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Cool Kujatans?Follow

#402 Feb 22 2005 at 8:28 PM Rating: Decent
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One person that helped me out alot is Eagleheart .
He is so cool. He helped me with my sub jobitems and my chocobo quest. And the others are

Blackmagi, who helped me out in my noob days(lol im still in my noob days ^^)

Oberone who gave me one of my first linkshells(rayed Wings)which has helped me out alot.

Sabur and jenaut who helped me out in getting my kahzam ship keys
. the also are in the Rayed Wings.

Kaen whos my best Friend on the game and my best real friend ^^.

And Laubach one of my buddies that is at the same level as me and Kaen.So we do alot of things together. ^^

Well thats all i can remember for now but i will Update this ^^.

TINA ,YOU FAT LARD EAT YOUR HAM!!!!!!!--- Napolian Dynomite ^^
I also love that movie :P

P.S. Maybe a few of these dont qualify as legands but they do to me ^^

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#403 Feb 25 2005 at 10:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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syrup is the coolest taru i know, legend in my book
Galka 75 Dragoon - Kujata
#404 Mar 04 2005 at 2:59 AM Rating: Good
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syrup is the coolest taru i know, legend in my book

Syrup is, indeed, godly.
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#405 Mar 04 2005 at 8:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Sandmann or lilSandmann is one of the coolest people I have meet on this Server. He is always willing to help anybody anytime. He is one of the people who make this game great.

I would also like to add
DcBeatz just an awesome person , alot of help.

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#406 Mar 05 2005 at 11:41 AM Rating: Good
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Syrup is, indeed, godly

Syrup's the pimpest little taru ever!!!!
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#407 Mar 07 2005 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
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The fact that im actually mentioned in this^^

My cool kujatans:

Richie/Unhappygoldfish/Borador: w/e he is going to turn into next first friend in game i ever had.

Tragic: the blm i looked up to be

Razaroic: helped me countless times... ...

Alexislucia: brd kgo
Everyone who was in Djinn
Everyone who is in Outspoken/AI
And everyone i have forgotten :X
Nezve: 75BLM/37RDM
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#408 Mar 07 2005 at 3:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Wow, different circles at different times. . . names I've never seen before. Must add from my experiences.. . .

Destl: (Creator, RealmOfDarkness) /kneel Here's a guy that goes out of his way for his LS, even when his LS doesn't always go out of it's way for him.

Dominick: (Great WHM for a Huume. . . too bad my height in numbers is higher than his MP ;)

Willlow: More than a WHM, her ptys *ALWAYS* yield mass xp

Chiomoto: your refresh is my lifeblood, the rest is icing, TY for your patience

Cloudf: Tons of heart, unquestionable loyalty. Walks through fire for friends.


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#409 Mar 08 2005 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
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Awww, Joe. ^^ Alright, I have so many people to add...

Smokingjoe - He's always been a sweetie, and helping me out by making that darkstaff for my severely underlevelled pally was... so sweet.

Imeille - My best friend and confidant. She's been there with me since almost day one.

Zanlo -My darling, no words can express my love for him.

Onimast - My silly friend I met one day in dunes with Ime.

Delmorgan, Cyrain & Flawless - They all helped Ime and I getting my utsusemi. ^^

Starry - I knew him since we were in Crimson Wanderers. Good times.

Whtknight - One of my good friends, who was also in CW.

Katrider - I'll miss him, Phantom Patriots was the best ls ever.

Odlin - Always helpful in PP, went on to be something great.

Acosta - He retired but I'll always remember his generosity.

Cuillin & Miriella - They were the ones who gave me my frist ls, CW. ;_;

Magezero - Met him through Wht, such a nice guy.

Beryle & Evenescente - Helped me get my WAR AF1.

Cerebrokhan - Always a nice guy, so mature and helpful.

I probably forgot soooo many people. I'm sorry if I forgot you. ;_;

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#410 Mar 09 2005 at 6:39 AM Rating: Decent
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i have my own list for now =)

Skylineknight *cough*braggart*cough*

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#411 Mar 09 2005 at 1:07 PM Rating: Decent
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How could I forget Jurell...the guy that one day magically appeared on a choco next to me in full SAM af! I didnt even know he was a SAM! O_O And he had been talking to my sister since she started the game!

And Rhelk!

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#412 Mar 09 2005 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
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some new additions

Xeno: the little dark knight taru that could lol

Timmons: craziest paladin I know lol

Likka: little sweetheart who tried to help me and zeig get that thing in qufim before that NM spawned (geez just totally forgot the quest name and the mob name ><)

Name: Melian
Race: Hume
Job: WHM/BLM moonlights as a THF/NIN
Location: Bastok (WOOHOO BASTOK!!)
#413 Mar 09 2005 at 3:08 PM Rating: Decent
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I want to say thanks to Yumie, she helped me get my coffer key in garlage.
#414 Mar 09 2005 at 7:58 PM Rating: Decent
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Whoo! I made it on the front page ^^ Bizznatch, i less than three you.

People I love:
Meepie - Most generous person i've met so far! Thx for the GKT
Bizznatch - Known him forever lol.
Bahgra - You WILL marry me, ***. This guy is fun as ****.
Goroccus - Destroying LS' from the ground up XD

i had atleast 5 or 6 more in mind when i started this post but i've just had a massive mental block >< sorry if i've missed anyone..
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#415 Mar 14 2005 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
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hmmm... theres a couple that I can think of...

Ruskin: Ruskin was a good friend of mine, we were in a MNK race to lvl, but he had to leave, he helped me whenever I needed it, he was a good friend.

Razvrine: Raz I didn't know personally, but, my friend Arreatschosen always spoke highly of him, hes cool.

Ixtlilton: Ix probably isn't as well known... u can see him usually out in dunes PLing random pts, he never takes any money for anything, teles, pls, nothing... he's also a good friend.

Others include


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#416 Mar 14 2005 at 6:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I like to throw this guy i just met lastnight 03/13/05. I see his name Posted already Bizznatch. I was taggin along helpin with mission 5-2 and these war Bizznatch was a real trooper! lol. He was extra helpful and didnt curse anyone out when he died TWICE! I mean how many people you know at lvl 71 dont just flip out when they die because of helping lower lvls? Bizznatch your One Cool ****! HOpe I cAn Be As CoOl as YoU! =D

Galka MNK62/Taru BLM50


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"Every Great Leader Was Once A Great Follower"
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#417 Mar 14 2005 at 7:40 PM Rating: Default
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Melian is super, she PL'd me in the dunes

Jungsik, my almighty cooking masta

more later, i gotta date lmao
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#418 Mar 15 2005 at 5:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Darin here, thought I'd throw in my opinions.

Dithera: Cool person, known a long while managed to pass me in numerious jobs.

Pinkk: First person I ever invited to my non-existant LS, was lvl 5ish back then.

Marren: One of the coolest people out there (Hint: don't tell her you got a PL).

Dide: Was gonna be my perma pld, but I stopped lvling for a little and he kept going.

Firewarrior: Me and this guy partied together back during PC launch, probably got every job capped (and i'm fighting to get drk pass 61 :S.)

Ehmkay: Known just as long as Firewarrior, were in the same party I believe. Killed one of the Treants and did Kazham Keys together.

Vash: Known longer than anyone else I've met. Met trying to figure out how to get outside from inside town. (And when we did find outside, managed to get killed a bunch cause SE played a prank and didng equip weapons for us.)

Yangli, Verenna, Redcrosss, Flowerlady: Few cool people I met in CrystalCronicles LS (theres more, but can't remember names well).

Orionstarr: First Fiance, really cool person (Impatiant so won't wait on certain people to lvl ><).

Leinadd: Awesome WHM, actually met her on airship when I was going to defeat Ifrit. She mentioned something about going camping.

Arcillea: Really really nice person, very shy though, if you see her say "HI" :D.

Ngazi: Someone I've known for a long while, awesome person. Great brd too.

Selwyn: Absolute badass and all around cool person, luv her to death.

Vipper: Awesome person, fun to hang out with.

Harbinger: Helped me and Val out a bunch went through the Promy's together. Also did a few BCNM's together.

Valine: Currently engaged too, still havent decided wedding date. Way too awesome a person (Why else would I be merrying her).

People of XxEliteSlayersxX
Colasice: Cool guy, won't give me his Scorpion Harness (I need it worse ;D)
Pimpin: Sort of a joker in the LS, really dont see him on much anymore.
Priestess: Cool person, done a few BCNM20's with her.
Spiritdust: Dont see her on the LS much anymore, cool person none-the-less.
Chronochaos: Cool Crazy little Tarutaru "Dude".
few others to mention, but they're not online right now and as said before, bad memory ;D.


Myself Darin, cause I think I'm cool as ****. (thanks a bunch for not mentioning me a-holes :P lol j/k /pokes everyone, ya know I like ya.)
#419 Mar 19 2005 at 3:33 PM Rating: Decent
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In no particular order:

Khalil - crazy pld and ninja

Odoyle - 75blm 100Clothcrafter, STD *****

Mallie - Had 7 or 8 different crafts at level 60, awesome person

Syrup - minimallie

Justinp - minikj

Pandaman - helped my on AF run, pimpin mnk

#420 Mar 20 2005 at 3:19 AM Rating: Decent
24 posts
Osiecki, Insaneskippy, Kaythancks, and Cartmanlee

#421 Mar 20 2005 at 8:39 PM Rating: Decent
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I like to hear that you people consider your friends legends in their own right, so now i believe i should tell you mine.

Jurell: My friend through thick and thin, always been there for me when he could, and never left me hanging. He has helped me with rank, af, quests, tele's you name it. Even as i kept switching jobs, he would tell me "keep at it till you find the job you like", and then he would say, "i'm there for ya". The thing that i admire most about my friend, is he helps not only me, but he helps me, help my other friends. He does it, without asking for anything in return. He is one of the people i have the utmost respect for on the kujata server.

Mountaindewer: I first meet MD in valkurm dunes, then i made another character soon after and didnt see him for a while, till i ran into him in jueno as my character Riddik, and he too has been there like Jurell has been there alot for me since then, helped me with my pld af1, helped me with missions and ranks, and quests. Another person i can go to and rely on to be there when i really need him.

Vandell: One of the best, Heh what can i say his ecouraging words and actions helped me through a lot of hard time and problems, on and off the game. He said this to me once "I want to be strong enough to help you whenever you need it." a commitement he has kept and has not broken His ultimate goal is 75, so at that point he can help anyone who needs him. His ambitions are great and inspire many, including me.

Eonrift: I recently meet him, when i was lv 37 with my mnk character, and am now lv 60, He is a pld and a **** good one at that. He is the one that led me to get my rank mission done, flawlessly, he has helped me on my afs through the 50's, now i'm the same lv as him. We pt together, do missions toghether quests and more quests. He helps anyone who needs help and asks for it, even so most of the time he offers to help. He is a really great guy, and i respect him alot.

Zesis: Another one of my best Friends on the game, through thick and thin he has stuck with me since we meet. He also helped me with rank 5 and we are the same lv as well, Eon, Zesis and i pt together on a constant basis, and he too helps many people on a regular basis, usually when you see the one of the three of us, the other two arent far behind helping out as well.

Cdog: Heheh My best friend in real life can be stuck up sometimes in the game, especially since he is a 75 rdm, and i should be up there with him. Just a little dissapointed in how i kept switching jobs, but i tell ya, probably one of the most dependable people when it comes to gettin stuff done, and he does it with finess and he does it quickly. So all my props to him.

Fuhma: My mentor, he has always given me advice on monk, and has helped in many occasions, if i look up to anyone in my job its fuhma, the greatest monk ive seen, and with all due respect, i am striving to be better than even him, dont mean to be arrogant if i made it seem that way, but that is my goal. He has set the bar for me, and he acknoledges that, and he is encouraging me to do so. He, is my mentor, and a great friend.

Muurr: Talking to her, makes my day. I have to say... she is the most influential person in this game, she may have not always been strong enough to help, but she would anyway. I met Muurr in yhutunga jungle as my character riddik, and we are still close friends today. I could never turn my back on her, becuase she would never do that to me. We go out places just to hang out, and do stupid stuff (lol) she cracks me up. Sometimes she keeps me sane. When i'm hanging out with her tensions ease up, and i just have a good time. I help her, and she helps me. In ways being with Muurr fills up voids that are there most of the time. Muurr isnt just a legend, she is a hero to me. She doesnt hesitate to help people, and many people will admit to that. One person i couldn't regret dying for, is Muurr. She is one of the greatest people i know.

These people you can consider legends in the making, they continue to help others with asking for little or nothing in return, Me myself i love helping people. Not many people post on the forums can tell how i've helped them, but it doesnt matter, but if anyone needs help sometime dont be afraid to send me a /tell, i like to help people, because of the influence that the people above have had on me.^^
#422 Mar 20 2005 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
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Oh yea forgot to say, my name is Sanouske I am now Mnk lv 60/30 war, Seen you all running around in Jueno before... once or twice. Next time i'll wave to you.^^
#423 Mar 21 2005 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
100 posts
woot!! riddik,wow havent seen that name in a while sup san :)
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#424 Mar 21 2005 at 12:14 PM Rating: Decent
34 posts
Acosta did turn in to quite the good player. I still remember explaining "signet" to him in west ron.
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#425 Mar 21 2005 at 3:03 PM Rating: Decent
218 posts
Hmmm... so hard to remember any names at my ripe old age...

Cheipei, of course. Don't remember exactly when I met you, but it's always nice to bump into you.

Onimast, for always waving to each other without remembering how we know each other. Oo;;

Sady, my shell-bearer, and reason I have most of my AF now.

I know that there are others, but I'm at a loss for names now.

The fact that I haven't seen myself listed tells me that I need to get myself high enough to actually be useful to all the rest of yas. >>;

*sniffle* guess I'm gonna hafta be a zone guard in the jungle a lot more. ~^
#426 Mar 23 2005 at 4:10 AM Rating: Decent
59 posts
Dinh - uber Monk, you have showed me how to love and hate this game. When you see him slap him for me...

- uber Dragoon, you have "tea-baged" me from day one @$$.

Ervine - Can I get a Server up in here?

Tatako - More than words can say. Tatako I owe you so much.

Ariana - Great friend thanks for being there when I needed you.

Rhogan - Great WHM and a great friend. Take the dress off so you wont get it dirty =P

Sirclonebr - You n00b. Thanks for keeping me from pulling my hair out.

Ruskin - We miss you...

If I forgot anyone /slap me in game I will add more later =P.
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#427 Mar 23 2005 at 12:54 PM Rating: Decent
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Mutilator: just ran into him in Ru'Lude Gardens one night, and ever since then just kept talking ^^ he's taken time out of his busy leveling life to just come hang with me, he's helped me with several quests, and is there when I just need someone to talk to... *BIG HUG* to him ^_~
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#428 Mar 23 2005 at 2:17 PM Rating: Decent
128 posts
Lets see...... O-N-I-M-A-S-T this guy is so cool. but for some strange reason whenever I see him he runs away. I'm not stalking him....... just sort of following him....



Kyudo. Met him in a party in Terrigan, cool WHM and he knows his stuff. Great player and great person.
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#429 Mar 23 2005 at 5:57 PM Rating: Decent
97 posts
Thanks for putting off <sky> for me to get my coffer key at Eldieme when no one else would think of going down there with me.

Thanks for being a true gentlemen and friend though I'm lousy at /tell-ing back at times.

I don't think MPK-ing is ever OK. But you MPK-ed in my honor when someone /slap-ped me for no reason. (That'll teach em to not camp on the ice @ Qufim -- oops, /ma Bind Banshee.)

And lastly, for everyone who makes this game fun and enjoyable, community-oriented, and well-accomplished or new, you are all legends in your own right. Making this game worthwhile happens because of you all! ^^

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#430 Mar 23 2005 at 10:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Klinkus great thf and gotta give a shout out to my Bro, help me since i've started

Phaygen awesome drk and a good friend

Ariana awesome whm and always there if i need her.

Dinolie crazy rdm =P good friend and great person to talk to

Oh there are many others but i can't think of them right now >.<
Sorry to all who i didn't mention but thanks for being great friends ^^ hope to see you all around

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#431 Mar 23 2005 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Inside is a cool kujatan *nodnod*
#432 Mar 25 2005 at 12:53 PM Rating: Decent
117 posts
*sniff* that was such a sweet post Sano! *tear*
wait a second...I'm not on there! HEY!!!! >:(
Lol! Just kidding! I dont know how I forgot you on my postings Sanouske! but um....yeah...>_>
I officially hand you, Sanouske, my title as the best Monk in all of Vanadiel! Just until I get my AF and then you have to give it back! :p
#433 Mar 25 2005 at 4:01 PM Rating: Decent
46 posts
*blushes* ok Sanouske how am I supposed to respond to that other than: Thank you very much =^.^=

I have learned that amazing people come out of nowhere when you have to do lvl 50 cap break quest and others go in hiding for very good reason (pappy is an evil item and should be banned from speech and erased from internet gaming history). So thank you to you wonderful people who are helping me simply because you can! These people include:

Jurell =^_^=
Slator: one of 3 galkas Muurr is not afraid of =^_^;=
Hellsmasher: YAY for 75!!!!!!
Sanouske (I know, I know! you haven't helped yet but you want to, its not your fault I'm playing at difficult times lol).

There are others but I can't remember how to spell their name =>.<= Sorry =T.T=

"Not all who wander are lost"
But I am =^_^= Muurr
#434 Mar 28 2005 at 2:52 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
#435 Mar 28 2005 at 10:35 PM Rating: Decent
173 posts
awww poor az. dont worry man, I'll mention ya :)

also wanna mention everybody in EmpireOfTheNight. The ls just started up a week ago, but i already feel like we are a family. Everybody in there is really great.

Thank you all for making my first attempt at an LS turn out to be so great in so little time.
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#436 Apr 01 2005 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
8 posts
Hello Kujata. I just wanted to list all the people who I think are cool. Really sorry if I missed anyone ^^;

Button - I remember when we first met, I was a noob thief inside the jungle. You powerlvled my whole party and was inside my first LS I ever had.

Cctk - I met you when Button invited me to do BCNM 20 before they gimped it. You helped me unlock my current job I play. I hope you return back to the game soon.

Aoyama- we first met inside a JPN party where I thought everyone was JPN but me and it looks like I was wrong. It was a good party inside Sau-[tab] campiegn. You ran out of shieshi so I gave you a stack and we've been friends ever since.

Manque- yes! I'm still mad at you manque! Haha just kidding.

Matsujin- a cool person to talk to, always there to help when needed and a person to loan gil to lol.

Tessius- also a cool person, man that peacock charm and scorp harness is looking nice on ya.

Sheeru- congrats on 75 you *******. Hurry up and get your NIN to 56 so we can party.

Contractkiller- you have to be one of the quickest levelers I know. Going from 67-70 in one is amazing. And for some reason, you get extremely lucky when it comes down to gil :P

Kawaiibubbles- you were inside my first LS as well, I remember we first met inside Qufim when I didn't know what a Spike Necklace was lol. Have fun leveling DRG ^^

Zarish- sucks you quit the game, hope you return soon.

Xiiera- you've probably have to be one of the nicest people I've ever met on this server, wish there was some way to repay you back.

Zelfina- we've known each other for a long time now, from when we first claimed VE together to when got slaughtered by that big dragon inside Kuftal.

Brieze- has to be the coolest person on the server. We go back to our LaSombra days, I think that was the first time I ever farmed when I was with you O_o lol.

Sinister- you helped me get my subjob item lol. First time I seen samurai AF, I was only lvl 17 so of course I was impressed. You also invited me to my first LS -XxElitexX- I think, been a while. Hope you come back to FFXI again.

Saytin- you always take the time to wave to me inside jueno, I also remembered when you basically -forced- me to be leader of a party which is not me but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought lol.

Pidgeon- you are one crazy *** woman lol. There's always a good time when your around.

Nalun- I'm surprised your still playing lol, always talking about how much the game bores you and such, well its a good thing you didn't, its funny hearing what's wrong with you because its always something new.

Griffin- if this isn't one person that's always ********* I'm still stuck on that **** part in FF tactics >.< lol.

Gryphn- STALKER! Lol.

Meow- Well, you've always talked about how quitting, didn't really think you would but you did ; ;. You'll be missed!
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#437 Apr 01 2005 at 3:30 PM Rating: Decent
454 posts
I never posted on this thread. But I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who has been nice to me over my year experience in the game that made my time on FFXI worthwhile. I may not play anymore, but heart goes out to you guys. Thanks for being my friends.

-Kenneth -Kujata-(retired)
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#438 Apr 01 2005 at 5:00 PM Rating: Decent
100 posts
Chepeepe- the most kind hearted person in all of Vana'deil

Demonwrath- you are dearly missed

- Never could have made it without you

Janey- always there for you on those long lonley nights

Valantinius- Quite possibly the most irritating guy on the server, and the most endearing

Ernhardgunter- A pillar of stability and the calmest man I know under presure

Findley- where are you my wisest friend

Dond- we love him because he is everyman or at least as we would want them to be

Akaamaru- b/c he is just a cool cool cat

and to all those Mages who rasied me while I died pulling in the CRAWERS NEST Thank you


Windcrane Kujata
AKA: Silvermane
#439 Apr 01 2005 at 9:47 PM Rating: Decent
144 posts
Xing: One of the pimpest samurai i know my master dewd too ^^ and Leader of my ls

Rholin: Also in my ls has helped me on so many things o.O;; And has leveled faster then any thing i can ever hope to... YOU AND YOUR **** MANABURNS!

Exevier: My student AND best bait to get he sea horror to spawn...

Eagleheart: Random friend always will to help do almost anything and uses as many weird smile dewds as me

Emilie: Fusion Buddy!!!

Cerebrokhan: always a pimp guy to hang around with and funny as ****


Spiritdust( I've know you since i started ffxi way back in the bastok mines)
Yukii(Get your *** off shiva ><)

& everyone else i forgot!

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Thanks to Eagleheart,Yuukun,Remaro,Destynova,Rholin,Kucha,
Goken, Tadekatsu for helpin with my hauby :D!

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Cubby, Cubby, and um... Cubby

Oh, I almost forgot Cubby

But here are some more Cool peeps that arent named Cubby


**** I have more but cant remember um...I'll be back u'll see
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I guess I'll name a few off the top of my head.

Xing: Cool random funny dude, talkative and just nice to hang around with ^^ been my best friend for quite a while.

Evilduck: Another fun guy to hang 'round with. Talkative and nice (*'-') you can also make some funny typos with his name. U is right next to I and E is right next to F. You can figure out the rest.

Juntao & Atlas: Mentioned together since I met them together. We manaburn together sometimes on weekends for fun with other BLMs on the server. Really good guys, cool to be around. Atlas is fookin rich >.>

Goven: Awesome Elvaan THF. Very fun to talk to, extremely random guy.

Zdpooman: Sorta like Goven except more dark XD Very good friend of mine... also leaving the game ; ; we're gonna miss ya Zd.

Odinn: Random Taru I met a long time ago.

Cerebrokhan: Good DRK, comes in my linkshell sometimes :O

Kyuzo: Some SAM I met a very very long time ago when I died to a goblin and he fell directly on top of my body. Mebbe he fell on mine, not sure. Anyways, not sure how that sparked a friendship but it did.

Liptonice: Used to play on Jjlipton. Cool guy, known him forever. Fun to be around. Goes "@.@;" a lot.

Catcobain: Known him since... long long time ago... possibly back to the Hustlas linkshell when that was still around. Saw him recently fishing on the boat while I was randomly camping the Sea Horror in a suicide attempt.

Exevier: Xing's friend, cool guy. He's absentminded and hard to help, since trouble seems to latch itself onto his leg and go with him everywhere. Still fun to talk to.

Eliasr: Awesome PLD and good friend of mine. Very helpful, and seems to always be helping with something in Eldieme o.O Decent smither too ^^

Yahikosan: Just saved my party's **** after a Lemures used sleepga, felt like mentioning him just because.

Faprevian: A completely random MNK07 I just found using /sea all 7. I don't know him, I don't think I ever will. But maybe he'll read this and think "Coo beans."

And anyone else I forgot, which is probably like 4/5 of my friend list. I suck at remembering names >.> just slap me later. ^^

Kujata for teh win (>'-')>

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dunno if i ever posted her on here before


she quit FFXI tonite... and gave me her hauby...

she will be missed, and will always have been my favoite JP player i know
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Hmmm...lets see the coolest people in my time of playing FFXI would have to be Kahumanu,Skeet,Kengo,Piffo,Aredhel,Chronospike,Donniebrasco,Muur,Melian,Zeigfred,Likka,Kingkillaz,Zuul(really cool guy but never on),Pandorii,Abyssal,Starry,Vadim,Azam,Scary,Lordofthedisc, oh and Kubei. well thats all I can remember in my long time away from FF they're cool and funny. Hope to see you all when I get back, if I get back.
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Hmm... Well, I have a long list of Kujatans I could put here, but I'm lazy so I won't.

I guess I'll just put a few XD

Xing: A coo guy. Good friend IRL as well as in-game :O He's my master's master and though he could be a bit more helpful, (he knows my reputation with trouble) he's still fun to hang around, talk to, and go do random things for fun with. (And he helped me with my Samurai job quest that somehow took over 7 hours! XD)

Rholin: When I first started playing, Xing introduced me to Rholin while helping me with my Missions. At the time, I wanted to be a DRK and at the time, Rholin was. (He's changed jobs and leveled jobs way up there quite a bit.) So I'm like "Rholin, you're my idol!" and I dunno, we just became friends XD. We were in the same LS with Xing for a while, then eventually started a new one on our own. Rholin and I have done a few randomly memorable things, such as the original Sea Horror incident. (That's a story for another time. Or another thread. Somewhere. Here. On this site. Anyways.) But yeah, Rholin's a helpful cool guy that's fun to talk with and levels unnaturally fast. (Also helped with the quest, though he apparently spent the whole time until the fight afk looking at... stuff... on the internet >.> Silly Rholin.)

Evilduck: This dude is my master! :O Yeah, I met him in a LS somewhere sometime. When he came in the LS and I first saw his name I just sat there. Then I just kinda bursted out laughing like crazy. I didn't really talk to him much after that, but then he came into my current LS again and we became friends :O Then he decided to leave to another server for unsaid reasons and we all had this ceremony for him. I gave this speech about how he was coo and stuff. Then, as the night went on, everyone else gave speeches and then next thing I know, it's the next morning, I'm sitting up, I have a bump on my head, and my TV's on saying I got d/ced from the internet like every morning at 6. So then I realize I had spontaneously fallen asleep that night and I'm like "Oh no! I didn't tell Evil bye! And he's gone! And I fell asleep mid-ceremony! I missed the after-party! Gah!" So I log on to find him there, tell him what happened, he starts laughing and says everyone convinced him to stay. So then he was my master in the way of the Samurai after also helping me with the ridiculously long quest. We also seem to always run into each other somehow at the strangest places and go skill-up until we get parties for fun! Yeah, we've done some crazy stuff and he's pretty cool.

I'm getting lazy now so I'll just shoot off some more names of coo people without reasons. lol

Jjlipton or Liptonice or whatever he is now.
Ellanore:Eh, I felt like she deserved a description. I met her while trying to form a party in the Dunes one day with my Warrior after starting over. I was fearing the worst with it being the Dunes, of course. After talking with her a bit I found that she was actually pretty cool and fun to talk with :O She's American, but living temporarily in Japan, and she helped me talk to a Japanese guy to persuade him to join our party, too lol. She likes to Role Play a lot and she's fun to talk to and be around :O (I am now attempting to match her skills in the Japanese laguage! Well... in a way.)

And I'm getting lazy so I'm done lol.
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Yanami - yachan is a kickass sam, so much fun to talk to. I helped her get AF2 and she helped me get that ******* Papy and subsequently got me into the Griblin LS (which i REALLY love..)

Geneaux - Funny kid! he's an aussie too, and he's a newbie so I have an excuse to level my low jobs. (if only he didnt win so many lots.. :P)

Pinkk - coolest high level i know. I randomly threw out a request for help on my sam af2 @ valkurm and (even though she was LFG on her BLM she offered to bring her 75pld) and yes she is hella pimp :D Mithra + sunglasses plus Massive sword ALWAYS = pimp. I got a good laugh when she jokingly offered to train on the newbies to watch them scramble :P

Dagoth - I've never seen you before in all my 2 or so years of gaming, but all of a sudden the last 2 weeks we've done a ******** of stuff together! Lots of fun.

Mbeeston - This guy just plain kicks ***.. i met him randomly PL'ing a group in valkurm many months ago and now he helps me out alot and just chat away in /L

this is all i can think of for the current time..

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I love Jackietreehorn because he is servile to Thursday. /grin.
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Syrup-sweetest taru in all of Vana'diel (gave me leaping boots, emperor's hairpin and most of my gear..hehe), took the time to explain how not to be a sucky blm! made the game more enjoyable and pretty much the reason i didnt quit ffxi~ Syrup-n-Waffles 4E!!!

Bacon-always there when I needed to exp/pl,helped me get rank 4 :-)

Ayesha- sexiest mithra in all the land!, helped us lower levels get rank 4!!! Thanks a bunch!

Kjartemis- hottest hume ever!!!!!!LOL

Donuts-(lil bro) has potential to be a great samurai or long as he listens to Syrup and

and lastly
Odoyle always been nice to me whenever I saw him and really generous for no reason at all! Thanks Odo and good luck!
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okeoke i'll take a go Too

cool peeps in my books (cant remember all and please dont forsake me if i spelled names wrong)

i'll start off with

Contractkiller: he's in harmony LS, well thats where i know him from. he's just nuts n giggles n fun to have around and very helpfull too

Cementicks: great monk that who once was at the same lvl as i was but and now he's a 75 monk ***** you) great guy no atitude good friend

Perkins: Funny guy good monk too also surpassed me (maybe its me O_o) just takes the game as A GAME and plays it that way.

Wally: leader of Harmony LS very helpfull and just totaly relaxed

Dominick: great guy spends a lot of his time helping others.

Lordnord (dont think he still plays) great guy that apreciated me and a very joyfull guy.

Felecia: well what can i say ^_^' a friend in RL is a friend in game ^_^ (help me out more meighn T_T)

Cloudf: cool friend and a tough guy to bad he quit the game T_T (do the homecomming thing dude)

garrouthar: he was the only friend i had when i started this game way back always super friendly and caring, helpfull and more. The only person i still regret leaving this game, he got a full time job. Hope you done well man and still do and always will.

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Chepeepe- the most kind hearted person in all of Vana'deil

Demonwrath- you are dearly missed

Saeiko- Never could have made it without you

Janey- always there for you on those long lonley nights

Valantinius- Quite possibly the most irritating guy on the server, and the most endearing

Ernhardgunter- A pillar of stability and the calmest man I know under presure

Findley- where are you my wisest friend

Dond- we love him because he is everyman or at least as we would want them to be

Akaamaru- b/c he is just a cool cool cat

and to all those Mages who rasied me while I died pulling in the CRAWERS NEST Thank you


Yeah what she said... and I'm totally not irritating... I've loved hated you and begun liking you again, level 1-30 woulda sucked without you, 30-55 did suck without you... here's to 20 more spent with our ls, lets somehow make it great Silver... as friends.

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Letsee... ^^

Tolstoy: He's quit now, but probably 20 days of my playtime were spent chatting it up with him. XD

Xenowolf: Whenever I'm in Jeuno I can't help but think of you. :D

Richie: My model WHM turned PLD. ^^

Ertyu: A great dragoon...

Aoyama: Giiiiiiiiirl! XD

Too many too name.
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Letsee... ^^

Tolstoy: He's quit now, but probably 20 days of my playtime were spent chatting it up with him. XD

Xenowolf: Whenever I'm in Jeuno I can't help but think of you. :D

Richie: My model WHM turned PLD. ^^

Ertyu: A great dragoon...

Aoyama: Giiiiiiiiirl! XD

Too many too name.
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