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Looking For Playing Partners (JST)Follow

#1 Aug 07 2007 at 1:25 AM Rating: Excellent
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My char name is Wain, and I recently had to move to Japan a few months back due to work related reasons. Lately I'm founding out that logging to ffxi is becoming extremely boring for me due to the language barrier with JPs and timezone difference with my fellow LS mates. Normally when I log during weekdays it's just me sitting in my LS shell all alone. I do have a few JP friends who barely speak english but it still is not enough to make daily ffxi activities fun as they all work until late night and have prior scheduled events almost every night. I love my LS and my LS mates feel sympathetic toward to my situation but there really is nothing that they can do.

You can only seek for LFG and put Merits into your jobs so much - until it gets to the point of pure boredom, then it becomes an issue.

I'm just curious if there is anyone out there on this server that plays at a wee hour, or wierd hour, or in the same situation as I am, who would like to do stuffs together in a daily basis. I have a variety of Lv75 jobs at disposal. It doesn't matter what kind of stuffs, I'm just simply bored.

If anyone wanna get together, pls send me a tell in game or you can message to my account name Raymu.

Sorry for the long post, and thx for taking time to read^^
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