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#1 Jun 22 2008 at 3:08 PM Rating: Default
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I have decided to start my own Dynamis Linkshell because all of the ones I join suck. My name on Gilgamesh is Heatseeker. At the moment I am working on a website for the Linkshell but right now if you would like to join you can contact me on the game mostly any time of the day if you want to join. I will try to get the Website up and running as soon as I can.
#2 Jun 24 2008 at 7:54 AM Rating: Good
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Cistumucus wrote:
because all of the ones I join suck. My name on Gilgamesh is Heatseeker.

Enjoy all of the armor we threw at ya '- '/
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#3 Jun 24 2008 at 8:38 AM Rating: Good
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I can't help but wonder...there are a lot of people in those other shells. The odds against that many people being able to completely ignore the magnitude to which their shell(s) suck is colossally high.

If they all sucked so bad, there had to be a common theme...

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#4 Jun 24 2008 at 8:42 AM Rating: Excellent
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because all of the ones I join suck

Its a funny thing, when you go thru numerous shells and get lots of loot, and then run off because they 'suck' despite their success at getting you stuff...makes one wonder...where, exactly, does the 'suck' truly reside?

Edit: Oh, and lots of loot = at least 7 relics since Sept '07. Including several in Xarc.

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#5 Jun 24 2008 at 8:46 AM Rating: Good
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I don't know what dyna shells you've been in but I think Nore is suggesting that the common theme is you.

What do you mean by sucking? Do they wipe multiple times? Fail to get the win in cities? Fail to get time extensions in Northlands? Not do outlands Dynamis at all because they are "too hard"?

Or are you just whining because 64 people in the shell are trying to get rare drops and you aren't at the front of the line for every piece? If the last, might I suggest a free-lot shell like Umetaro's (whoever is running it now?). Finally, if the rules of your new shell are "Heatseeker gets dibs on all the good shinyz", you will probably have trouble mustering enough people to avoid the suckage outlined above.

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#6 Jun 24 2008 at 9:40 AM Rating: Default
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This drama is weak. Please try harder.
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