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Lynk = Spiderman!!Follow

#1 Dec 30 2007 at 9:00 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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Lynk is spiderman !!!!

One moment, Lynks sittin outsid of hiz hous. his life flashes b4 his eyes. he's not seeink wot he normaly seez nemore, hes seeink wot som beast in a blue n' red suit sees ... wat spoiderman sees .. spoidersense tinglink, webz firin at a seemingly random predertimd time, he goez krazy !!! 1 moement hes at his house, next moement hes out in rolenberny fields. he cs a nm, kalled simurk. "O i remember u ... " he sayz be4 usin his webs 2 catch simurgk den he stels simurks bots , n' puts him on. (rite now he's liek spiderman + flash !! dat guy that kan run rly fast i tink) he kwikly scadaddles b4 a gm notices. his life flashes again . .. emo .. .hate. ... Y DID U KILL MY GRANDPA????!!!! he uses all da hatred 2 build a tower of spoiderness and he takz all da unkool ppln' locks dem up. "U WILL NEVER C UR KIDS N WIFES EVER AKAIN HAHA" btw by unkool ppl hez tolkin striktly about Zakary NiteblAde n' others (jus abot effery1 aktualy!!) he forcz all da ppl 2 downlvl 2 lvl 1 "HAHA dis is wot u git" in a flash he d2's them all to the homepoint outsiz of his mansion @ ifrit's kauldron. "git hom safely unkles" den he siks his pets on them "I WIL AVENGE U GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

so wot u guys think, kol story??
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