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Making a old game feel new again. 2003 playerFollow

#1 Apr 01 2009 at 4:20 PM Rating: Good
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So i have been a long time fan of final fantasy, and i recall when i heard FFXI was out and was online. i think i was like 15-16 and saved up the 100$ to buy the hard drive for the ps2. I just got it for xbox 360 and 4 expansions for 15 bucks... jeez...

It has been bothering me that there are no great rpg's for the 360 and i started looking at ffxi to see its status and i cant believe its still striving. Anyways i remember how much fun i had playing this game and missed that feeling. I had a lvl 67 redmage that went by the name Chosen and i think i was on Unicorn server and then transferred to Remora when it was free.. just wondering if i can get that toon back, havnt had it since 2004...

Okay so its april 1st 2009 and i want to make a comeback to the game. After 4-5 yrs i finally have the free time to play. Status NooBie and wondering what servers are noobie friendly and i guess economically stable. Also looking for guidance in what direction i should head.

Making a old game feel new again.
#2 Apr 02 2009 at 5:30 AM Rating: Good
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When i started, about a year ago Ifrit was really good to me. Not very many people on this server but over all it has been a good avenue for starting out in the game IMO. Hope to see you around! Btw my name Is Ladren /tell me if you decide on Ifrit ill be happy to help you out
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Server Ifrit

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#3 Apr 02 2009 at 6:47 AM Rating: Decent
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check out my thread about returning lol

any time you want to play i will party with you - i am an east cost time zone but usually on from 430pm-10/11pm if possible

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#4 May 18 2009 at 9:06 AM Rating: Good
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Man its been awhile, I too started in 03 was 13, now im 18 :D

Played a 75 RNG, He was named Santos if anyone remembers :D

not sure if I want to start playing again alot has changed since i quit ;p

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