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the below text was pasted from BM's forums, if you want an app, goto

Welcome to BlackMateria linkshell of Gilgamesh server! First off, We are a friendly family type Abyssea event/social linkshell. Ran by veteran players that remember where they came from. We all want to have fun and help each other as a team to succeed in FFXI. In this post I want to go over our reasonable rules to assure that players understand the way we want this to be a successful and fun event linkshell.

1) Profanity IS allowed to a certain extent unless a player gets offended by the word(s), then we ask that you tone it down a bit. Racial slurs on the other hand will NOT be tolerated.

2) If you have any drama or past drama with another member, please we ask you to keep it in /tell. Trolling or arguments will NOT be tolerated in /linkshell or /party.

3) All BlackMateria events are mandatory unless you have a real life matter or technical issues with the game. Remember, real life comes first. If you can't make it, just let one of the sacks know.

4) All pop items and high currency items will be obtained by a leader or sack and moved to the linkshell's bank character to assure we can continue to fund our events. There may be rewards in the future at the end of each month depending on the type of events we do.

* If you can meet these few requirements and still interested in being a member of BlackMateria, fill out the form below by Copy and Pasting in a new topic.


Character Name:

Level 65+ jobs:

Previous or other event linkshell(s):

What time zone are you in?

List your Relic weapons if any:

Is this your first Abyssea event linkshell?

Available playtime schedule:

There are many lotting systems out there that work great, and some fail and cause problems between members. This lotting system I will explain is very simple and flawless and will make attending events a lot of fun.

* This system works on points. Points are obtained by attending any Abyssea events BlackMateria may have, including experience parties, notorious monsters, quests or even just hanging out together doing nothing.

* One(1) point will be obtained every half hour of events. For example: Four(4) hours of event time from which you have Visitant Status will bring you eight(8) points. So when you first get Visitant Status, your time starts and your first point will be obtained thirty(30) minutes later.

* Points will be accurately recorded after each event and be updated in forums so you can check your points balance anytime.

* If you are unable to attend a full thirty(30) minutes of your first point, that point will NOT be obtained unless you are Five(5) minutes of reaching that point. For example: If a player has to disband from event and has attended twenty-five(25) minutes of that first point, He/she will be eligible for that point. Anything less than twenty-five(25) minutes, your point will not count.

* Spending your points are very simple as well as obtaining them. Abyssea notorious monsters(NM) drop items that are Rare/Ex and items that can be sold for Gil at the Auction House(AH). All items that fall from Abyssea fiends can be bought with your acquired points you've accumulated.

* All items have a set points price of four(4) points. So if you would like to purchase a treasure that drops from a NM, four(4) points will be deducted from your points balance. This includes all Rare/Ex and sellable items.

* If by any chance another member wants to purchase the same item as you, you would have to bid on that item. For example: Player1 wants the item as does player2. Player1 decides to bid against player2 by spending five(5) points on the item instead of four(4). If player2 still wants the item and has the points to spend, he would bid six(6) points.

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