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Alright. So. I moved to Kujata before I quit the game a year ago. I came back now and then and played for 3-4~ days throughout that year I was gone, but always quit again. To sum it up, i'm basically about two weeks old to this game server. I really plan on staying this time. The break I had away from FFXI was refreshing and it reignited my love for the game. I'm really enjoying myself, and i'm having a blast with this Dynamis linkshell I got into. Can't wait to do my *first* dynamis beaucidine(sp?) tomorrow. Look forward to it.

Anyway, this server doesn't seem very new-user-friendly. I've been trying to make friends for a while now and i've never had such a difficult time. I made a ton on Ifrit and Lakshmi when I moved there my first few weeks on the server, but i'm having a lot more trouble on Kujata. I really don't know what it is. It's a very lonely game when you don't have any companions. I guess that's the gamble you take when you look for a new server, though, right? :P

Anyway, story time. Earlier in Meriph[tab] Mountains[S] earlier, there was a Campaign going on that ended up with Mr. Vaa Oozu the Redolent and his two scorpions of mass destruction running around and rick rolling everybody in sight. If I seen someone jump on Vaa Oozu, I would pull a scorpion away and solo tank it on my Ninja. It couldn't hit me to save it's life. It was mass miss and I could more or less just ride ichi or ni without ever having to to break a sweat. I noticed that a SMN had the same idea as me and he was carby-kiting the other one around. Then, there came Numbing Breath. 700-900~ damage and a ridiculously overpowered paralyze. This would, of course, leave me with about 200 health. So i'd be forced to run away and make the pet lose hate on me. Pet would then return to Vaa Oozu and kill the tank that was fighting him.

Okay, so...What was I do do? I noticed that no one else was really holding their own too well against those scorpions, when I went down I noticed bodys hitting the floor like sawdust falls from wood getting a chainsaw ravaged through it. Ok, maybe not that precise. But you know. So I did the next logical thing I can do. I asked if any healer or person subbing whm with paralyna would like to assist me in pulling a scorpion away. No one replied to me. I figured maybe just shout filters were on, so I asked in say about 10 minutes replys. At one point, I seriously tanked the scorpion with paralyze on me, 200 health left, and 3 or 4 others smacking it up. Healing Waltz kept getting paralyzed, and that crap has like a 14 sec CD if you get paralyzed through it.

I kept calling it out in /say. "I have 200 health left and i'm paralyzed, could I get some help?" I mean. I WAS their tank. And I noticed like, 2 whm's and a SCH there. So, why not? Nope. Nothing. I got numbing breathed again and went down. Then everyone else died, too. GOOD JOB GUYS <_<. I really have no idea why they were attacking the scorpion anyways. The Yag NM just spawns a new one shortly after. I was just attempting to keep it away from the horde of players at the yag. But. Yeah. This went on for about an hour, not really exaggerating, and I got 3400EXP when the campaign ended and I died twice. Seriously, though, if you're just going to die if i'm dead, why not heal me? Why not invite me for the Campaign? It's not like i'm going to try stalking you and your babies, and your babies babies, and rob your savings and 401k. I'm not. Really.

Anyway, I guess i'm just looking for a good social linkshell and some friends. This is becoming a very lonely game for me, lol. I'm willing to help out (Not be a slave, though ^.-). I love to level jobs, level jobs with others, and do campaign. So like, harass me in-game sometime. I seriously went all day with only getting tell's from people like Kasdfjkjkl advertising their amazing deal. *Rolls eyes*.

Ah well, take care ^.-

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Im a sack holder of a good social shell, im currently in the process of forming linkshell events with them to get things people need done, hit me up in game were not a huge linkshell, but we are good people.

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ok just letting you know that there are a bunch of up tight people on this server. Most only think of themselves. I learned this from the linkshells I used to be in. Anyways look me up I am usually on around 10-2 est pm and also through out the day on weekdays. My character name is Alastar. I am currently in a real friendly Linkshell. Just give me a shout and I will talk to you more about it.
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