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#1 Dec 14 2007 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
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im looken to join a endgame ls or sky ,hnm ls
jobs nin 75 thf 72 pup 67
name redeon
rank 7.2
i have sky acces
cop 5-2
send me a /t if u have a end game ls i can join.

i work monday-friday 3-11 pm est.
#2 Dec 15 2007 at 1:19 AM Rating: Good
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I'm also currently looking for an LS to do endgame events with. I've tried to do stuff with people I've met while going up in this game, but our schedules just don't match on a regular enough basis. I usually work through NA prime time, or at least the **** end of it, so I'm usually SOL on just about everything.

In-game handle: Chakan
Bastok Rank 10. I have all OP warps aside from Tavnazia, so I no longer plan to take this character through the other nation's missions. It's just too fast/easy to get around now.
Sky Access.
WAR75. Decent gear for WAR. Axe, Great Axe capped. Yadda, Yadda, Yadda.
NIN45, THF35, BRD34, WHM26, many other jobs leveled to teens. I'm interested in possibly leveling NIN, THF, RDM, and BRD to 75. Dancer is kind of fun to play as (so far).

I'm interested in:
-Finishing CoP. Been on 2-5 forever. I've tried helping other people get up to where I am, and it's just never worked out. They get Lufaise access and then their ambition dies. Would like not just Sea access, but to follow through to the end.
-Divine Might (PLZ!)
-Sky happy fun time (and even farming for pop items)
-Nyzul Isle Assault
-Dynamis (Sure, why not!)
-Camping the odd mob with humorous, interesting company!
-Meriting with people I know (or get to know)!
-Meeting new people!
-Helping with obscure AF fights!
-Just about anything else!

If your shell isn't OMGWTFTHEPWNZ0RZ and killing AV every other hour, I will not hold it against you. What I'm mainly looking for is a shell to do endgame stuff with that's active when I'm actually going to be on!

"Zackary" will vouch for me not being a complete @#%^up, and for being down for just about any stupid *** idea. I've seen some other people I know posting here as well.

Feel free to send me a /tell or PM me here.

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