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NEW Magicite site is up and looking for members for FFXIV.Follow

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The new site for MAGICITE is up and we are looking for members and some people to help with running daily activies. Please sign up on the forums and let's starting getting ready for launch day!!!

We started playing FFXI at the launch on the PS3 on Gilgamesh and a few friends were already playing the PC version. A group a friends that had previously played several other games together looked forward to trying a new game. We had know idea it would lead us to playing for 6 years. During the later years when everyone was level 75 and most had multiple level 75 characters we all talked about what it was like when we first started. The anticipation of the release date of FFXIV gives us that feeling we used to have. Exploring new worlds and doing Missions & Quests with new and old friends. Learning how to play a job and the excitement of leveling your character for the first time.

We do miss the times before elitest and wanna be know it alls, while looking forward to helping others and working together. This Linkshell was usually a main LS to most members but we did not specialize in any of the High Level components of FFXI. We left that to the other LS's that freed us up to conentrate on Leveling, Missions, Quests, Farming, & of course Crafting.

We have created this new site before the release and are looking for a few good men & women to become "sack holders" and help with the everyday tasks of running a good LS. On launch day there will be a lot to do to get everyone together and we need help doing it, if it is going to be anything like FFXI. Obviously we prefer new members have experience playing FFXI but that is not a requirement. If you are excited about playing and wanting & learn with old friends or new please join us!
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