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Hi all - if you have a job that can solo one of the scorps in ODS, myself and two others do these runs on Sundays. We usually shout for pick up people for the other 3 slots, but I thought I would post here for those who want in on this (and it cuts down the amount of time for us to /sh for people).

Our system for lots can go one of two ways - your orb/ your lot if that makes you more comfortable or all money drops get combined and gil split later. Most people are comfortable with the orb/drop way of things and we are fine with that.

As of now the 3 of us are BST (myself), BLU, and BLU. The other 3 slots don't really matter to us as long as you can solo your scorp and can follow simple instructions like "take scorp #1 and pull it to the North part of room". Simple and headtrips.

If you are interested, PM me and I will give details on how to contact in game. Thanks and later!

p.s. You must be able to bring an orb (lachesis) for yourself also. If you don't have an orb, then you don't get to go. Takes 30 KS to get one..should not be a big deal to farm up.
Shtinkle wrote:
Oh. I must have missed that issue of MMORPG weekly

Ahlah wrote:
Honestly I am so tired of this thread and I am going to stop posting.

Don't hate the player........hate the game.
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