really wanted to repay his help to me.

Goodbye Lakshmi. Sorry i didn't mention everyone who's helped me and everyone who's been my friend, but i wanted to keep it simple and show extra apprieciation to these six people. Won't ever forget you people. You've been the best.
#327 Sep 27 2005 at 2:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanos is a great and sweet peron. Were going to miss you a lot Old Man. T.T

Wish you the best in RL!
#328 Oct 04 2005 at 12:27 AM Rating: Decent
270 posts
I know i wasn't whitelisted i am such a bad girl well anyways

Draygorn= Being a great great friend, :D glad to have known you :). love you and hope to have more adventures with you :D

Jotaro= Taught me most of what i know about FFXI even if he isn't there no more.

Bigpappapumps= for your random /t's at least i know i am liked :3 cool galka dude, funny sorry bout the bcnm60 ; ; cranky and sleepy >.<

Lyonheart= He is the smartest person on this whole freakin game, and i enjoy the advice he is able to give :3 we aren't the best of friends but i consider him one well enough. :3 hope work and girls don't keep you forever. :P

Serial= you suck :P j/k love jokin with him :P cool person great to get mad at. i don't look up to you as a whm or i will get killed :O so you are just cool to talk to until you start on about women /slap

Ravage= a really great friend and wow helps with anything he can helped me with many of my coffer chests :D great friend and i cherish it ^_^. and you are known for disappearing for weeks at at time making me miss you all the more. i hope we get to do more things together cause you are one cool galka singer :D

Orefise= we don't talk much but i do look up to you ^_^ one of the nicest mages i have ever met, funny and cool to be around :D glad to be invited in your ls and hope we do become better friends :D *i thought you hated me in arcoflegends XD*

Kaela... i member the first day we met. i was only 16 warrior and she just started and i was fooling around with a mule and i helped her, great friendships go a long way wish i kept in touch with you more. still remmeber you trying to get from sandy to bastok to see how it looked and me being stupid as i was telling you it was too dangerous XD

Angelyk the mithra drg. lol you are fun to be around wish i could lvl with you again soon :D cause you are too cool not to :P good luck with your static glad i could be of some help to get to up to their lvl :D and thanks for the lp :3 great ls to be in

Vyalar= we don't know each other too well but cool person to talk and hang for a few before a party or just talk to ^_^ and a great war or pld can't remember which :P

Mizumi= your mews make me laugh :D you are too cool :3 i wanna be just like you when i grow up :P

Onearm you don't know me much but i remember you saved me from tremor ram and let me have his drops :3 my bst wasn't uber enough to kill him. hehe and we did a few unknown things in which you makde the pty's pretty fun :3 woo woo hope to find you in a pty of myne again :D

lileric the best tarutaru mnk i have ever mnk i met XD happy to have met you :D and hope we run into each other again ^_^

newbreed... i remember you when you first started.... and omfg you passed me up >.< lmao but :D always happy to talk with you ^_^

Dracia= hehe i remember first pty together best 3-4 person pty in qufim :D i have a screen of the few that stayed for them.

My ls Altanastears= great ls always helps me out ^_^

there are others but as you all should know shawchert has brain farts :(

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Race:Mithra (yes i am female)
Job: 75WHM/37BLM
Server: Lakshmi
LS: Harbingers
Rank: 10 Bastok
#329 Oct 09 2005 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
27 posts
well, i'm new to the boards, kinda. posted 1 post here way back when the game was first released on the PS2. as i searched the forums after introduceing myself i learnd alot here diddnt like the new crowd, so i left. awhile ago someone told me about this post. i always thought this was a great idea and said i'ld post myself, >.> i guess i been too lazy up to now thou >.< well anyway, here is my list.

start with those not here anymore.

shatteredflame. ptied with this galka drg one time and that was all it took for a long lasting friendship. i took one too many breaks from the game thou and never got to say goodbye in game. at least i got your email thou. miss ya buddy.

neemo. the one person who kept me going all the nights i wanted to just say ***** it, i'm starting up bst. his insight into a jobs ins and outs and his ability to make me laugh throu bad times in the game, the long looking for parties as mnk back when monks were seen as the worst job. thanks for everything. although i did go bst after ya left >.> but its ok, i love the game even more now :p

lorith. although i think you still play. i know, we never got along, most dont with me. i remember the first party we were in together. the tells sent back and fourth, we staied mad at each other all night, and pretty much the year or so after that. but even though our points of views about the game and our styles of play were so different, not to mention our personilities, we staied in touch. we always saluted each other, like a sign of respect. and even if you only do it all cause i do, i want ya to know, i do respect you.

johnmexithis. my god i propably spelled that wrong >.< here is one of many people on my friendlist whom i never even partied with. we just happened to wonder into each other one day and i answered a question for you. god knows though, all who know me can tell ya, once i start talking, its hard for me to stop. but that was ok for john, and we talked for awhile, and almost everyday he plaied after that. you are still on my friend list to this day, cause you said you kept your account active and may return after the mess. heres hopeing everything is going ok.

gunjack. a good teammate, we went though jungles on our first jobs, and i diddnt see him for along time after that. then we met again, like most seem to do, and we started to party again. but the day after you asked about our ls you disappeared >.<

alright, i'm going on to people still active as i diddnt want to post a post no one would read

first off i gotta say my ls. all the people in it put up with me, and thats alot to put up with. thank you. but there are three in it i got to sort out in the main list.

whispyrn, kendian, and thaden. i been with you three since you started the ls, and that has been a long time. in fact, the ls has gone through 4 major changes, and all 4 times you let me in. thank you, you three are my family in this game, and you the main reason i still play.

nineboll. the king of theives. heres another i have never partied with. but we have had fun doing holiday stuff and quests. always a nice and funny person to talk to. even though you can take some things a bit too personal, which is a bad trait to have around me, you still continue to send a tell my way everyday. that puts a smile on my face, thanks for being there.

malakia, >.< god he will slap me if i got his name wrong. there are two, both spell the name pretty much the same but one puts the a before the i, and i am a horrid speller to begin with..... anyway, an old ls mate. never too busy to help, even if its just through tells and walking you through things. after my last break, and you were gone from ls, i want you the know, it hasnt been the same since. i miss you. good thing you are on my friendlist or i'ld go crazy. if you read this, tell katie wassabbi from me.

ravage. oh my. met you through tank, and we got along from the get go. which most people i have already mentioned havent. we bounced back and fourth with levels until i left for two and half monthes, and now theres no catching up to you :p but you give me plenty of insight of what i will be going through as i play catch up. you sir, are the coolest galka i know. and the most **** to boot.

tolite. he once said to me, "We have a strange relationship." meaning i may be the only person on his friendlist that he hasnt partied with. its more common to me, as i soloed most the game, and when i leveled jobs i couldnt solo, i stuck to the few people i diddnt **** off in one way or another already. i met tolite in windy one day, i got a wild onion off a goblin, sent him a tell, he had been shouting for one earlier, and he came back and picked it up. he offered me gil, i diddnt accept it. and since that day, we have been in tell contact almost weekly. a very kind person, and very insightful. always a plessure to chat with you sweetie. glad i finally started to see you back on the game recently.

judau. heres someone i coulda killed, if he diddnt kill me first. we first met in desert, both of us bsts. i was 34, he was 33. he gave off a few emotes that were very demeaning, and i shrugged it off. next day we actully talked, soon paired up, for 4 lvlvs. the whole time we lvled, we did nothing but bicker, *****, moan, and complain. we were very different, both in game and in real life. but we staied together from 35 to 39. then at 39 we went our sep ways due to him telling me he was blisting me due to a joke i said that he took to heart. we ran into each other a few monthes later, and chatted. we been pretty close since. i would do anything for him in game and he would do the same for me, which he has already proven. propably my closest friend outside my linkshell. nothing but love for you sweetie.

tank. if you still play, i think you do. a great person i met while lvling monk. i always thought it was funny when galkas would look at you all upset that a taru whm had taken the name tank. you got a good sense of humor, and thanks for the help durning our af1 run.

ged. actually, its something like gedithith, i cant get online to check my fl, and these ppl are going to /slap me getting their names so screwed >.< but i have to mention ya. from our dunes, qufim, jungle days. we were the best team i could hope to be a part of in my beginning days. runic, whisp, ken, ged, and myself. still keep in touch after these two years. thanks for everything. remember the first time we met? :p that gm wasnt too happy with me. oh well, serves him right after all.

drutox. heres the last person i never partied with on my friendlist i am going to mention here. i just wanted to say thank you for your help with my tele-mea quest. i met drutox while he was on a coffer hunt for a rdm af piece, the hat i think. i sent a tell to him asking if he saw any ??? and he took me to it. i tried to repay him by staing until we found his coffer, but he decided to wait until another day. it was late he took the time to find me my spot i needed and ended up not even doing what he had been there for. i still feel bad about that. but we kept in touch since, and you have been a very kind person to me. thank you.

last one, sorry, i know its a long post from someone most dont know, but my last one may be a bit long.

runic. its amazeing really, imo. we both met in wind waters. two level 1 players who never seen anything beyond the spot we started at. i first logged on to ff11 and was waiting for for the friend who talked me into getting this game, and runic had just done the same. we started talking to each other as we waited, and he was so exictied about the game. his upbeat personality, and at the time, very childish behaviour was kinda funny to me. raven, my friend, arrivied at the about the same time his friend had. the two we were waiting on diddnt like each other, and that was that. we went our different ways. fast foward to me being lvl 7 mnk, runic lvl 7 blm. we met again in wind woods. he had planned on traveling to the dunes, just to see them. he asked if i wanted to tag along. i did. our first boat ride, its still on of my fave memories of the game. once we hit dunes we kept going. we went to sandy, bastok, back to windy, and on to jeuno, at lvl 7. it was a blast, and a four day adventure. we were together from there on out. lvlin our first jobs to 18, our subs to 15, then our mains to 22. after that, we kind of split in parties. i was running with whisp and ken, he had joined tz ls. i joined tz shortly after. i diddnt fit in, and left. runic and myself however never went a day without talking to each other, either in game or emails. yeah, after time, things went kinda sour. runic started in on the tread that exp is everything, and i have always been one that just wanted to explore and see new things. however, this is a point i must make, i have never acceppted anything in game. no free teles, no free warps, no free equipment or gil. not even from ls mates. nothing, except one thing. a single red rose, from runic. many nights we talked in game. for hours on end. just sitting there, and when you quit, we took awhole day, reflecting back on everything we did. we laughed alot that day, and went afk to wipe our tears. noone, in any way form or fashion has touched me the way you did. and i hope you had said the same about me. if you ever read this runic, know i miss you. i always will.

well, sorry for the long post, and the misspelling >.< i will leave you fine people be now. no spell check here? >.< sorry again.

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#330 Oct 20 2005 at 9:33 AM Rating: Decent
453 posts
Well, been a year since I last posted in this thread so I guess its time to update my whitelist.

Graziella - Best-est friend in the whole wide world in game and out. Been through so much together. Also, Ballista buddies to the end! XD

Nevalyn - My ls leader who is always on hand for support.

Morten - Crazy friend who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Alibeemac - Always there to help ya if your in trouble. And thanks for all the COP Mission info ^^

Jaylanni - *huggles*

Symara - *high fives*

Hiraisho - So many Ose attempts! XD

Jokerboy - Thanks for the help on Castle O key and coffer.

Skylo - A good friend.

Ogri - Good friend. Some day we will stumble upon a large amount of gil and an EU HNMLS and all our worries will end.

Iamjobe - Always happy to help.

PhoenixEmber LS. .Been there for me through the good and the bad.

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#331 Oct 20 2005 at 7:47 PM Rating: Decent
158 posts
Man where do I start:

Rutu and Accalia- The two other leaders of finalhope. They kept me working hard on finalhope, and I shall continue the dream.

Jaylanni- A sweet heart that gives her soul to everything she does.

Catgodess and Demondream- Wash and repeat the above (a cute couple too)

Blobby- My bst partner in crime. Who knows that helping him with kazham keys would mark the beginning for a friendship.

Truewarrior- Another person that I help so long ago that pasted me (same w/ blobby). Great guy.

Orefise- Super nice lady that I've never been able to hang with ;_;. One day I shall be of some use ^_^.

Lourdes- My homie from down under...well not really. Great friend and sweet girl.

Jetio, Jareth, Zest, Stronghold, Kuji, Balistik, Catail, Darren, Akairyu, Akashia (sp?), Genylai (sp?), gwennalynn, and the rest of the Finalhope crew. We shall rise to the top and help the world.

I'm sure there are tons more people I forgot and please slap me.

/spank you
<=====(^_^)O= Dragoon for life.
In life..there is but one dream. That dream is to eat more cookies.
#332 Oct 31 2005 at 1:57 AM Rating: Good
1 post
It's me Erynn. the whm with no life besides helping others. and i enjoyed every minute of it. but i couldnt have done it without my friends and family here in this crazy game.
for me to do a whitelist it would take me hours to sit here and write down every single person who made this game worth wide and enjoyable besides the actual game play. but these ppl i will name have made a big difference for me in this game. first ls members.

Demitri- great person to talk to very helpful and always fun to hang with
Ayane- fun loving sis that showed me that everyone is alittle crazy on the inside. (little being an underestimate for her)
Selenna- always good for a laugh
Myst- always helpful and great to talk with
Lunar- silly elvaan always found away to make me laugh even when i was down
Nige- cute tarutaru that loved handing out cookies to the ls
Brusa- My big sis. always there for a shoulder to lean on
Talen- My pain in the **** little bro always kept me on my feet.
Shatteredflame- i miss you. it got lonely alot without u around. miss you bud
Citen- Silly Kitten *grins*
onikirimaru- seriously i can never remember how u spell your whole name *confuzzled look* sit here alone for 10 mins figureing it out lol
Sherl- the most helpful person i have ever met. crazy leveler and one of the best redmages i have ever met.
Hinomi, Keal, Samot, Cherrie Gwendolyn Embur and the list goes on ..... Hokuten Knights my family and friends the best Ls i ever had.

Tetsaiuga- the first person i ever met on ffxi even tho we had a bumpy road always great to talk to
Nymphakat and wulongpie- crazy cats.
Pandele- always willing to help out
Lukas- the elvaan that could never make up this mind on which job he wanted to be.
Streetz- great friend and very helpful. with how many question i asked him i am surpirsed i aint dead yet lol
karupt and lilbill- great ppl to hung out with and have fun with
Tanta- always there when in need of a friend to talk too.
Ewoker- my gaurdian angel
Blage- the biggest pain in my ***.
Zookz- always great to here from
Smartdrv- great pld and very helpful
i am missing so many ppl cause everyone i met on here has made this game enjoyable and fun. You all are great.

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Server: Lakshmi
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#333 Nov 06 2005 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
5 posts
Scuzzlebuns wrote: one I helped in the past several months posts here ;;.

I'm here now :)

Ok, I space out often, so if your name isn't here, it's cause my brain cells have been fried by my kids:

Scuzzlebuns-great guy :)
Othin-;) amazing
Drudogg-sweet, helpful leader
Tenmiles-wow nice
Kargth-faithfully buys my crap
Cptpanic-cracks me up
Lone-sweet even though he always forgets who I am
Givah-left but was a generous person
Pocketteddy-I miss you
Kyouichi-funny as ****
Kapilan-also funny
all the people from TyrannyofHeaven
all the rest of the RebornoftheKnights LS

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#334 Nov 09 2005 at 11:00 AM Rating: Excellent
237 posts
Lets see the how many people I will forget.

Divineknights LS - The group in whole is great I cant tell you how many hours of entertainment I have got from hanging with these guys.
Gollum - Thanks your help has been without question and above reproach I can never thank you enough.
Farcyde - Thanks also to you I have been able to get alot of things done.
Zerogohan - The master of difficult missions. Zero can get a group of people into the stickest of situations and feed blood to the mobs. He makes for fun times.
Tuluhulu - Always around but never seems to do anything (lol) but he makes me laugh
Xballerx - my fellow linguist
Ashera - Caught beween RDM and WHM she is the resident Pink mage and always avaiable till she got married now she will only help with missions and stuff.
Lizdayne - Hey sweety
Zro - hands down the master assister. If this was the NHL Zro would lead the league in assists. Totally unselfish and willing to do anything for anyone at anytime.
Gandolf/Safire - I like safire better since its a mithra. Gandy is the top of the food chain when he is on. Never fails to be there.
Artaru - Quite simply the biggest little pervert I have come across so far. A great bard who is always amusing and there to help, but only if you tell him a dirty limirick.
Hikotaka - Our fearless leader. All you have to do is ask him to jump and he will ask when can he come down. Never fails to help and always knows the right way to do it.
Coujoe - My buddy who is on a long break and is missed alot. We have had some fun times and I hope he gets back soon.

Anduril LS - I great group of people in a HNM/GOD LS. I havent been in long but have seen some great examples of teamwork and personalities. All around a great group to be around.
Aarion - I cant thank enough for his crafting expertise.
Aces - my long time partner in crime and now a THF so we are forming a syndicate (lol) great guy to now if you want to learn how to make gil.
Bracent - Leader of LS and has a great dispostion. Always trying to make sure everyone is satisfied. I mean feat but he works hard at it.
Sah-**** - loves to keep us FOCUSED and a good mission leader.
Arkana/Laniel - My CoP buddies and good players
Hightale - well lets just say he is impressive and above reproach and I am happy to know him.
Enchantertim - Is always there to help
Many More in LS that I am fast becoming friends with so please don't think I forgot about you. (Except Bastilla he is just an ***^^)


AMEDAUS - Quite possibally the best Ninja and an awesome guy. He has never failed to impress me nor denied a request for help.
ViperX and Allebemac - 2 great people I meet along the way and are real cool
Mexel of Lakshmi
#335 Nov 17 2005 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent

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Arthurdent, Mithra (not a Manthra)
#336 Nov 26 2005 at 11:10 AM Rating: Good
[/Blue]Well i was sad to read this thread and think that my name wasnt on it; ; but i dont do it for the gratitude, i do it because i can, so heres my white list.

Freakydeaky my roommate and one **** of a friend.

Boriqua, hated by most because hes misunderstood.

KHAI, one of the nicest people ive ever met, hes always been there for everyone.

Barreh, the guy who got me addicted to this game in the first place. (and amy hi XD)

Romm, who has been there for me in rl when my house burnt down, we love ya man.

Cidjagger, man your a funny guy bro one of the best drks i know.

Orlandomp, the mnk of all mnks, keep showin em how its done.

Kit and dav, u guys rock, hope to pt with u guys again soon and u guys have some addorable kids.

ok this list could get a lot too long, so im just gunna run thru as many names as i can real fast. Jay, Angelyk (ur a terrific person), mud, all the ppl from OOL, Gerbilhunters (not the first choice in ls names but it was home lol), everyone from KH! We rocked it up good back in the day, Alejandro, i aint mad atcha, all the peeps that quit Treskewl, joshueh, alviana, and way too many more.

And may our love go out to Alexie, rest in peace, your always in our hearts. Theres many more so if i didnt fit it in its nothing personal, i luv u all.

Hello, and if you know me, root for my team in royale; LakshmiOutlaws w00t!
#337 Nov 26 2005 at 10:35 PM Rating: Good
2 posts
This is my 1st post and this is my whitelist

Barius-If it wasn't for bar i wouldn't be playing FF I thank you very much for introducing me to this game. Bar has helped me out a lot also he hooked me up with some gear when i first started and showed me how things work and how to get around. Today i am still learning news things. Thank you.

Steelius-He has helped me out so much. Steel would help out pretty much anyone for free (i hope you dont get lots of /tells from people asking for help after they read this). Thank you for all of your help i wish i could have helped you as much as you helped me unfortionaly i was to low level, but catching up though. I'll be back soon!!!!

Gargemel-When ever Steel would help garg was there to with papasmurf. Steel and garg are the tanks of the LS Steel=75RDM/37NIN and Garg=75DRK/37NIN.

Sanguinarius-He has fixed my computer a many times. most of the problems he fixed within mins. LAN {Party} {When I have it?}

LS BigPimpN has helped me out also
Kamyar(i hope you dont quit)

If i didnt list you plz for give me {You can have this} power level.

70THF 57WHM 35NIN 35RNG 33WAR 30BLM 20DRG 16SMN everything else is under 10
or not unlocked
#338 Nov 26 2005 at 11:02 PM Rating: Decent
20 posts

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#339 Nov 26 2005 at 11:36 PM Rating: Decent
Scree. You the man. ^_^b
A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

Evangelios ~ Summoner 72 ~ Lakshmi
#340 Dec 10 2005 at 11:05 PM Rating: Good
185 posts
Anyone else notice someone is trolling this thread and rating people down for no reason?

Kinda sad.


/wave to all the new and old members of RebornOfTheKnights. We are making some hella good progress!

#341 Dec 10 2005 at 11:24 PM Rating: Decent
811 posts
Just went through all the pages, seems someone is rating mostly scholars down. Rated up anyone that looked like they were rated down for no reason. **** karma trolls >.<

#342 Dec 26 2005 at 6:16 PM Rating: Default
13 posts

Because im pimp and you all suck.
#343Stayhigh, Posted: Dec 31 2005 at 3:46 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ditto, what galraith said, GEEKS !
#344 Jan 16 2006 at 5:36 PM Rating: Default
539 posts
Opinicus... enough said
Eranna... she rules...

Thom - Lakshmi Server of FFXI -
#345 Jan 26 2006 at 8:11 AM Rating: Decent
258 posts

Reasons should be obvious to anyone who's partied or talked with these players. Efforts should be made to get involved in everything they're doing.
Drama Torama loves Allakazham!

Everyone pet the kitty!
#346 Jan 28 2006 at 3:44 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
So many ppl to put on my "Whitelist"! If I forget anyone, Plz plz don't be offended, it's late ^^ This game is all about the people you play with, These are my helpers, advice givers, noob question answerers, (I know, not a real word :P ).
In no particular order:

Quarrell- Beloved Husband
Chrisi- Super Sister, reason I started playing the game.
Midnitecloud- Rocking RDM <my mentor!>
Joebwan- Will give you the shirt of his back!
Gunhan- TH2 Whoooo hoooo!
Sirendipity- My cheerleader!
Solei- Can we say, loves to help!
Karupt- A big helper.
Warcraft- Major help when I started this game so long ago.
Asciepius- Mega Taru!
Taiyur- No longer playing, but never forgotten.
Metalmilita - helped me get 6 and counting testimony's for rdm.
Kagebunshin- Loves to come along to bash just about anything.
Vyalar - Dictionary of knowledge.

Ok so I know theres more. I'm sure I will edit in the morning after more thought and some sleep. Thanks to them all, I couldn't of gotten far w/o them!

Character- Jennokay
Race- Hume
Job- 72 RDM
Server- Lakshmi
#347 Mar 01 2006 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
19 posts
So I've been wanting to reply to this thread for a long time... but was having a hard time figuring out how to say thank you to all my friends for all they've done for me.. so here goes:

Joebwan, The love of my life and my favorite person, thank you for sucking me into this world! Without that I would not have met all these truley amazing people.
Jennokay, Thank you for always letting me vent and just be silly
Quarrell, Thank you for always making me feel welcome with a Siren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^
Solei, Thank you for being there for me/us in the RL ^^
Gunhan, Thank you for always making me laugh
Chrisi, Thank you for all the chit-chatting off line^^ and allowing me to be apart of this LS
Midnitecloud, Thank you for always helping me out! You and Jenn are the RDM's that I look up too!
Duzell, Thank you for all the great conversations and laughs
Kagebunshin, Thank you for being you.. lol.. I'll never forget our 1st pt together!
Jelley, Thank you for inviting me into your ls and thank you for helping me out

But 1st and foremost, thank you all for the great times that we've had and will have! Thank you all for being the fun and interesting people that you are and thank you all for all the help each and everyone of you has given me!

I know there are many more people to thank and give props to, So for those I've left out you are not forgotten, and a thank you goes out them as well!
#348 Mar 07 2006 at 5:55 AM Rating: Default
61 posts
and everyone thats has stuck with me in ShadowsClan.
plz forgive me if i have missed someones name.
Name: Blackdeath
Job: Blm/Smn lvl 75
KS30 Runs every tuesday 7:30 pm est.
HQ elemental Staffs and Igqira weskit "check"
Leader of ShadowsClan
Co-Leader of DynamisSoilders
Member of WoD
#349 Mar 07 2006 at 3:56 PM Rating: Decent
31 posts
helpful people:)
Okay all here is my list of helpful ppls who have helped me out with the game:
Atheonus (camping my pilgrims wand remember that?)
Cronosive ***** Yhoat scroll lol)
Septroth (taru whm/nin ftw)
Lemonyapple (I really do listen ^^)
Visee (she helped me with holla scroll)
Guiler (i decided to walk to jeuno as a 15 whm lmao he came and rescumed me after i got eaten by a dino)
Drakor (get yer *** back in game :)
Toppings ^^
Phildo ^^ ty for helping with G3 n' stuffs

my whole Cowboysfromhell ls:) You guys rock!!

Prolly many others but I cant remember right now lol.
****** my brain is fried.....

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#350 Mar 10 2006 at 1:06 PM Rating: Default
38 posts
Quick List:

Skaordie: He's my brother. But he's also one of two reasons I still play. I hardly have any time for he basically supplies me with all the gear/money I could need. I wub you!
Artaru: He is the second reason I still play. If it wasn't for him, Tonka would have been deleted long ago. He also supplies my needs/wants. Ska and Art are the reasons people say "whoa...leik ur rich, dood." Rich with love, my friends. Rich with love.
Ashlee: She will help anyone without question if she can. One of the most selfless players with their time I have ever met.
Alita: Sorry I got your hopes up about joining WoW. :p
Conyey: Friendly, helpful, ****...what else is there?
Coujoe (and Junker): Thanks for letting me take over the other servers on KI with you. XD I miss you!!!
Ashira: <3 the Pink Mage!
Ashido: You rule. It's pretty simple.
Hikotaka: BOOYA!!!
Mexel: Shut up. You know you heart me.
Midnhtsun: Thanks for trying to help me get my whispers. We tried anyway. XD Plus, you pwn.
Zerogohan: I like you. True story.
Divine Knights LS. We've been in this same Linkshell together for a LONG time...some of you even longer from WSC. You all rock my socks off.

Okay...there are a lot of people I am forgetting that should be on this list. Perhaps I'll add more later.
The Star Onions Linkshell
#351 Mar 17 2006 at 1:17 AM Rating: Decent
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