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Anyone interested new limbus shell?Follow

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I am trying to see if I can gather 10-15 people who want to go twice a week to a late night limbus, late night being between 10 and 11 pm pst entry. If I cant get people for late night we can try early morning. That would be 9am-10am pst.

Currently I go with my ls driven but with my work schedual I am lucky to get into 1 omega run every month... and never make the ultima's. I will try to pick two days a week that I can get the most people. This shell will try to do 3 omega to every 1 ultima, I am only saying this now because in my experience the amount of people wanting ultima over omega drops is alot lower. This may change depending on how many people we get and what there wishlists look like.

I will assign up to 3 sac holders aside from myself. On runs where something comes up and I cannot make it These sacs will see what zones we need and divide the groups accordingly. The ultiamte goal of these limbus runs will be collecting ultima and omega sets as quickly as possible. If this means we can send 2 blm and a rdm into Apollyon NW (king's) while the rest of the group goes and knocks out a different zone also in Apollyon then we will. This will allow us to collect 2 zone chips in the span of one night of limbus.

All Omega and Ultima items will be collected by myself or one of the sac's. We will complete each set on one person at a time. When we have 2 complete sets of either limbus mega boss we will schedual the next two runs dedicated to the fights.

1) Every run you will be issued one point for attendence.

2) All ABC's will be divided up among the attending people for each run.
-When groups split to knock out multiple zones all coins will be gathered and pooled to be split among all who entered.

3) One person will lead each run, That is the only person giving orders, and only person opening chests unless you recieve previous instructions.

4) Af upgrade pieces will have 3 steps for lotting.
-1- Person with opposite item.
-2- No one has second item, and you can use.
-3- Rot.
~If you recieve an af upgrade piece by any step other than rot you will recieve one less ABC from the allotted total of each member.

EX- Person A lots Thf upgrade piece, He has the Temenos piece and this will complete his set. When the coins are totaled and passed out he recieves one less. So if everyone is getting 4 coins the thf will only recieve 3.

Ultima and Omega lotting:

Before each Omega/Ultima run members will send the current sac their bid of one homam/nashira piece. The bid will be subtracted from their total points if the item drops. There will be NO tiers, its to easy for one person to get to far ahead and dominate all pieces on consecutive Boss runs. This system will allow each member to decide how much a piece matters and how much they are truly willing to commit. If you recieved a piece from either Boss you will have a one boss hold before you can bid again. So if u get the Homam legs on one night the you must attend one boss run before your able to lot again. There will be NO penalty on any rot piece of boss gear. Once a piece is declared rot please only lot if you can use and will use.

This system will reward the dedicated and allow anyone to decide what piece truly matters. If you bid conservatively you might not win and if you bid wrecklessly you may find yourself so far down u cant win a bid for many runs.

If you currently have no experience with limbus then now is your chance to learn. Heres some help:

I will not tolerate selfishness or abuse. While there is no language filter for this shell PLEASE keep your baggage outside. You can claim it after you have removed the pearl again.

I would like to have no more than 1 alliance of people for this. Depending on how many responces I get I will see where we go next. Please state your name and Jobs you are willing to use. PLEASE do not complain about jobs you are asked to bring. If you state it please be willing to use it!

Heres the Loot!

These rules are subject to change. Just preliminary ideas.

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GZ does limbus @ 10 am pst (1 pm est, 6pm gst). Check if you are interested.
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I'm interested, depending on which nights.

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