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Mercenary Camp Fight in Stellar FulcrumFollow

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These quests involve the 5 generals of Al Zahbi and they must be in the commonar's ward to be able to flag the quest and also involves the TaruTaru in whitegate Fari-Wari(he is located at the teahosue area south of the assault room area).

Saga of the Skyserpent=> Ode to the Serpents=>2 subquests(When the Bow Breaks and Fist of the People=>Soothing Waters=> Embers of his Past. After Japan Midnight after finishing Embers of his past u get a Rare/Ex item called Mercenary Camp Entry Slip. You trade that inside Upper Delfutts Tower/Stellar Fulcrum and u are in BCNM fight capped at 60 with no sub job. You do not lose exp u are buffed up to protect 4 and shell 4. Its like ZM6 u can sleep the other generals. When the general ur fighting reaches 20 percent the next general aggros you. You can read the wiki on the fight. There is no reward but a nice title, you are known as the Sixth General. Before SE added these quests only time u could fight them was at the Fan Festival in California. So they added to let players have a chance in this one time only BCNM fight.

In other words if anyone has done all the quests and is caught up to me, please hit me up so we can get together and have fun with this fight and try it.

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