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Old vet returning to FFXI after the flopp that is FFXIVFollow

#1 Oct 27 2010 at 12:11 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all, I've recently decided to come back to FFXI after whats been just over 2 years now. After discussing options with other forum members elswhere on this site, (who have been very helpful in regards to explaining what new add on packs ect I need to buy and going somwhere to explain how the game has changed since I left for that I am most greatfull)

Anyway, I had been playing for little over 4 1/2 years before I quit and had 2 characters, Main one was a little squirt of a tarutaru called Quatra on this very server (ifrit) Have several jobs @ 75 (yes I know, I have to lv them all up to 85 now ; ;) and was at the time, very experienced at all things Vana'diel.

Having moved World of Warcraft for a bit and yeah, I wont slag it off it is a very good game but it's all a bit "Samy" for me, & after the utter dissapointment that is FFXIV for which I quit FFXI for, (Wont go there, but taking a **** in the middle of the antartic with a copy if gardners world & lisning to the tellytubby album would be more entertaining imo) I decided to pop to the POL website and to my amazment, see a **** load of updates and new stuffs that I haven't got a sodding clue about. And I like LEARNING :)

This kinda makes interested to the idea of exploring Vana'diel once more.

Now I will be returning as a naked taru (OMG Close eyes!!!!!) but I don't plan to sit on my **** and do nothing and have things handed to me. I have the best part of a week off from work and plan to grind myself some gil and lvls and get myself some half decent gear,

but what bothers me is, "Am i going to be able to get into a half decent linkshell?"

Now I guess all Im asking is the same as all the other newbs or returning vets which is, "Get me a ls that is ******* ubber, and gimme gears" well I cannot lie, that is what we all want, but I don't expect to be handed stuff on a plate (I did run a successful HNMLS in the past, I know the score)

Is there any such linkehsll, or even a half decent social ls (The term social ls to me usually means players that do their own things and dont really do things together, or maybe go hunt leaping lizzy as an "Event" no offence, I'm not a l33t snob but I do like to get things done :)) If there is a social or any other linkshell that will be willing to help an old vet get back into the game I would be very greatfull.

I will be downloading and buying a new copy of the game later tonight (Hopefully, if my money goes in earlier :) ) if not tomorrow. And I cannot stop grinning for some insane reason. Old memories I guess.

Take care all, sorry this is such a long read lol.

See you around,

#2 Nov 01 2010 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
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Wow, I can't believe how dead this forum is :P

Server's not much better either :/ Figured I'd get things i need solo and probably gonna go for a xfer,
I've applied for ls's and been turned down because they want to stay small? seriously lol.
what's a decent populated server -.-
#3 Nov 01 2010 at 6:09 PM Rating: Good
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There are people on Ifrit still, though I'd say more NAs left for FF14 than JPs--on the odd weeknights I wake up at 3 or 4 a.m. for no reason I always find 2000+ people online while checking on the status of my Bazaar.

A naked character with only jobs in Lv.75's not able to get into hardcore endgame LSs shouldn't be a surprise. Unless you have connections with people/leaders in those shells, you can only expect the privileges of serving as a slave for one month ("trial period") if and only if you have the exact job(s) and merits (and Atmas) wanted along with all the top notch gear.

And, with an attitude like:
quatraa wrote:
even a half decent social ls (The term social ls to me usually means players that do their own things and dont really do things together, or maybe go hunt leaping lizzy as an "Event"

You probably won't attract many "social LS" either.

* * *

I do agree forum 44 is pretty dead; it's been far from lively for years.
Itazura of Ifrit
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