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#1 Nov 29 2009 at 9:55 PM Rating: Decent
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Yeah, I already posted about it what 6different times?

Sound like Rhys huh? yeah but oh well doesnt matter.

The fact is going to be returning to FFXI, still hold alot of great memories here, and think I have a few friends still playing.

I like ot believe that I left a good mark on those who knew me and closely worked with me on my near idiotic rants that i would go through.

But more on Real life situations

Main reasons why I have returned

I am currently working on a Cartoon for adult swim (trust me my art has greatly improved same with my short stories.)

And I want to give those who where there at the start of my media/arts path the heads up of my fail/success cause I find that you all need to know.

About me now:
I'm still very helpfull and on WoW as well, I do not see the border in both lines as well will be getting FFXIV and new SW. as well seems like I need to go around with thinking out side the box again by intoducing the horrible but affective job combos, like I.E: NIN/THF does work and very effective DD.
(wont change my mind on that.)

I am currently going to be working on BLU/WAR (/DNC) as a Stunlock Tank/soloist
but will be as well lvling a BLM/SCH(or /RDM) for the basic needed Nuker

I do need a Social LS and will be working towards the Endgame.
As well since the grind wont be happy for me cause sadly since how long its been my orginal account is long gone (already talked to SE about it)

So Like many of the original groups I Teamed with I am looking for a fast run to rank 5 on nations and possible CoP (I'm plenty sure I can solo the majority of the early CoP with the near perfect macros I still have typed out to make an easy rotation, but I rather do it with friends and have loads of fun with it.)

But soon as downloads and updates are finished I'll Edit in my toons name and look forward to the old adventure with old and now New friends!

(and yes this is a real return lol.)
#2 Nov 30 2009 at 9:55 AM Rating: Good
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haha...another return huh ess. Well I wish I could do the same, but I quit for good in July. I'm just waiting on the release of 14 and MAG. I still mess around on these forums tho, when I should be doing my work. At any rate, good luck on your return and hopefully see you in 14.
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#3 Dec 02 2009 at 1:13 AM Rating: Good
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Sound like Rhys huh?

Rhys has talked about returning so many times, I'll believe it when he asks me for some of his whm gear back that he gave me before he got bant. (Which would require my coming back, so... heh)

Last time I talked to him, he was playing Aion with Pappaschue, and is waiting for FFXIV like the rest of us.

A reader lives a thousand lives, the man who never reads lives only one. - George R.R. Martin
#4 Dec 03 2009 at 9:02 AM Rating: Good
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So, what's the name of your new character?
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